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issue 5 AIESEC Curtin newsletter




    Issue No. 5


    May 2012

    Distributed by

    AIESEC Curtin

    Marketing and Communication Portfolio

    For any questions, feedbacks and

    suggestions, please contact


    AIESEC Curtin Breakfast Networking Event

    Letter from editor

    Recap-Breakfast Networking Event

    Recap Ice Skating

    Recap- Global Cafe

    Portfolio corner Business Development

    Upcoming events and Notice

  • Hello guys! It seems like a lot had

    happened since the last newsletter. I am

    so happy that most of you had read the

    last one and gave me a lot of good

    response. I will try to make it better in

    this issue. And also feel free to give me

    any suggestions. Remember this is not

    only my newsletter; its also belonging to

    AIESEC Curtin.

    First of all, the first ever breakfast

    networking event was successful and

    more than 25 Curtin Students attended

    the event. It was such a great chance to

    develop networking and leadership skills.

    And also it had great breakfast for all

    participants! Its so happy to see so

    many students working hard to learn

    more in these great events. I am looking

    forward to the second one in the near


    Then we had the great Ice skating event

    which Curtin and UWA people joined

    together and had a great night with Ice

    skating. Everyone was so happy and of

    course helping each other on the ice. So

    it was such a good bonding event for all

    AIESEC members.

    Then last week we also had the Global

    Caf which is a open discussion forum

    to discuss many international issues. It

    helped people understand more around

    them internationally. As a member in

    AIESEC, it is very important to have an

    internationally mind set. Also we could

    promote international internship better if

    we understand what people care about

    on an international level.

    It had been great seeing all the portfolio

    working together to achieve something

    good and wonderful.

    Also this issue I am very happy to invite

    Krunal from Business Development to

    talk more about his portfolio in new

    section Portfolio Corner which is a

    section you could understand more

    about each portfolio in AIESEC Curtin.

    Furthermore in the next two week we

    still will have a lot to come for AIESEC

    Curtin. And I hope more people would

    join the event if they have the time. As

    always, feel free to contact me if you

    have any suggestion. Enjoy your week!

    Ricky Yeung Internal relationship manager AIESEC Curtin University Based in Perth, Australia Mobile: +61 430662216 Email: khyeung00@gmail.com Web: www.aiesec.org

    Letter from the editor

  • Breakfast Networking Event

    AIESEC Curtin Breakfast Networking Event (BNE)

    Yayyyy!!! 1st AIESEC Curtin Breakfast Networking Event was successful!

    I bet this event would be one of the unforgettable networking experiences for all participants,

    especially for OC team (Audrey, Ashley, Elaine, Ernest and Karen) in 2012.

    At that day, two speakers, seven VIPs and more than 25 Curtin Students were attended our event.

    Prof. Kandy Dayaram, from head of school of management and Prof. Nigel de Bussy, from head of

    school of marketing spoke and shared their views of leadership and some marketing strategies

    (Brand awareness) to all participants and VIPs. Business representatives from CPA Australia and

    Bank-west were joined our event. Many participants had actively participated during speech

    sessions and breakfast socializing session. Awesome breakfast and networking time had been

    provided by this event.

    Besides that, I am happy to participate in and work with other AIESECers from different portfolios.

    Worked with MAC and TM portfolio, we were able to promote our event to outsiders and insiders

    successfully; worked with finance portfolio, we were able to manage and control our budget.

    Big thanks to all AIESECers!!! I believe that AIESEC Curtin 2nd Breakfast networking event will be

    bigger and more successful and professional! Yeah UR!!!

    University relation officer

    Elaine Chong

  • Ice Skating

    It was so great to see a lot of

    people came to the ice skating.

    Helping each other out was a

    good bonding event. Also UWA

    and Curtin AIESEC member

    could enjoy themselves with a

    great night!

  • Global Cafe

    Global Caf was an event

    aiming to help students and

    AIESEC members to have a

    discussion on global issues. It is

    important to understand more

    about the world on an

    international level.

    Different topics were discussed

    in groups. Topics like Corruption,

    Poverty and other international

    issues. It was a life changing

    moment when you realized how

    many things happening at the

    same time.

  • Portfolio corner: Business Development

    Hey AIESEC!! I was delighted when Ricky asked me if would like to do an

    article for newsletter about BD. We have been hearing and seeing a lot

    about BD lately, and it is fantastic to see the LC trying to make an effort to

    know the portfolio better and also inquiring whether if there is something

    THEY could do to make life easier for BD! BD really appreciates your

    interest guys! I would always be all ears if there is anything the LC wishes

    to share with me or wishes to ask any questions.

    BDs main duty includes creating relations with the corporate world and

    also build LCs clientele to sell our core product, the Global Internship

    Program and facilitate the process. Often regarded as the freaking hardest

    job, I prefer the word challenging. Being students and sharing the same

    ground as a veteran business person is indeed a challenging job.

    Challenging is what makes it amazing.

    Seizing every opportunity to network and spread the word, handling

    ridiculous amounts of emails and calls, sticking to the professional code of

    conduct, being a live AIESEC ambassador, handling those painful

    rejections, picking up oneself again, 24*7 market research, understanding

    every business we contact, understanding and tailoring our business

    prospect accordingly, patience, tenacity, moving up the relationship ladder,

    thinking very very strategically. All this and more in life of a BD officer. But

    heres this good thing about BD, you can try different ways, make mistakes

    and see what works best for you! Rejections have always been hard, but

    we cant let them stop us. Its hard only till you think its hard. LCs around

    the country are doing it. Theres no way we cannot.

    (Continue in next page)

  • Some of the BD members here, Do you

    know them well? Maybe next time you

    could talk to them and know them and

    BD more!

    Portfolio corner: Business Development (cont)

    Today we face a situation where we have not met our minimum required

    ICX MOS in order to operate as a fully accredited member by AIESEC

    Australia. There have been quite a few things that have led to this. But lets

    not go there, bygones are bygones. Lets look at the present, AIESEC

    Curtin as a LC is stronger than ever. This building momentum is absolutely

    affecting me positively. My team of fantastic five looks great. Its only a

    matter of time when they would be operating autonomously. I have a good

    feeling about it. But heres the bottom-line, its going to require a harder

    effort that what we are putting at the moment. And I see everyones up for

    it. Lets walk into the future strong.

    The upcoming month is very important for us. A raise any time before

    Newcon would ensure our full membership. Lets just think about the

    moment when we would have a raise, when we would be full member

    again, and it should make us work harder. I thank the LC for their support;

    do keep us in your prayers.

    Success is moving from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm, I

    certainly havent lost mine, neither has the LC. Peace. Theres no

    challenge an AIESECer cannot meet and that includes the present one.

    Krunal Dangar

    Director, Business Development. Phone:+61 450713332


  • Upcoming events and notice

    Upcoming Events

    1. On 17th May, 2012 (Thursday) MAC and OGX will go to Murdoch

    University Employee Fear. We will promote AIESEC exchange in there.

    It will be at 10am 2pm.

    2. OGX will have a Member Review Board Meeting this Saturday. I am

    looking forward for more great news from OGX for international


    3. AIESEC WA sports day on 20th May, 2012 (Sunday). Events and venue

    are still to be confirmed but it will be a great chance for bonding and

    enjoy a perfect Sunday!

    4. TM will have a workshop on personal branding in May. Time and Venue

    are to be confirmed but start to be excited about this!

    Important Notice

    1. AIESEC WA is organizing a sport day on 20th May, 2012,

    Please go to


    for voting the sport events you want us to do.

    2. Tracking documents- Personal Learning Plan have been

    handed out to all members. Please fill them in and submit