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<ul><li> 1. Kentucky Fried Chicken<br />An Example of Proper Franchise Management<br />Greg Bodenlos, Daly Guillermo, Annaliese Lafayette, Eileen Ng<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. A Two Company Comparison<br /> 3. Burger King in Australia<br />Decided to enter Australian market in 1971<br />Faced legal problems with trademark rights<br />Selected new name, Hungry Jacks from preexisting BKC and Pillsbury brands<br /> 4. Burger King or Hungry Jacks?<br /> 5. Hungry Jacks Emerges<br />Jack Cowin becomes primary franchisee for Burger King in Australia<br />Grows the franchise to own over 130 Hungry Jacks outlets<br />Currently owns 50 KFC outlets in Western Australia and the Northern Territory in addition to 300 Hungry Jack's outlets throughout Australia<br /> 6. What Went Wrong<br />Burger King failed to:<br />Acquire the name rights when entered the market<br />Take proactive role in management of HJPLsdevelopment<br />Enforce its rights under 1990 settlement agreement<br />Utilize having a great businessman like Jack Cowin on their team<br /> 7. Kentucky Fried Chicken<br /> 8. Burger King Franchising<br />Allows franchisees to acquire a minimum of 5 restaurants<br />Hands-off management style<br />Prefer franchisees with previous experience<br />Training: ranges from 73 days to 7 weeks<br />Focus more on market penetration rather than relationship building with franchisees<br /> 9. KFC Franchising<br />Does not allow franchisees to purchase more than one store at a time<br />Hands-on management style<br />Look for franchisees with entrepreneurial spirit<br />Training: Minimum 6 months<br />Focus on building strong long term relationships with franchisees<br /> 10. Keys to Franchise Success<br /></p>