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  1. 1. Unlike any other service currently on the market, TIDAL offers high fidelity lossless sound quality, high definition music videos, and curated editorial, expertly crafted by experienced music journalists. For a single monthly subscription, TIDAL is the first to offer both quantity and quality with an extensive music library of 25 million-plus tracks, streaming at more than four times the bit rate of competitive services. TIDAL subscribers will also be able to watch more than 75,000 music videos, all ad-free. TIDALs editors hand pick the music presented in the service, personally selecting and showcasing the best new albums and tracks across all genres every day. Company Products
  2. 2. It looks like Jay Z's star power has paid off ... Tidal has gained 100,000 paying subscribers since the New York press conference. - Business Insider (April, 2015) Financial Info Aspiro was purchased by Project Panther Ltd. (owned by Jay Z) for USD $56.2 million in January 2015. 3 Months Later Aspiro had posted a net loss of $5m for the last three months of 2014 and admitted that it could run out of money at some point this year...According to an announcement from Aspiro in October, WiMP had 512,000 paying users, 20,000 of whom subscribe to its high-definition version. -NYTimes 3 Months Later
  3. 3. History of Company High Fidelity for WiMP launched [Aspiro's first lossless music streaming product] in Q4 2013. Andy Chen becomes Aspiro CEO Jan 2014 Aspiro Group is a media technology company founded in 1998. The company mainly provides subscription-based lossless music streaming services under two brands, WiMP Music and Tidal. The company is headquartered in Norway It wasn't until 2009 they developed their first music streaming service, which is the core business today. Theres going to be 15-20% of the people in any given population that are just more quality focused. They want to have the better things, they want to enjoy the better things, they want to get the most of what they can get, rather than settling for what is the cheapest that they can get - Andy Chen
  4. 4. Whats Hot? Taylor Swift is Hot! On Nov. 3, Swift pulled her entire catalog from Spotify. Swifts new album 1989 has sold nearly 1.7 million copies nationwide in its first two weeks on sale, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Over the last year, what Spotify has paid is the equivalent of less than 50,000 albums sold Shake It Off received 43.6 million plays during October Tidal now offers users the entire music catalog of Taylor Swift
  5. 5. The majority of consumption is generating the least amount of revenue
  6. 6. Secret Sauce 1. TIDAL offers high fidelity lossless sound quality Coldplay, Rihanna, Daft Punk, Alicia Keys, Calvin Harris, Jack White, Madonna, Usher, Arcade Fire, Deadmau5, and Beyonc joined Jay Z in the owners circle. He is reportedly offering millions of dollars and an equity stake to artists who join him. 2. Jay-Z is not just a businessman- hes a business, man
  7. 7. Story Time Deaf or Stupid?
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