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  1. 1. S 5 Signs You Need a Glass Replacement Service
  2. 2. S Glass windows or doors are a very common home feature. Depending on the type of glass you select for your doors or windows, it can add style as well as offer performance benefits. However, the added functionality and style glass windows and glass doors provide wont matter if they are not working at their prime condition.
  3. 3. S While having them repaired is often the way to go, installing new glass doors or windows can give your home a fresh look and even help you save on energy costs. But how do you know when its time for a replacement? Here are 6 tell-tale signs that you need to enlist the services of a glass replacement expert.
  4. 4. S Sign #1: The Glass is Foggy and No Amount of Cleaning Clears It S Foggy glass windows or doors is one of the most common complaints of homeowners. Usually, moisture and condensation that are clouding glass panes can be easily wiped off. However, if moisture is trapped between the panes of glass, its difficult to remove. When this happens, its most likely that you may need a glass replacement service professional to install new glass panes and remedy the cause of fogging.
  5. 5. S Sign #2: It Doesnt Open or Close Properly S A crank-out door or window is more because of its components than the glass itself. Regardless, if your door or window keeps getting stuck because of rotten frames or rusted hinges and locks, replacing the glass pane and the entire frame is your best option.
  6. 6. S Sign #3: The Glass is Old S Most of the time, a cloudy glass could also mean its old and worn out. If your glass panes are already full of scratches and hard-to-remove stains, it might be high time to have them replaced. Not only could a new glass pane enhance the look of your home, it could also help you cut back on energy expenditures, particularly if your old glass panes have cracks that are letting outside air leak into your home.
  7. 7. S Sign #4: Its Style is Out of Date S If you simply want to update and maintain the curb appeal of your home, consider replacing your out of date, dingy looking glass panes with a new style. Unless your homes glass panes are vintage, old, dingy ones can greatly affect your homes aesthetic appeal. On the other hand, installing new glass panes with the help of a professional can significantly increase the value of your home.
  8. 8. S Sign #5: The Glass is Broken or Cracked S If your glass window or door is cracked, broken or shattered, it obviously needs a replacement. Keep in mind, though, that you do not necessarily have to replace the entire unit. If your window has a broken pane but the frame is still in tip top shape, replacing just the glass itself makes more sense.
  9. 9. S Call your local glass replacement service specialist as soon as you notice cracks or chips in the glass panes so it could be remedied or replaced right away. S Visit us at http://economyglass.com.au/