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Speaker: Nick Young Website: www.Greenpeace.co.nz Topic: Social Media for Social Good See Pics & Vids > http://bit.ly/9UTe4O Event: #SMCakl 6 Date: Tuesday, 13 July 2010 Venue: Saatchi & Saatchi NZ


1. Social Media for Social Good 2. Nestls HQ in Frankfurt, Germany on the day its AGM was taking place in Switzerland" 3. Nestls AGM in Laussane, Switzerland" 4. After 8 weeks, sweet success! " People asked, Nestl answered. " 5. More than 300.000 people emailed Nestls CEO. More than a 1.5 million people viewed the video Huge ofine and online media coverage Spikes in web trafc , donations and list sign-ups" 6. #THANKS!" 7. On May 17th, Nestl outlined a set of requirements that their palm oil must:" Be derived from plantations and farms operating in compliance with local laws and regulations" Protect high conservation value forest areas" Support the free prior and informed consent of indigenous and local communities to activities on their customary lands where plantations are developed" Protect peatlands" Protect forest areas of 'high carbon' value." Nestle have now set the benchmark that other " major palm oil and pulp and paper users must strive to replicate."