5 steps to deliver the fastest mobile shopping experience this holiday season

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Retail TouchPoints' 2014 Holiday Connected Consumer Series session presented by Instart Logic #HolidayCCS


  • 1. 5 Steps to Deliver the Fastest Mobile Shopping Experiences this Holiday Season Presented by Sponsored by
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  • 6. #HolidayCCS Todays Panelists Peter Blum, VP of Product Management, Instart Logic MODERATOR Alicia Fiorletta Senior Editor, Retail TouchPoints
  • 7. 5 Steps To Deliver the Fastest Mobile Shopping Experiences This Holiday Season
  • 8. What well cover Why performance matters Case Study: Dollar Shave Club Instart Logic overview Modern Web Performance Challenges 5 Steps to Faster Mobile (and web) Experiences Case Study: One Kings Lane Conclusion www.instartlogic.com
  • 9. Performance is Critical to e-Businesses Loss In Conversions Fewer Page Views Decrease In Customer Satisfaction = 1 Second Delay in Page Load Time Sources: Aberdeen Group, Walmart Study 7% 11% 16% www.instartlogic.com
  • 10. Case Study: Dollar Shave Club This was the single most impressive conversion win we have experienced to date for anything we have done. -Todd Lehr, VP Engineering Switched from Amazon CloudFront Conversion Boost 16.8% overall Up to 27% for tablets Up to 126% for smartphones www.instartlogic.com
  • 11. Instart Logic - Overview Software company focused on Application Delivery We work with globally known brands whose business depends on performance, and make their sites and apps really fast Team includes big data, virtualization and web performance experts from Google, Facebook, Akamai, Cisco, Citrix, VMware, and Aster Data www.instartlogic.com
  • 12. Who uses Instart Logic? www.instartlogic.com
  • 13. Modern Web Performance Challenges
  • 14. www Wintel End point All existing solutions stop at the edge 10ms Wired Last Mile 200ms Distance Challenge topology bound Old World Application Delivery is single ended www.instartlogic.com
  • 15. 250 200 150 100 50 0 Wired LTE WiFi 4G 3G 3G/4G/WiFi networks Slow, unpredictable edge Devices Format/capability diversity Sophisticated Apps Visual, personalized, complex Latency (ms) The Application Delivery Challenge Today www.instartlogic.com
  • 16. Diversity Challenge Combinatorial explosion 150ms Congestion Challenge Fat apps, thin pipe 100ms Reduced Distance Challenge topology bound The Constraints of Todays Application Delivery Solutions www.instartlogic.com
  • 17. Possible solutions Re-think Choose a new, completely different, more efficient approach to delivering web and mobile performance Patchwork Cobble together disparate point solutions in the app delivery path CDN + FEO + device or access network specific apps + internal development Do Nothing Todays dominant solution is to ignore this challenge as businesses are not aware of whats possible www.instartlogic.com
  • 18. Instart Logics Approach Replaces legacy CDNs and FEO, delivered as service Software-centric solution, enabled by intercepting the entire delivery path Integrated Client-Cloud architecture, manages resources end-to-end Software extensible to future hardware/network improvements and new service features 18 | Confidential and proprietary Software-Defined Application Delivery Application Virtualization Web Browser Application Intelligence Application Server Web Application Cloud NanoVisor.JS Browser API & Resources
  • 19. 5 Steps to Faster Mobile (and web) Experiences
  • 20. Step1: Faster, Smarter Image Delivery
  • 21. Traditional Image Delivery 2 Mbps 1,500 KB 5.8 seconds Ready 1,500 KB of JPG/PNG files www.instartlogic.com
  • 22. Can trade image quality for size but poor UX 2 Mbps 1,500 700 KB of JPG/PNG files 700 KB 2.9 seconds Ready www.instartlogic.com
  • 23. Enter Image Streaming and Computer Vision analysis www.instartlogic.com
  • 24. Enter Image Streaming and Computer Vision analysis www.instartlogic.com
  • 25. Enter Image Streaming and Computer Vision analysis Color Density Objects/People Complexity/Patterns www.instartlogic.com
  • 26. Instart Logic Image Streaming with SmartVision 2 Mbps 1,500 KB of JPG/PNG files Ready 500 KB 1000 KB 1.9 sec 3.6 sec Automatic intelligent splitting of images, with varying quality levels www.instartlogic.com
  • 27. Step 2: Send right-sized images to end devices
  • 28. Responsive Website Example 750 x 422 283KB Same images (and data) sent to every device Expensive resizing on the client side Solution: Right image for each device 300 x 169 283 KB 750 x 422 283KB www.instartlogic.com
  • 29. Do it yourself Adaptive approach Requires spitting out different images sizes during publish process Adjust HTML generation systems on server side for different devices Send resized images based on endpoint detection Drawbacks Investments in hardware for resizing lots of images Heavy development investment required Doing this during publish makes it hard to adapt to new devices (ex: iPhone 6 Plus) www.instartlogic.com
  • 30. Image Resize as a Service Automatic or API based resize for any mobile device, for any responsive website Original Image - 575 x 412 (221KB) Right sized Image - 287x 206 (54KB) Original learn about the roast page size Right sized learn about the roast page size 1,459KB 738KB www.instartlogic.com /images/roast.jpg?resize=width:300
  • 31. Step 3: Stream HTML to make your site faster
  • 32. Dynamic HTML Delivery Generate Request Response Dynamic HTML takes time to generate on the backend Browser idle and until HTML generated and downloaded www.instartlogic.com
  • 33. Fast Flushing of HTML Helps Request Response Dynamic Send dynamic HTML as its generated in chunks Hefty investment in backend and code changes Only incremental benefit given back and forth communication www.instartlogic.com
  • 34. HTML Streaming is better Instart Logic 4 Response 2 3 1 Non-unique Generate Instart Logic automatically determines non-unique dynamic HTML That portion is stored near end users and sent immediately Allows browser to start working immediately www.instartlogic.com
  • 35. Step 4: Smarter Usage of Modern Browser Caching
  • 36. Standard Browser Caching Traditional B


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