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5 images analysis

This image on the left is framing the Pop star Demi Lovato in a photoshoot. This image is affective due to, colour, props, costume and make up.Location- This photoshoot may be affective however it is also very simple. Like may other Pop style images, they stand out in colour and it is mainly successful in highlighting the individual artist. The location rarely plays a massive part in this. This image is a perfect example of that, the pink background, dark around the edges and merging slightly lighter in shade in the centre. It is important that I notice this when coming to creating my own images for my Front cover, contents page or DPS. Props- The use of props in this specific image is highly noticeable, for example, the stylish rather bright cap she is holding on her head. Demi is performing this hand gesture to show the prop even more so to the viewers. Also the black jacket, also included intentionally to compliment the bright colours in the background. Although the dark jacket is not associated with Pop in any way, it can be inserted smartly and successfully like in this image. Costume- Pyjama looking under clothing easily showing off her tanned legs. The colours of the clothing is successfully approached as well, not only does the lilac pyjamas respond well with the black jacket, it represents Pop in a unique way. Lilac and white, stand out shades which attitudes for pure happiness. This is instantly relating to the upbeat genre in which Demi Lovato specialising in. Make up- In almost any photo shoot, the individual on camera is made to look beautiful yet fake. This is approached by means of make up in many situations. Such as in this image of Demi Lovato, viewers can clearly witness the make up plastered on her face, however what many viewers fail o notice is how smartly the make up appliance is exceeded. For example, Demi Lovato is made to look colourful not just by her choice of costume but by the colour tone of her make up as well. Her rosy cheeks blossoming as she smiles, and the bright shades of white around the eyes allowing her expressions to be prominent to any audience.

This image on the left is framing the Pop star Jess Glynne in a photoshoot. This image is affective due to, colour, a prop, costume and make up. Location- As many pop style images show, this one to the left relates when it comes to location. A simple yet colourful background is applied to this photoshoot, though it is only a green screen with the colour orange showing This background is bright to coordinate with the genre Pop and also compliments Jess Glynnes outfit. Not so much the black layer of clothing underneath but the second layer applied is one item. A mix coloured cardigan, also to relate with the genre of music that Jess represents but to link with the other inserts to the image such as the background. Props- The props, this image has limited props involved, for many pop style images/photoshoots have barely any props in comparison with other genre styled images. For example, the genre hip hop is usually found associated with chains, records, black glasses, headwear(usually caps) and so on. The one prop included in this image is small yet affective, dark glasses. This is purposely inserted to give the character a mysterious figure behind her. The glasses are large shades covering not only the eyes but part of the face as well. Maybe this is implying she has many secrets or surprises installed. Costume- The image shows is one of a what seems to be a photo shoot. As do many other stars, Jess Glynne takes part in her photo shoots for many reasons Such as, advertisement, posters, calendars, cd covers or magazines. These are only a few examples. Jess does this mainly to spread her face across the nation. But with full body shots like this image for instance, the costume holds great importance.Make up- The make up of Jess Glynn in this shot I vague but visible. Mainly around the cheeks there is a feminine pink emerging from underneath the glasses. It is obvious to see that this is not her natural skin tone. This colour on her face is inserted purposely and exceeds overall success for it links with the image very well due to its similarity in colour on the costume. Concluding the specific shot taken, the image is unusually approached due to lack in make up and props, in many photos in which represent the genre of pop, props and a rather drastic amount of make up is involved. Arguably, it is more affective this way, simple and easy to grasp with out resulting to drastic measures. This implies that both Jess(the pop star) and the genre of pop is easy and cool.

This image on the left is framing the Pop star Jessie J in a photoshoot. This image is affective due to, colour, costume and make up. Location- Jessie J is a well known Pop star across the world having sang with many other popular artists in her career and travelled on world wide tours to present herself live on stage increasing fans and admirers. Jessie has also been known to spread her name by participating in large charity schemes. Jessy J is also associated as a young good looking women in her late 20s therefore is noticed considerably easy by the public. The location behind this photo is not essential to Jessies photo shoot. Seen is Jessie J posing for the cameras with a rather plain pinkish background. High in the list of priorities when creating this photoshoot with Jessie J was allowing her to express her true beauty by the use of costume and minimum make up. Costume- The choice of clothing chosen in this photo is understandable. A tight fitted, revealing, turquoise dress. Also to support the beauty, Jessie J is expressing her motion with this dress to show off. Although her body is covered, there is enough skin portrayed to catch many eyes. For example, due to her positioning for the shot, a large baggy piece of clothing swallow the great Jessie J therefore would compromise her personal goal which is to express herself. By Jessie (a world wide pop star) framing herself in this manner, it attracts more viewers to the genre of Pop and particularly Jessie Js music. Make up- The make up process of this photo shoot seems to have been followed, strictly yet affectively. Jessie with staining a lot of make up leads viewer to believe that she is a fake character and therefore cannot be someone to follow. However, Jessie in this photoshoot upholds her own personal touch of make up which is acceptable in the publics eyes. Jessie is associated as a beautiful female so this raise the question, is make up vital or optional. On this photo shot, the make up that is perhaps noticeable on levels is around the mount, lip stick. A pinkish colour to compliment the background. Secondly, peering deeper into the shot, around the eyes consists of slight eye liner use. Dark shade to corporate with her hair colour.

This image on the left is framing the Pop star Taylor Swift performing at a concert. This image is affective due to, colour, props, costume and make up.Location- Taylor Swift, the pop star in the image is clearly singing and performing her talent to a potentially large audience. The location of this which this photo is took is probably in a type of arena. The image is taken purely to focus on her, the background blurred and the shot only highlighting the individual while posing. In the back ground there is most likely Taylors fan but this does not need to be shown in the shot for other insert (eg. Props) already suggest that she is performing live. Although the back ground isnt entirely clear to any viewer of the image, however it remains affective due to the colour it brings produced by the lighting. Props- The props used in this image is inserted for the use of great effectiveness. The main item inserted would need to be the microphone in which Taylor Swift is holding. This immediately suggests to any viewer of the public that she is a performer. The second prop involved is the microphone stand, also along the same lines as the microphone prop, implies that she is a performer however also reveals further information. Singers are known for standing with a microphone stand therefore the viewers witness this image and sees who the character really is. Costume- The choice of clothing in this image is highly important and approached with serious thought. The dress is a simple and natural choice to wear when performing, as seen, many performers/singers that are female usually are seen wearing a dress. However this image holds a professional colour scheme, for example the main colour portrayed is red. This red dress corporates perfectly with the microphone and the microphone stand which is also red. The dress chosen is of simple material, basic style yet moreover it is essential that the dress is red to compliment the props. Make up- The make up comes across as full on to the public, what the viewers of this image do not realise is that the make up inclusion on Taylor swift plays a key role in the representation of her character. The red lip stick stands out intentionally to compliment her surroundings, eg the props.

This image on the left is framing the Pop star Ellie Goulding in a photoshoot. This image is affective due to, colour and make up. Location- This image has clearly been taken at a photo shoot. The shot taken is a close up shot therefore like any close up shot, the background/location is not important for the viewers can not see enough of it. The point of a close up shot in a photo shoot is to capture the characters facial expressions. That has been exceeded successfully here. Like many pop stars, Ellie Goulding has had a plain background of a particular colour. This location is unique yet somewhat unusual for it is randomly included. Sometimes the randomness with inserts are extremely affective for it is not focussed on therefore grants viewers time to focus on the m


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