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Dr. Mario DentonCrown Financial Ministries Marketplace Programme Director for Africa

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E-mail address: marden@mweb.co.za website: www.strongmessage.co.zaSkype: mario.dentonTable of Contents

1. What motivates you2. What are your values

3. The model of the successful organisation4. The strategy and impact of excellence5. ApplicationLeadership

What would happen to your organisation if 100% of your customers were happy with your products and services and were fiercely loyal to your company? What does it take to create customer satisfaction and loyalty? 1 What Motivates You?

2 What are Your Values?

Workshop - Tolerance & Values

3 The Model of the Successful Organisation4 The Traditional Manager vs. the Quality Manager

5 The Strategy

6 The Impact of Excellence

1. What motivates you?OVERVIEW: Proper motivation is key to success, but what motivates you? What motivates your employees? The world tells us that pride, greed and ego are perfectly normal and even acceptable. Our flesh seems to agree. But does God agree? How would you know? ohn 12:15

These are the questions

What motivates you?

What improves a company?

How do you create a organisation that continuously improves?

What causes a organisation to improve?

1) luck

2) major capital investment

3) major capital investment and luck together

4) process improvements

Continuous Process Improvement

The only organisation that continuously improves is one that understands and implements continuous process improvement. When Martin Luther was asked: Why dont you recognize the saints that do such good work why dnt you want them recognized as holy? He replied, I do not respect their work but I would respect their motives, if I knew them. I cannot declare them saintly because their motives may not have been saintly. Their motives or their good works may have been ego, pride or whatever. So I am not the judge, only God is the judge of their motives.

A Christian is a person who is motivated to accomplish excellence in what they do. God is always part of he objective of what they do. They have joy and pleasure to do whatever they do with excellence for God and for Christ.

2 For Godly motivation, first we must meet God. Fortunately, He seeks us.

A king is coming

The king is coming


Your very personal King is coming to YOU!

We cannot go to Him He is so good He comes to us!

What must we do? Just accept Him!

This is the knocking on the door

Earthly Motivation pride, greed, ego


Godly Motivation Jesus Christ

Why do we argue with God? When God knocks do you listen for just a

few moments, then remain in the world with its motivation?

Behold I am thy King

thy King is here for you.


1. Can you honestly identify what has motivated you in the past for any specific task?

Write some examples here and share them with your group.

2. Think about the motivations of pride, ego and greed and how they work. How well do these motivations work long term? Have you used these methods to motivate your employees or others?List some examples:

3. Godly motivation is Jesus Christ. What do you think is meant by that statement? How might it apply to you and your organisation?

2. What are your values?Psalm 91:4

OVERVIEW: Tolerance seems to be quite the buzz word today. Christians are routinely accused of being intolerant. But what is tolerance and how does it mesh with values? Are your values clearly defined? How would someone know what they are?

Do you see how good God is? He keeps on knocking.

He never makes our burden so heavy that we cannot carry it.

And, He comes to us and helps us when we need it most.

Even though our Lord is busy operating the universe, He is personally interested

in us. Are you personally interested in Him (motivated by His will)?

1. Dont make Him knock so loud accept Him.

2. Be sure YOUR motivation matches HIS will.

What is your personal motivation?

What is the motivation of your company?

Proper (Godly) motivation assures not only the presence of God in our organisations, it also assures the success of our organisations. If we could intellectualize what God does, there would be no God. Pay attention to how the process, the motivation and the values in your organisation work together.

The Word of God belongs in everything we do.

You dont lower values by doing something wrong.

You lower values by believing what you did wrong was OK.

The Word of God provides a prescription of values that belong in our personal lives. The Word of God does not stop us from being sinners.


Tolerance for everything comes when we dont have personal values.


1. How often does God knock on your door? What do you do when He knocks? Describe some times when God knocked and you answered and times when you didnt.

What happened each time?

2. Consider the statement, You dont lower values by doing something wrong. You lower values by believing what you did wrong was OK. Do you agree with this statement?

Why or why not?

3. Do the motivation, the values and the processes of your organisation work together well?

Why or why not?

2. Write your own definition of VALUES. With what other words do you feel it is synonymous that might help define its meaning? TOLERANCE noun. 1) The capacity for or the practice of recognizing and respecting the beliefs or practices of others. 2) Leeway for variation from a standard.

VALUE noun. A principle, standard, or quality considered worthwhile or desirable.


Scriptures containing the word TOLERATE ....

Hab 1:3 Why do you tolerate wrong? NIV

Hab 1:13 Your eyes are too pure to look on evil; you cannot tolerate wrong.

Why then do you tolerate the treacherous? NIV

Rev 2:2 I know that you cannot tolerate wicked men, that you have tested those who claim to be apostles but are not, and have found them false. NIV Rev 2:20 Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess. NIV

1. From these Scriptures, does it appear that tolerance for anything and everything is a Biblical standard? Discuss this with the group.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3. What values do you hold to be true in your life (what do you think is important?) Write a few of them here:

a) __________________________________________________________

b) __________________________________________________________

c) ___________________________________________________________

d) __________________________________________________________

Are these values evident to others by the way you live? ___________ Would your spouse agree that this is true? _______________________ Would your employees and co-workers agree? ___________________

4. How would you know if God found these same traits valuable?

5. Do you value the same things as God does? _____________________ If so, can you find Scripture to back up your statement? List the Scriptures here that relate to your answers in #3 above:

a) ___________________________________________________________

b) __________________________________________________________

c) ___________________________________________________________

d) __________________________________________________________

According to the New Testament, we are instructed to share the Gospel AND we are required to BE witnesses with our lives. Make sure that you fully understand your own Biblical Values so that you can live them everyday to the Glory of God.

3. The Model of the Successful organisationOVERVIEW: Create an environment wherein you and your employees can work as a team, working together for a common goal. Then, the employees will not be doing things just for the purpose of doing them; they will be working to accomplish the common goal. Do they know where the organisationis going and what benefit they will derive if it succeeds?

Eliminating the Cause of Mistakes and Problems

If a problem or a mistake occurs twice, there is a cause for that problem or mistake.

The only way we can eliminate that problem or mistake is by eliminating the cause.

There is a tendency to attack the problem or mistake rather than finding the cause.

We must face the issue in order to find the cause. Once we find and eliminate the

cause, the problem or mistake will not recur.

Effort for the purpose of accomplishing excellence in the task that is being done

puts additional value in a particular


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