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In this information & innovation age, the number of devices used to browse web is growing rapidly providing a plethora of screen sizes & resolutions. Responsive Web Design provides an optimal user experience on all kinds and sizes of devices from large screen desktops to small smartphones.


  • 1. What a layman wants when he lands on a web page or website? Its as simple as ABC- the easiness to navigate the page, quick readability, and a modern or a trendy look. There has been a constant research and playing around to innovate on web design trends so that the styles can live up to expectations of any person as a user. These latest five web design trends thrive to do and achieve that by making the necessary changes in UI and design. Flat UI

2. What is flat design? Its a simple yet elegant design which makes your site look simple, modern and neat. It means using mild and smooth colors to give an appealing look to your website. Flat design encourages use of less space through creative insights for an overall great user experience. Responsive Website 3. When a user changes his monitor from desktop to a smartphone, its the goodness of responsive design that will decide how long a user wants to stick to the website and how easily he can navigate the site through any handheld device or a desktop. 90% of people use multiple device screens sequentially and if the site is not found loading in less than a minute, people leave the website. With an array of electronic devices to pick from and the boom in enterprise mobility, responsive design has a strong potential to sustain the web design trends. Typography 4. The font usage in web design has gone up in 2014. Typography effects, typography branding or playing with Google fonts is what you should ponder to keep your website in latest web design trends. Branding typography is creating your unique fonts for the brand you endorse. Typography calls for easy, classic and clear fonts which restrains from straining your eyes and you can read the words or the intended message in a go! Parallax design 5. Who doesnt want to have everything in his basket at the easiest effort? Parallax design is what putting all things together such as scrolling, imagery, visuals, typography and minimalism. It bestows viewers a story telling approach to guide through the site using animation and interactive videos. Parallax we design arouses curiosity and the eagerness to scroll down and capture the information a viewer wants in a go. Short videos 6. Videos are becoming a strong weapon of storytelling to give away your business impression to the masses. Short and crisp interactive media can glue more viewers than just long content with flowery words. They say video integrating catches attention and create emotional connection while delivering your message. Hence, its another wave hitting web design trends of 2014. Image credits: Invoice Sherpa, Gimme, Kalixo and Paper 7. India Office Snyxius Technologies #179, 1st Floor, Amarjyothi Layout, (Intermediate Ring Road), Domlur, Bangalore - 560071 Karnataka, India USA Office Snyxius Technologies LLC 7711 Bonhomme Ave Suite 350C Clayton, MO 63105 For Sales Queries please email us at sales@snyxius.com, or Request a Proposal now. For Technical Support please email us at support@snyxius.com Website : http://www.snyxius.com Web development Company | Responsive Web Design