5 top tips for protecting your mobile phone screen

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  • 5 Top Tips for Protecting Your Mobile Phone Screen

    The panic when you realise you've dropped your phone is nothing compared to the feeling of horror

    you experience when you realise your screen has been smashed or cracked. Connected as we are to

    our mobile phone, being without one has been described by some as missing a limb therefore it is safe

    to assume reducing the risk of screen damage is high on a mobile user's agenda.

    These five steps will help prolong the life of your Mobile phone screen repairs.

    1. Use a Mobile Phone Case

    Cases are a bit like Marmite; you either love them or hate them. Regardless of which camp you are in

    you do need one if you want to reduce the risk of screen damage. There are very basic and cheap

    cases on the market which give the basic level of protection and there are those which would protect

    your phone in the event of the apocalypse. Which one you want to choose depends on what you want

    to spend however a waterproof case is always advisable.

    For more information, visit: http://phonegenius.com.au/about-us.html

    2. Store Your Phone Properly

    When not in use don't allow your phone to rattle around loosely in your handbag or laptop case and

    do not store them in the same pocket as your keys. Despite using a phone case and screen protector

    you do still need to treat you phone with the respect it deserves.

    3. Keep Your Phone Away from Water

    Water and mobile phones don't mix well together and a dip in the sink, a puddle or the toilet bowl

    could signal the end of a phone's life fairly quickly. Be mindful of where your phone is and when you

    use it. Don't leave it in your back pocket when you go to the toilet, the chances are you will flip it out

    into the toilet when you pull your jeans back up.

    4. Invest in a Screen Protector

    Once upon a time looking at your screen through a screen protector was like looking at the view on a

    high speed train whose windows hadn't been cleaned in a month. These days the screen protectors

    provide great protection and do not jeopardise the smooth running of the phone. Obviously the

    experience is a little better without yet you could end up with no experience at all if you have a cracked

    mobile phone screen.

    5. Consider Insurance

    If you are heavy on your phone, then consider phone insurance. It is important to check the terms and

    conditions however before purchasing a policy as there are often a number of exclusions.

    If you don't want the hassle and monthly expense of an insurance there are numerous affordable

    mobile phone repair options available so, do weigh this up carefully before you decide whether to buy

    or not.

    Mobile Ease offer walk in phone repairs at their base in London as well as postal repairs, aiming to

    save customers money on costly replacements when often a repair is all that is needed.



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