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How can a good UX design benefit your App?

A good UX design can assist with:

Gaining Customer LoyaltyImplementing Better SEOProviding Self Service for CustomerIncreasing ConversionBoosting Brand Image

We went through some of the most popular apps and discovered how their UX designs make them unique and user-friendly.


Simple Navigation

A clutter-free home page allows theUser to access multiple options easily.

User Based Searches

Easily access similar profiles and news feed based on your interests on the same screen.

Easy On the eye

The color combination is not too harsh on the eyes and allows easy visibility even for the lower buttons on the home page.

Despite adding the Stories feature, the interface still remains simple.

User Focused

The navigation buttons for user recommendations, gridview, insights and account settings are easily accessible.


Easy User On-boarding

The sign-in and register tabs are placed on standard coordinates that make them easily discoverable for the users.

Also, the size of the clickable area is quite comfortable.

The basic rule of UX is to reduce the efforts of the concerned user.

In the Uber app, the users work is considerably decreased with automatic detection of the location. The user does not have to engage with any UI elements to get started.Automatic Location Detection


The User is not exposed to a lot of information. The app is not a bulky one.

The app ensures that it displays only 34 bits of information on every screen.


The app instantaneously provides all the relevant cab details such as driver details, ratings etc.

This helps to establish instant trust with the user.


Throughout the app, the information is presented in a clean and crisp manner.

Nowhere is it cluttered or confusing to the user.

Clear Information Presentation

First Impression

Right from the on-boarding screen, the color schemes and simple design makes airbnb a soothing and an easy app to use.

Easy To Explore

The app allows easy exploration of all the services based on user history. Also while exploring, the user can easily navigate to other pages.

Interactive Map Search

The user can easily access different services in a particular location by interacting with the map.

Apple iOS Music Player

Soothing Colors

The color schemes have a soft tone to it. The information architecture and the design make the app a soothing experience.

Easy Browsing

Users can easily search for songs and organize them into playlists.

The interface is clutter-free and provides unlimited access to all pages at a single go.

The app allows easy access to amateur and veteran users as well.

Clean and Easy Interface


The basic options are easily accessible to the user on the most-used Library page.

Air BnB

Youth Oriented

The colors and the interface are made vibrant keeping in mind the youth centred marketing strategy.


The three different pages allow users to explore different brands, friend list and user stories on-the-go.

Snapchats UX design is based on the idea of fun. Right from the logo, the color patterns, the filters and the navigational options, the UX is fun-centric and engaging.

The app might initially be a mystery but it allows the younger generation to be more expressive.Idea Of Fun

To Sum it all up.

A good UX design can change the way consumers perceive and engage with your product!

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