4th and 7 th grade social studies 5 th and 8 th grade science april 14 – may 2, 2014

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4th and 7 th Grade Social Studies 5 th and 8 th Grade Science April 14 May 2, 2014 Slide 2 From slate and chalk at the little red school house.. Slide 3 To paper and pencil in the 20 th century.. Slide 4 And now CMAS online! Slide 5 Agenda CDE Readiness Checklist Software and Hardware minimum requirements TestNav 8 Requirements Proctor Caching Resources Q & A Chromebooks Jim Looper Slide 6 CDE High Level Checklist 1. Receive PearsonAccess account information from DAC. 2. DTC identify School Technology Coordinators and create PearsonAccess accounts. 3. STC view Site Readiness Technical Training. 4. Configure Firewall/Content filter. 5. Identify testing labs and Proctor Caching Machines. 6. Install Proctor Caching (Software Download PC & Mac). 7. Complete System Check verification on workstations and wireless testing labs. 8. Update workstations to comply with TestNav hardware/software requirements. 9. Verify Assessment Environments in the PearsonAccess Training Center. 10. Enter TestNav Configuration(s) in PearsonAccess Production. Slide 7 Definitions CMAS Colorado Measures of Academic Success 4 th & 7 th grade Social Studies 5 th & 8 th grade Science 12 th grade in fall 2014 PARCC ELA & Math (2015) TestNav 8 Assessment software Pearson Publisher of TestNav software Pearson System Check Tool Checks student test devices for compatibility and student capacity Slide 8 Pearson History Slide 9 Slide 10 Slide 11 Proctor Caching Slide 12 Java Pearson: The version which is compatible with your system depends on your browser, operating system, and security settings. Pearson recommends you use the latest version with TestNav. http://systemcheck.co.testnav.com/ Slide 13 Test Interruption Examples Drop Box Plugging a cell phone in to charge Auto functions like the mouse pad going to sleep Any Third party functions Slide 14 Single User Logon (Kiosk mode) From the command prompt: Windows 7 - enter gpresult /r /scope computer Windows XP - enter gpresult /scope computer (space before /s and between scope and computer) Under the COMPUTER SETTINGS section look for your schools organizational unit (OU) CN=D-AIR-4SS1081,OU=Computers,OU=AIR,DC=APS,DC=LOCAL Examples: BOS, ARK, CEN, COL, QST Slide 15 Slide 16 Reminders Accept or Run all Java pop-up screens Enable Java Pop-ups from Pearson Turn computers on prior to testing in case there are any updates that need to install. It saves time to have TestNav login screen up when students arrive http://testnav.com/co Run Check Your System tab tool on a minimum of one model of each test device. Run Testing Capacity tab tool wirelessly in same location that students will test Run Testing Capacity tab test several times during the day System Check doesnt work on Chromebooks or iPads Run capacity test using a laptop wirelessly to simulate chromebook results If possible have a couple extra computers in room as back up Slide 17 Questions from Google Docs Registration Form Will there be a sample schedule on how to implement the test across grade levels with times and places? Accountability & Research guidance hardware/ie., will iPads work etc see slides 9 & 10 for hardware and software iPads need wired keyboards Chromebooks need management pack Access points being able to handle everything Run Testing Capacity test Java updates? More information pending Just worried about java and bandwith Run Testing Capacity test Slide 18 If the test have audio for kids to listen to if so i need to know. - This year only students using text to speech will need headphones Wireless connectivity being bumped up for available internet connectivity 1. Recommend limiting streaming during testing 2.Direct internet access only during student login process then proctor caching 3.Recommend staggering students logging in Java and Flash upgrades with generic school logins Not common to all schools, IT researching All equipment needs including mice, earphones and other accessories. - Consider mice for laptops drag and drop on test Logistics around setting up & administering at the site Setting up site tech/IT responsibility; administering SAC responsibility Questions continued Slide 19 Slide 20 Resources Tech Readiness Webinars and User Guides http://www.cde.state.co.us/assessment/newassess-dtc Pearson Support (888) 687-4759 http://www.pearsonaccess.com APS Service Desk x28203 helpdesk@aps.k12.co.us Kim Terry Accountability & Research kkterry@aps.k12.co.us x28335 Susan Collins sacollins@aps.k12.co.us 303-326-2154 x28288 Slide 21 Slide 22 TestNav 8 on Chromebooks Jim Looper x28270 jrlooper@aps.k12.co.us


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