5 ways to be a content marketer (and not a blogger)

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This presentation runs through how to be a content marketer and not a blogger. You can check out a full interview on this topic at http://inform.ly/podcast-34-going-from-blogger-to-content-marketer-with-tim-conley/


  • 1. 5 WAYS TO BE A CONTENT MARKETER (and not a blogger)Wednesday, 27 March 13
  • 2. 1. KILL YOUR VANITY METRIC ADDICTION Focus on actionable metrics insteadWednesday, 27 March 13
  • 3. 2. CHOOSE QUALITY OVER QUANTITY Take the time to create great content and forget about daily bloggingWednesday, 27 March 13
  • 4. 3. STOP BLOGGING ABOUT BLOGGING Dene a target customer for your business and create for themWednesday, 27 March 13
  • 5. 4. DEVELOP A CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY All content has a purpose, determined by your business modelWednesday, 27 March 13
  • 6. 5. CREATE CONTENT THAT DRIVES LEADS Do you know what content sent which customers to your business?Wednesday, 27 March 13
  • 7. Informly Content Analytics is a world rst dedicated content marketing analytics app designed to help every day content marketers build views, engagement and leads. Become a content marketer today!Wednesday, 27 March 13