5 handy tips for thick and beautiful hair

Download 5 handy tips for thick and beautiful hair

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5 Handy Tips for Thick and Beautiful Hair

Is pollution and irregular diet thinning your hair day in and day out? Do you constantly find yourself envious of the girls who have long, full, thick and beautiful hair? If your answer has been yes for any of these, then read on as the following tricks could be the crucial element to set you free from your constant hair woes. Get latest beauty tips and advise Hot Oil: Hot oil treatments help in stimulating the blood circulation. They facilitate in producing hair follicles, so as to promote growth, and in doing so, improve the condition of the hair. You can make use of coconut, jasmine, and various other essential oils to have hair that is thicker and fuller in volume. However, make sure you apply the oil to the very roots of your scalp. This in return, will help it to penetrate to the core of your hair follicles. Massage: As said before, deep massage your scalp, it is extremely beneficial. Make it a point to massage your head at least thrice in a week, and you will see the results in a matter of weeks. Essential oils help moisturize and enhance the condition of your scalp. Initially, it may seem like a simple technique, but if done regularly and correctly, it can go a long way for the desired hair. Nutrition: Your daily diet plays a major role when it comes to your hair growth. A nutritious diet is a contributing factor to long and beautiful hair. Therefore, cut down on fast foods and junk as they have no nutrition value and if consumed on a regular basis, not only will you gain weight, but also lose hair. Whenever you feel the need to munch, consume all types of nuts, fruits and vegetables. Hair Masks: When we say hair masks, it does not mean applying chemical oriented shampoos and conditioners. You can even apply masks that are absolutely pure and natural. One of the home remedies is to soak henna powder overnight in tea and mix it with egg white and a few drops of lemon. Apply this mask and wear it for a couple of hours and rinse it in lukewarm water. Vitamins Intake: Vitamins are extremely effective and efficient. If you think there is a vitamin deficiency in your diet, ask your doctor to prescribe some. For instance, folic acid, biotin, etc can help nourish hair from within, thus stopping hair loss.

Follow the above tips and you are sure to see a change in the texture of your hair. Long, full, thick and beautiful hair will no more be a dream. Also, make sure hair transplantation is your last choice when all else fails.Get latest beauty tips and advise and also read more about womens fashion and beauty tips, womens weight loss, health and fitness and much more.