5 signs that you need a job change

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<p>5 SIGNS THAT YOU NEED A JOB CHANGE</p> <p>1. Not Loving Your JobA job today is not just about earning a livelihood. It is about what you love to do. If you really love your job, you will be passionate about it and you will want to constantly innovate.</p> <p>2. End Of LearningIt usually happens that once you have worked at a place for long and in the same role, your learning curve stops. Works becomes repetitive and there is not excitement of learning or doing new things.</p> <p>3. Lack Of GrowthIf often happens that people slog in one position for long and are ignored for promotion every time. It's natural to feel disgruntled. The only way to grow then is to seek a higher position, but in some other company.</p> <p>4. Crisis In CompanyJumping ship when it is about to sink is a wise idea. If you suddenly see lot of top level departures or unnecessary cost cutting, be sure the company's business is declining. Don't wait anymore.</p> <p>5. Workplace SufferingMany workplaces can be very demanding and stressful and even if you deliver, the task leaves your mentally or physically exhausted. So ask: is your job taking a toll on your health or on your family life?</p>