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1. A FACEBOOK PAGE ISNT DIGITAL MARKETING 5 steps to a profitable online presence 2. IM BRANDY Daughter of an entrepreneur Oldest of 3 girls Wife & mother A total gadget girl Marketing technologist, a.k.a TekGrl Helping businesses be effective and efficient using technology Breaking peoples slavery to technology (especially email! You know who you are) 3. GET MORE RETURN FROM YOUR SOCIAL INVESTMENT Yes, time is just as much of an investment as $$ 4. SOCIAL MEDIA IS MARKETING And deserves the same intent and approach as any other marketing 5. ONLINE PRESENCE = YOUR BRAND Doesnt matter if youre trying to brand yourself or not, you are. 6. A FACEBOOK PAGE ISNT DIGITAL MARKETING It might be part of it though 7. START WITH A STRATEGY Its hard to know where youre going without a map STEP1 8. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH? Awareness? Reputation? Sentiment? List Building? Leads? Sales? 9. WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO DO TO GET IT? Budget $$ Time Resources 10. HOW WILL YOUR ONLINE & OFFLINE MARKETING WORK TOGETHER? No vacuums here folks 11. HOW WILL YOU KNOW IF YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL? Decide what is important Track & Measure 12. KNOW WHO YOU ARE TALKING TO Define a target market No really, you HAVE to STEP2 13. NO, EVERYONE IS NOT YOUR TARGET You arent your target either Get specific 14. THIS ISNT EASY But it is CRITICAL to your success 15. CHOOSE YOUR SOCIAL CHANNELS Nope, not all of them Let strategy & your target market guide you STEP3 16. TWITTER ISNT FOR EVERYONE Just because its trending, doesnt mean it is worth your time 17. UNDERSTAND YOUR TARGET & HOW THEY COMMUNICATE Certain channels may be more relevant at different times 18. PICK CHANNELS THAT MATCH YOUR AUDIENCE & PRODUCT/SERVICE If your service isnt really visual, Pinterest may not be the right channel 19. MASTER YOUR CHANNELS OF CHOICE Pages Groups Chats Hashtags Boards Lists, etc., etc., etc. 20. BE CONSISTENT Be consistent No, really be consistent STEP4 21. FIND A VOICE & IDENTITY Stick with it 22. USE TEMPLATES TO HELP YOU Nobodys perfect Templates for visuals and content 23. ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCE Its been said 1,000,000 times these are social networks STEP4 24. USE THE 90/10 RULE Use your bullhorn sparingly Be the go-to resource 25. INVITE PARTICIPATION People like to be asked 26. DO YOUR SHARE OF PARTICIPATING Understand how best to engage with your channel(s) of choice You gotta like, comment, share, +1, retweet, favorite and pin 27. BE STRATEGIC, BE INTENTIONAL No one has enough time & money to sustain shotgun social marketing 28. BE PROFITABLE Revenue Expenses = Profit Revenue Expenses (your time costs $$) Profit 29. QUESTIONS? Dont be shy, someone else probably needs an answer too @TheTekGrl Linkedin.com/in/BrandyLawson Facebook.com/TheTekGrl brandy@tekgrl.com