5 Tips for Creating an Effective Internet E-Mail Campaign

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E-mail marketing is quickly becoming one of the largest forms of marketing by businesses, and you will want to know how to take full advantage of the thriving marketing by implementing these 5 tips!


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    5 Tips for Creating an Effective Internet E-Mail Campaign

    A Few Tips Creating Effective Marketing Using E-Mail Campaigns.I personally follow many business blogs, one of those being jumplead.com, which had an awesome article aboutbuilding out effective e-mail campaigns.

    If you are in the make money niche, the affiliate sales niche, you run an online magazine, or you have a regularbrick and mortar business these 5 Tips for Creating an Effective Internet E-Mail Campaign will be very handy foryou.

    They will be handy for a few reasons, which will help you create the following:

    1. Customer Engagement2. Building Relationships3. Trust4. Sales Sales Sales

    One of the greatest reasons I am such an advocate of E-mail marketing, is because it is scaleable!If you do not know what that exactly means, essentially it means you can track results in marketing that is a gamechanger.

    Marketing, in many businesses, is a blackhole of sorts: Meaning many business owners, both small and large, throwmoney into advertising/marketing and are unable to track what exactly happens to that money

    Its not very difficult to spend $100,000 in marketing campaigns in todays age.(if you are a small start-up, you cannot afford to throw that kind of money away Walmart on the otherhand has some

  • flexibility)Billboards are a few thousand dollars a week depending on location, radio/TV spots can run into the millions Andnone of that can be tracked.ie: how many people saw the billboard/TV spot/listened to the radio commercial vs how many of those people becamepaying customers.

    The beautiful thing about E-mail campaigns, you can track those numbers at a relatively inexpensive cost.

    You can track how many people opened your emails compared to how many of those people became buyingcustomers which is crucial information for marketers!

    And this is the reason, I am going to be passing on to you 5 tips for creating an effective internet e-mail campaign. Iwant you to be able to optimize/monetize this method of marketing as best as you can!

    So, here we go!

    PS: Some of these may seem very straight forward, but whether you are a seasoned vet or just starting out, all ofthese tips will be useful for whatever experience level you are it could be a gentle reminder, a sparked new idea foryour campaigns, or completely fresh ideas for you to draw from. Please keep in mind I am writing for both audiences.

    1.Send A Welcome Email.

    This may seem pretty straight and to the point, but it is one that is most often missed. The reason it is generallymissed, is because it is so simple. The entire purpose of these e-mail campaigns is to create new sales, and in orderto do that you need customers (makes sense right?)

    The best way to build a customers trust, and subsequently a buying decision through your e-mail marketingcampaigns, is through a well thought out Welcome E-mail.

    Essentially you will be building rapport, trust, and a relationship through this welcome E-mail. Tell the prospect whoyou are, what you're about, and thank them for supporting you!

  • 2. Keep A Publishing Calendar.

    This little tip is very important because, if you lose touch with one of your lists, goodluck getting back to them. Goingan extended period of time without communication, and then randomly appearing out of nowhere with an offer, willmost likely end you up in their spam folder!

    (once that happens you're pretty much done).

    Commitment is crucial here. I am not saying send them 10 E-mails per day, I am simply suggesting to keep yourselfrelevant - even if it is only every few weeks. Be consistent.

    3. Congruence.

    Congruence is similar to a bridge, your message needs to make it the entire way across or else your users will fallthrough the cracks, and not make it to the other-side.

  • Imagine if you signed up for a weekly newsletter for a running shoe company, and they sent you e-mails about thenewest toothbrushes on the market - you would definitely be confused and then unsubscribe.

    With that being said, make sure that you do not make that mistake - cause it happens more often than not when youhave many lists...*hint* Test to make sure the squeeze/landing page is properly connected to the right list.

    You will also want to make sure your ad copy is congruent with the squeeze/landing page --> sales page --> thank-you page, and onto your e-mail campaign.(This is a big one that gets overlooked by novice marketers).

    4. Tell Subscribers What To Expect.

    Transparency is one ideal that separates the novice from the excellent. Tell your subscribers exactly what they gotthemselves in for:

    When will you be sending them emails?How often?What will the content of these e-mails be?

    The more they know, the better! Do not keep your readership in the dark.A great place to tell them all about what they will be receiving, is in your awesome welcome email that you madethem!

    5. Ease of Access.

  • Make it easy for your audience to sign up, the easier the better!If you have a blog, place an email optin widget on the side bar.If you are running a full blown website, have an optin on your home page.

    Wherever your audience hangs out, you will want to have a place for them to hop onto your list.

    In regards to the actual required fields of the optin - do not go overboard with these, generally all you REALLY need isthe e-mail. In some instances you may want to pick up the name and birthday for more tailored promotions/offers/gifts,but I would say shy away from that - you will scare people away if you ask for TOO much information.

    Conclusion.E-mail marketing is quickly becoming one of the largest forms of marketing by businesses, here's a few reason why...

  • Now that you know exactly WHY email marketing is so important, we can use the tips I gave above to furtheroptimize/monetize your campaigns, and continue to grow your business/brand. (whatever niche you are in)!

    Take it and run with it!

    Stay updated with other awesome tips and tactics in building your online brand by clicking right here, and receivingexclusive content right to your inbox - included will be access to the 4 tools to fire your boss and build a full-timeincome online!

    5 Tips for Creating an Effective Internet E-Mail CampaignA Few Tips Creating Effective Marketing Using E-Mail Campaigns.1.Send A Welcome Email.2. Keep A Publishing Calendar.3. Congruence.4. Tell Subscribers What To Expect.5. Ease of Access.Conclusion.