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________________+-------------------------------------------+_____________________________| - 40 Ways to Sabotage Your School |_____________ ______________|-------------------------------------------|_____________ ________________| Donated by: Cosmic Charlie & The Doctor |_______________ +-------------------------------------------+ ============================================================================ What follows is one of the most irresponsible exercises in free speech I have ever seen. It was first printed in 1968 by some high school kids in America's industrial heartland and most recently (in English at any rate) in England after the riots there in 1982. Of course I reprinted it for purely educational purposes - just to show you how irresopnsible free speech can get. I take no responsibility for the actions of individuals who use this text. Now that we got all the bullshit out of the way here are the 40 ways I've been telling you about. ============================================================================ 1. 2. Put a rotten apple or stale sandwich in the teacher's desk. Steal the attendance book. Add in and rub out ticks, and replace or just burn it. Same goes for unguarded conduct sheets or reports. Don't miss your chance. Fill a syringe (minus needle) with mixed epoxy & alcohol. 30 minutes to fill locks, etc., before the glue hardens. use cement, super glue or even bits of wood, nails, etc. 4. You now You can also

3. have

Another use of the syringe is to pretend to shoot up when the teacher is watching. Explain that that you have to do it because school is so horrible. Phone the school at random times. Try flood, fire or bomb warnings. Disguise your voice and hold a handkerchief over your mouth.


6. Pretend to have food poisoning (after lunch break). Get lots of people to join in. Roll on the floor, or get sick by pushing your fingers down your throat. Try it in assembly. With luck you can start general panic. 7. 8. 9. Draw or paint slogans on roll down maps or slide screens. are best. Obscenities

Hand out notices to new pupils telling them which teachers are nasty ...and why. Bad food? Have a good old fashioned food riot.


Organize massive searches for "lost" contact lenses in gym class or in hallways between classes. Don't let anyone walk through the hall as they might step on it. Pretending you've lost something is a good cover for all kinds of subversive behavior. If you still have to wear uniforms, try wearing them back to front in protest. Dare boys & girls to wear each other's uniforms. If this doesn't work, try a blanket protest. Try political games. School is 12 years brainwashing without trial. Slowdowns, work to rules, strikes and occupations are fun. But don't let leaders or ego trippers speak for you. Get everyone to bring in all their pets to school to show the teacher. Write down a list of all the stupid rubbish or rules you have to learn & hand it out on sports day or open day. Now & then get loads of students to rush to the office to get a rumor confirmed or denied. Make a citizens arrest on your worst teacher. Drag him/her in front



13. 14. 15. 16. of

the class and put him/her on trial for rotting the minds of youth. 17. from Rip off dishes and silverware from the cafeteria, office equipment the office, paint & other art materials from the art room, light bulbs from the sockets, toilet paper from the jacks, etc.,etc. Donate them to yourselves or local anarchist group. 18. 19. 20. they use more nitrate to make 'em burn faster. Toss the fuse in a waste bin, or anywhere with lots of burnables. The office is best. Wait 5 minutes. Call alarm yourself to avoid any "accidents." Practice at home first. 21. want Throw out the teacher and decide for yourselves what, how, why you to learn. Spread the action to other classes and other schools, this happened in Paris back in 1968. 22. 23. night 24. Have gigantic coughing and sneezing fits in class or in assemblies. Find out your teacher's and principal's addresses and go there at and spray anti-school slogans on their walls. Rub glue, lipstick, vaseline, or shit on the doorknobs of the officies During lunch break turn on and light all gas taps in the science lab. Make sure your not caught at this prank & try a good disguise. Get everyone to demand to see their school records files, because everyone else (police, social workers, etc.) is allowed to see them. Make a fuse by sticking a cigarette between the two rows in a match book. Non-filter cigarettes are good but marlboro are best 'cause

of the headmasters, principals, or on the teachers' toilets. 25. Pick up some dog training liquid at a pet store (it smells like concentrated piss) and if you can't figure out what to do with that then shouldn't be reading this. Intercept the teacher's mail. or interesting. Pass around, copy anything confidential

26. 27. 28. 29. 30.

Impersonate angry parents phoning up the school. Try complaining that a nasty teacher has been having sex with little Johnny. Don't go to school. Sick notes are no problem to copy. better ways to spend your time. Think of

Make a super stink bomb out of hydrogen-sulfide and put it in the school's ventalation system. This has cleared schools for days. If your school has suspended ceilings (that is ceilings composed of rectangles or squares that can be pushed up) you can put dead fish or anything else above them. Try dead fish in a disused locker and glue up the lock. When you get the staff totally neurotic and paranoid, put out notes hints that "Tuesday is the day."

31. and 32.

With a new teacher change names in roll call, so that he/she can never figure out who everyone is.

33. Get your school library a subscription to any underground/anarchist/sex oriented newspaper and insist that they make it availible to pupils. 34. 35. Get school note paper and type out letters to teachers firing or suspending them. Soon they won't know what to believe.

Do some revolutionary wall spraying. Recipe.. Spray cans or paint and brush, look out, a little imagination and courage. Write your favorite slogan on walls, billboards, blackboards, floors, et cetera. A stencil is nice though limits size. You'd best wear gloves or you'll get telltale paint on your hands. 36. Copy and hand out a sheet with the names and house phone numbers of teachers on it. Now people can ring up anytime if punishments don't stop. Say 3 a.m. for instance, say you're the mafia or keep sending police, plumbers, coffins, et cetera to their house. Get hold of a film to be shown at school, and splice in bits of your own making, then return it unnoticed. Wizard wheezes for technical wizards, like bugging the teachers toilets and hooking up the results to the school loudspeaker system. Clog up all drains with clay, paper, etc., then flush all toilets and



turn on all taps. 39.

Instant swimming pool.

Stick up anonymous posters around the school.

40. Always carry an awl (available at any hardware store) or sharpened screwdrivers. Puncture teachers tires by pushing through the sidewall (it goes through eaisly) while pretending to tie your shoelace. Practice at night on the tires of any rich dude's car. Do at least two tires so that the spare doesn't help. For real nasties and cops, army, and politicians, add sugar and/or sand to the gas tank. The claw of a hammer will remove most locked gas caps, or use your awl and hammer, tap a hole in the gas tank, light and run!

============================================================================ H O W T O H I D E F R O M by: amorphous ````````` INTRODUCTION ~~~~~~~~~~~~ This file will give you very specific ideas of where and how to hide things from your parents. Enjoy. WHERE ~~~~~ 1) Get a big box and fill it with baseball cards. between them. 2) Hide stuff under a plant in a pot in your room. 3) Cut out pages inside a book and put stuff inside. 4) Behind posters on your wall. 5) Punch a hole in the wall and put stuff inside. poster. 6) Tape stuff under your table. 7) Tape stuff UNDER a draw in your desk. 8) Put stuff in a CD case, in a tape case, or between a big picture frame. 9) Tape stuff inside a smoke detector. WHEN YOU NEED LOTS OF ROOM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cover it up with a Put your stuff in T H I N G S Y O U R P A R E N T S

1) Take apart the back of a clock that hangs on the wall, put stuff inside, and put it back together again. 2) Cut open the bottom of your trash basket, raise it up, and put stuff underneath. (Do the same thing to a kleenex box. 3) Get a whole bunch of small boxes, fill them up with your belongings, stack them, but leave one or two empty in the back for your other stuff. 4) Put stuff in your bag next to your shlong or your boot. Sorry this file is so short right now. But, there will be more to come. I'm just on too much weed right now. Have phun.

Ultra 15 Sinister X #2 @5211 Sat Nov 16 04:47:24 1991 |||||| |||||| || || || || || || || || || || |||||||| |||||||| || || || || |||||||||| || || || || |||||| ||||||

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Underground Legion of Terroristic Research Activists Sinister X --Agent Cyclone --Drug Lord

============================================================================= == 06-20-1991 Well, the group has been going for about 3 months now, and we are getting a lot of positive mail about our files. It is nice to hear that a lot of evil minds exist out there. I would like to thank Dredd for the idea for this file. Mental Torture -------------by: Drug Lord There are plenty is through physical place. However, and do a hell of therapy). of ways to scare the fuck out of someone. The easiest way

violence. Kicking their ass might just put them in their there are many times when you can fuck with someone's brain, a lot more damage (plus they end up having to pay for

It depends on how you want to mentally fuck someone up. ways of getting through.

Here are some key

First off, it isn't a good idea for the person to know who you are. In other words you don't want to do this shit to a girl you dumped the day before. It would be only SLIGHTLY obvious who was doing this. You also want to always keep out of sight and make sure that nothing can be traced back to you. If this person you are fucking with knows who you are, then they will just call a pig and get your ass hauled in. The most obvious thing to do would be the phone calls. These would need to be done from a pay-phone. Make sure it is in a quiet place. If you call from your local mall, then it just ruins the moment. Also, calling at night adds that extra little "touch". You don't want to say much. Just say something about how they are going to die. Death of course is the scariest thing for people to think about. QUOTE FROM THE MOVIE HARD TO KILL: "Anticipation of death is worse than death itself". This holds very true. People are afraid to die and this is the best way to screw with someone's mind. Do not make a lot of harassing phone calls, especially with the new features that the Bell services have added. Letters in the mail do a nice job too. It goes without saying that you don't put a fucking return address. (If I didn't say that, then some 13 year old kid would be crying when he got caught. "But mommy...Drug Lord didn't TELL me not to put a return address." Anyway. Make sure your handwriting won't be recognized. You can do the old trick by cutting out letters of words in magazines and pasting them on a piece of paper, but that usually takes too long. Hell, just type the message on your computer. The lettering off of typewriters can be traced so that they can tell which type of typewriter it came from. You shouldn't take any unnecessary risks. In the letters you can say general stuff like "How does it feel knowing your about to die?", and "You had better watch your back, because you're about to die." Then you can go for the family pet. This is where the real mental torture begins. Many people would die without their pet. The best way to kill their pet is to take as much blood as you can. If pooch is out in the dog-house (at night of course), then offer the dog some food, and keep it quiet. Then you can either take a large knife and slice it's throat, or use a sledgehammer to crush its skull. The only problem is that the dog will probably yelp and squeal. Due to this, you can take pooch for a walk clear away from the house, and just bring a trash bag to throw the dog into after you are through. Now what you do is you take a rope and make a noose. Hang the dog by its neck at the front or back door. When they open the door to get some fresh morning air, they will find their lovable pooch slaughtered. You can even take some of pooch's blood for future use, or you can use some of it to write messages on the doors and the windows. You can do this with rabbits (remember Fatal

Attraction), cats, and whatever lovable creatures that they have. Hell, if you have enough balls...hang their little brother or sister from the fucking porch. Hehe, that would be a good one! The idea is to terrorize your victim as much as possible. You can do little drive-bys where you can smash out windows in their houses with large rocks or other things. If you continue with this for a long time, you will eventually be caught unless you are truely sly. That is why it shouldn't last any more than a week. The calls from DIFFERENT phone booths, and the letters can continue, but going near their house night after night would make you pretty stupid. Also try to find out where the people work. Not just your victim, but the others that live with this person. Make some calls to where they work, and make sure they know that you will find them no matter where they go. Now you can take your extra blood and do a job on their car windows at work. By this time, they will be scared shitless. Feel free to use your own ideas as well. Just remember to be careful and not to let them know who you are. That could cause some serious legal shit for you. Have fun fucking with the minds of others. Drug Lord U L T R A -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==I, Drug Lord, am not responsible if people use these tactics to fuck with the minds of others. Hell, my mind is fucked as it is, so I don't have to worry. **ATTENTION** ULTRA is looking for members and distribution sites. For more information on this, contact either Sinister X or myself, and we'll give you the info that you need. To get ahold of us, be sure to call Blitzkrieg. Hall of Injustice has gone down for the summer, but will supposedly be back in the fall. Pick up ULTRA at the following locations: Blitzkrieg - (502) 499-8933 Labotomies 'R' Us - (413) 773-7676 __/\__/\__/\__/\__/\__/\__/\__/\__/\__/\__/\__/\__/\__/\__/\__/\__/\__/\__ | \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ | | DRAGON'S TOUCH | | weaknesses of the...