5 top reasons for setting up business in rak free zone in dubai

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<p>5 TOP REASONS FOR SETTING UP BUSINESS IN RAK FREE ZONE IN DUBAIThe middle-Eastern countries and more particularly the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is in the limelight for many good reasons. Dubai which is part of the UAE and the host country ofRAK Free Zonehas carved out for itself a niche name for proactively encouraging enterprises to set up shop here. No doubt there is a clamour for Dubai. Among the attraction for business is the RAK Free Zone. Setting up business in RAK Free Zone is easy and you are certain to get more than what you could possibly bargain for.Though there is no dearth for free zones across the length and breadth of the world, but when it comes to freebies and advantages, RAK Free Zone scores high as a potential destination. To say in brief, in RAK you can have your cake and eat it too and that is because it abounds in advantages not elsewhere available.</p> <p>Setting up business in RAK Free Zone has so many advantages. Here are some I am able to count.</p> <p>1. You have multiple options Register an offshore company or a regular company for manufacture or trading.The advantage is your source of funds is not questioned and neither is there any restriction on repatriating your capital or profits. RAK offshore companies are reputed to provide anonymity in a risk-free environment.2. You get 100% ownership of your companyUnlike in many free zone companies are the world, RAK Free Zone allows foreign nationals 100% ownership of their enterprises. Unlike doing business in an inland enterprises, you are not obliged to co-opt a local sponsor.3. Liberal rules and regulations in favour of enterprises RAK Free Zone has the reputation for being the least restrictive. For all practical purposes, the Government of Dubai will not interfere in your companys day to day activities, save for some statutory regulations. There is generally no restriction on the kind of business to run.4. Extensive access to real estate resources RAK Free Zone is a vast area and you can choose one or more facilities such as: Business Park, Technology Park, Academic Zone or Industrial Park. There is nothing left out. There are ready-built warehouses, industrial land of various sizes, and access to technology, funding and banking services. It is a self-contained area.5. Strategic location of RAK Free Zone Is one of the major reasons that make it ideal location for setting up business in RAK Free Zone. RAK is strategic because it is able to connect the west world with the east. It is ideally suited for transhipment of goods.Forsetting up business in RAK Free Zone, you will need to hire a registered agent. A registered agent is able to ensure speedy registration and get your up and running.</p>