446: Maternal obesity and long-term cognitive function of offspring

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  • www.AJOG.org Epidemiology, Ob Quality, Operative Obstetrics, Public Health, Infectious Disease, Academic Issues Poster Session III446 Maternal obesity and long-term cognitive function ofoffspringJames Paulson1, Shobha Mehta2, Robert Sokol3, Suneet Chauhan41Old Dominion College, Psychology, Norfolk, VA, 2Henry Ford HealthSystem, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Detroit, MI, 3Wayne State University,Obstetrics and Gynecology, Detroit, MI, 4Eastern Virginia Medical School,Obstetrics and Gynecology, Norfolk, VA

    OBJECTIVE: A recent study (Krakowiak, Pediatrics 2012) found anassociation between maternal obesity and offspring neuro-developmental delay and autism spectrum disorder. We sought todetermine if cognitive delay is noted among offspring of obesemothers [BMI (Body mass index)30 kg/m2] vs. non-obese womenin a nationally representative birth cohort.STUDY DESIGN: The Early Childhood Longitudinal Study-BirthCohort (US Center for Education Statistics) data set was utilized toidentify non-anomalous, term singletons, with pre-pregnancy or rstprenatal visit weight and height. An analysis compared cognitivefunction among newborns of women with BMI vs.