5 stages of sharepoint grief: coming to terms with the rebuilt workflow platform in sharepoint 2013

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SharePoint Workflow has changed dramatically in the newest version of the platform. In many ways, it’s far more powerful for all types of users, but with great power comes great…learning curves? In this session, we’ll explore this new world of workflow, from architecture and configuration to development and business user support. I will guide you through your initial desire to deny these changes and towards understanding and acceptance of the benefits of this new approach. Demos will consist of Visual Studio and SharePoint Designer workflows. All SharePoint workers, from IT Pros to Business Users, will find useful, and potentially time saving, tips by the end of this presentation.


  • 1. 5 Stages of SharePoint Grief Coming to Terms with the Rebuilt Workflow Platform in SharePoint 2013

2. Who is this guy? Software Engineer at Applied Information Sciences Year 8 of 10-Life with SharePoint @SPSamL SharePointTherapy.Blogspot.com Blog.Appliedis.com Contributing Author: Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Inside Out 3. Agenda Denial Look back at Workflow 2010 Anger Intro to 2013 changes Bargaining Administration & Configuration Depression Development Demos Acceptance Important Resources Q&A 4. SharePoint 2010 Workflow Built into SharePoint install Added layer on top of WF All workflows ran within the context of a SharePoint process SPD Workflows became useful Visio design Lots of Actions & Extensible VS templates made powerful workflows easier to build 5. SharePoint 2013 Changes New Architecture SharePoint ditches control Declarative development SPD Loops! 6. New Architecture Workflow Manager New service to host workflow Farm environment Not SharePoint specific Interacts with SharePoint via Web Services Unloads SharePoint of processing 7. Install and Config Can run on SharePoint box Dev/Small farms PowerShell required to associate WF Farm to SharePoint WF Farm can support nonSharePoint WF as wellRegister-SPWorkflowService SPSite http://intranet.wingtip.com WorkflowHostUri http://wingtipserver:122291 -AllowOAuthHttp 8. SharePoint Designer Development Designer has loops! Web Service interactions Dictionaries Array of objects Build, Count, Get Item App Step elevated security InfoPath forms are gone 9. SPD Demo 10. Visual Studio Development So, you love coded Workflows? Keep tears to a minimum, please. Declarative Workflow DynamicValue Whats the point if theres no custom logic? Web Services! HTTPSend activity CSOM Integration Workflow in SP Apps Custom Task Outcomes BIG PLUS No more Correlation Tokens! 11. VS Demo 12. Resources Andrew Connells PluralSight Video - http://bit.ly/ACsSPWFonPS Fabian Williams SPD and Fiddler Post - http://bit.ly/FWsSPDPOSTREST My Workflow Install & Config Video - http://youtu.be/6haTejk98hU Running Workflow with Elevated Permissions - http://msdn.microsoft.com/enus/library/jj822159.aspx 13. Questions