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Download 504 Absolutely Essential Words - Iran University of ... MSRT/Utility/Essential...3 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 3 Word Synonym Antonym typical ﻝﻮﻤﻌﻣ usual, of a

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    504 Absolutely Essential Words

    Lesson 1 Word Synonym Antonym

    abandon desert, quit, give up, leave keep, retain, continue keen sharp, eager, intense, sensitive blunt, dull, apathetic jealous wanting what someone else has tact ability to say the right thing tactlessness, indiscretion oath a promise that something is true, a curse vacant empty, not filled full, occupied hardship difficulty, something that is hard to bear ease, comfort, prosperity gallant brave, showing respect for women cowardly, rude data facts, information unaccustomed not used to something bachelor a man who has not married qualify become fit, show that you are able

    Lesson 2 Word Synonym Antonym

    corpse a dead body, usually of a person conceal hide, disguise reveal dismal dark and depressing cheerful, bright frigid very cold hot, passionate inhabit live in numb without power of feeling, deadened sensitive, responsive peril danger safety, security recline lie down, stretch out, lean back shriek scream sinister evil, wicked, dishonest, frightening good, innocent temp try to get someone to do something wager bet

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    Lessons 1-2

    Word Synonym Antonym anecdote tale, story battle fight, conflict break in get in breed type, kind buddy friend butler cemetery graveyard cheat deceive, defraud chorus singing group cloak cover, coat reveal closet secret, private open coffin sarcophagus, tomb contest competition, fight contraband, bandit thief, outlaw cot crib, cradle couch settee court disobey defy, challenge obey fire let off flee run away, escape flirt generous big-hearted tight-fisted grave tomb hire rent, employ hunter seeker, huntsman janitor gatekeeper, caretaker landlord owner, proprietor tenant lean incline, bend lot batch, set maid marched out offer proposal, suggestion puddle revenge vengeance slum spirit soul, ghost split separate, break up unite spotlight attention, focus on stair step swear promise, curse teller cashier, bank clerk territory region, terrain terror fear, dread security tombstone gravestone, headstone trick deception, cheat trouble problem, difficulty ease upbringing education, rearing widow witness observer, spectator

    jealous of take an oath let out an oath build on give up qualify for put on/over treat in recline in/on/by bet on

    Abandon: "To put under another's control", "to give up" Sinister: "On the left" (in Latin)

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    504 Absolutely Essential Words

    Lesson 3 Word Synonym Antonym

    typical usual, of a kind exceptional minimum the lowest amount maximum scarce hard to get, rare plentiful, abundant, frequent annual once a year persuade win over, convince, make willing dissuade, discourage essential necessary, very important unnecessary, non-essential blend mix together thoroughly, a mixture visible able to be seen invisible, hidden expensive costly, high-priced cheap, economical talent natural ability devise think out, plan, invent wholesale in large quantity, less than retail in price partial, selective

    Lesson 4 Word Synonym Antonym

    vapor fog, mist eliminate get ride of, remove, omit villain a very wicked person dense closely packed together, thick sparse, thin, light, clever utilize make use of humid moist, damp dry, arid theory hypothesis, thesis descend come down ascend, climb circulate go around enormous extremely large, huge minute, tiny predict anticipate, foretell, tell beforehand vanish disappear appear, materialize

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    Lessons 3-4

    Word Synonym Antonym aggravate make worse, exaggerate alleviate altitude height, elevation anger rage, irritation calm, pacify batter beat, hit beau breeze gentle wind, puff of air burglar thief, robber cellar basement complain make a complaint praise contrary opposite similar convention meeting, conference crab crumble fall to pieces, crush, grind deserve merit, be worthy of dine eat dinner dispute quarrel, clash executive administrative, managerial extravagant exaggerated restrained foretell predict, forecast germ microbe giant huge, gigantic miniature gossip rumour grant gift, give labor leftover residual, enduring, lasting quarrel dispute, fight agreement rainbow reputation fame rid roam travel, journey row shack slaughter kill, massacre, murder sleet frozen rain, hail somehow in some way, by some means strange odd, bizarre, extraordinary normal, familiar strike work stoppage string cord, filament, rope, twine swamp tie track path, roadway, trail trail path, trajectory trial judgment, court case, tribunal vacate leave, check out of, evacuate take up wage salary, earnings weapon missile, warhead wand baton, stick, rod weed wild plant, wild flower wipe out eliminate, remove witch withheld withdrawn, pending ongoing

    set a wage put out look on

    Expensive: "Costly, dear, valuable, precious, invaluable, priceless, exorbitant, excessive, immoderate" Villain: "A person who lives on a farm, evil"

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    504 Absolutely Essential Words

    Lesson 5 Word Synonym Antonym

    tradition beliefs, opinions, customs rural in the country urban, city, town burden load, what is carried campus grounds of a college, university or school majority greater part, more than half minority assemble get together, bring together disperse, demolish explore go over carefully, examine topic subject that people think, write debate controversy, discussion evade get away from by trickery or cleverness face, confront probe investigate, search into reform improve, make better worsen

    Lesson 6 Word Synonym Antonym

    approach come near or nearer to leave, avoid detect find out, discover, perceive defect fault, that which is wrong employee wage-earner, member of staff neglect give too little care or attention to care for, attend to deceive mislead undoubtedly certainly, beyond doubt popular liked by most people unpopular, unknown thorough complete, deep superficial client customer comprehensive including much, covering completely defraud cheat, take money, away by cheating

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    Lessons 5-6

    Word Synonym Antonym accused appliance machine, device appreciate be grateful for bay beard bracelet armlet brake brake pedal bureau office career livelihood catch ( ( clerk convict criminal, villain council committee county region, province customer client, consumer custom trade, business decent polite, moral discourteous, decadent deprive take away provide distract sidetrack, divert doubt hesitation, uncertainty dragnet entitle give the right, name debar expel drive out, eject favoritism partiality, preference impartiality finery gang team, squad hint clue, intimate, imply innocent blameless, guiltless guilty inspection check, assessment limp walk lamely, hobble merchandise goods, commodities mercy forgiveness, pity cruelty messy chaotic, disordered neat miniskirt sarong, kilt nobleman polite, gallant pilgrim praise admiration, tribute criticism pretend make believe, feign reckless careless, hasty, rash cautious rescuer savior, liberator rioter rebel, protester ruin destroy, wreck sarcasm irony, ridicule respect serious severe, important funny, trivial silent quiet, still, hushed noisy, talkative slight small, trivial considerable spade shovel spine backbone steering direction-finding suspect doubt, mistrust trust thanksgiving blessing trial judgment trickery deception, fraud honesty

    take on set rules get up stay up look into

    Silent majority: "Dead people" Defect: "Fault; to quit a country, a political party, or a cause"

    Double Duty Words 1. abandon (v., n.) 2. hardship (n., adj.) 3. wager (n., v.) 4. annual (n., adj.) 5. blend (n., v.) 6. burden (n., v.) 7. debate (n., v.) 8. probe (n., v.) 9. reform (v., adj.) 10. neglect (n., v.) 11. gallant (n., adj.)

    Opposites 1. approach leave 2. expensive cheap 3. visible unseen 4. popular hated 5. vacant filled 6. keen dull 7. descend climb 8. humid dry 9. vanish be seen 10. essential not needed

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    504 Absolutely Essential Words

    Lesson 7 Word Synonym Antonym

    postpone delay, put off a later time bring forward, advance consent agree to, accept dissent, disagree , refusal massive bulky, immense tiny, minute, compact capsule a small case or covering preserve keep safe, protect, continue destroy, end denounce express strong disapproval of, condemn support unique rare, having no like or equal ordinary, common, usual torrent any violent, rushing stream, flood trickle resent feel injured and angered at (something) accept, like molest disturb, interfere with and trouble, bother gloomy dark, dim, in low spirits bright, happy, cheerful unforeseen unexpected, not known beforehand

    Lesson 8 Word Synonym Antonym

    exaggerate overstate understate amateur not professional professional, expert mediocre ordinary, average variety lack of sameness, a number of different things valid sound, true, supported by facts or authority invalid, null, illegal survive live longer than, remain alive after weird mysterious,


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