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4 th Grade Social Studies Review. HPES 2011-2012 1 st Nine Weeks. What was the name of the period that described how the early people migrated from Asia to Americas? The Glacier Age The Ice Age The Prehistoric Age The Beringia Age. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


4th Grade Social Studies Review

HPES 2011-20121st Nine Weeks4th Grade Social Studies Review1What was the name of the period that described how the early people migrated from Asia to Americas?

The Glacier AgeThe Ice AgeThe Prehistoric AgeThe Beringia Age

2What is one theory about how early people migrated from Asia to Americas?

They walked across a land bridge.They came with Columbus.To show the people of Beringia the way to North America.To get away from wooly mammoths.

3Bases on historians, which theory caused the land bridge?

Early people created roadsGlaciers combined and flattened out to create land.Glaciers caused water level in ocean to drop and exposed land created a long land bridge.The low tide of the Pacific Ocean created beaches.

4What Native American group relied heavily on the buffalo for most of their needs?

Great BasinEastern WoodlandsPlains Pacific Northwest

5Which Native American group used totem poles to identify clans and tell stories?

SouthwestEastern WoodlandsPlainsPacific Northwest

6Which Native American group grew vegetables such as corn, beans, and squash?

SouthwestEastern WoodlandsPlainsPacific Northwest

7How were lodges and teepees different?

A lodge is for many people and a teepee is only for one personA lodge is used for women and children and a teepee is for menA lodge is made from buffalo hide and a teepee is made from woodA lodge is a permanent building and a teepee is made from animal hides and can be moved around.

8How were a potlatch and a totem pole similar?

A. Both were a way to show wealthB. Both were considered gifts from parentsC. Both were ceremonies in which people asked for rainD. Both were ceremonies in which people were healed from sickness

9Which of the following is NOT true?

Native Americans developed ways of living based on their environments.The Southwest Desert Native American used irrigation to grow corn and other crops.The Great Plains Native Americans often used disguises to approach buffalo hers without being seen.The Eastern Woodlands Native Americans attended ceremonial dances to bring rain to the region.

10_____________lived in the eastern part of North America from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River, including the Great Lakes region.

They used the forest resources, hunted for animals, created the moccasins, live in longhouses, and grew crops.

Eastern Woodlands Native Americans 11_______________lived on the Great Plains of central North America from north of what is today the Canadian border to present-day southern Texas. Plains Native Americans 12_________________lived in the region that included what is today Arizona, New Mexico, parts of Colorado, and Utah.

Southwestern Native Americans 13___________Native Americans lived in the region that extended along the Pacific coast from what is today southern Alaska to northern California. Pacific Northwestern 14Followed a hunting and farming life, always traveling, settled along river, lived in lodges and teepees, made baskets, used horses like money.Plains Native Americans 15Used canoes, made carvings, hunted seal, fishermen and hunters, lived in log houses.Pacific Northwestern 16Used an irrigation system, grew corn, beans, and squash, men were weavers, women weaved and made baskets, lived in pueblos.Southwestern Native Americans 17Rain dances, snake dances, and kachinas.Southwestern Native Americans 18Men governed villages and women owned properties.Southwestern19Potlatch, totem poles, shamans, dancing ceremonies, sought power through dreams, had birth and death ceremonies.Pacific Northwestern 20The ____________ Native Americans had a deep connection to animals, and gave thanks at harvest time. The members of the Great Council made all the rules.Eastern Woodlands21The ____________region is extremely arid. This region is located between the Rocky and Sierra mountains. One unique characteristic of this region is that all of the water flows to streams and rivers. There is no water outlet to the sea. Great Basin Native American 22Hunters and gatherers, ground acorns into flour to make mush, ate nuts and berries, women and children trapped small animals, women mostly prepared food, in summer lived in dome-shaped structures.Great Basin Native American 23ShamansHad ceremonies honoring pine nuts.Great Basin Native American 24Each family had a headman by consensus.Great Basin Native American 25Which of the following was not a technological factor that led to exploration?

The invention of the compassThe skill of cartography producing better maps for explorersSpain becoming the most powerful nation and England wanting some of their powerThe invention of the astrolabe

26Which of the following is a political factor that encouraged exploration?Christopher Columbus wanted to run for President of SpainEngland and Spain wanted to overtake the Netherlands by sending explorers to their countryFerdinand Magellan not completing his trip around the worldSpain becoming the most powerful nation and English Monarchs wanting their nation to be the most powerful

27Which of the following is an economic factor that encouraged exploration?Christopher Columbus wrecking his ship and needing to borrow more money from SpainEngland wanting to become the most dominant countrySpain finding all the gold and silver, therefore becoming the most dominant countryEuropeans wanting to have more goods from the Far East, but not wanting to have to deal with merchants

28Merchants sold the goods they brought back from the Far East to the Europeans. They sold them for a higher price. What is this called?


29Who discovered the Mississippi River?

Hernando de SotoJohn CabotRobert LaSalleHenry Hudson

30Which explorer explored for both England and the Netherlands?

Hernando de SotoHenry HudsonJohn CabotRobert LaSalle

31Which explorer was known as a conquistador?Hernando de SotoHenry HudsonJohn CabotRobert LaSalle

32Who was the first explorer to discover North America?

Erick the RedChristopher ColumbusLeif ErikssonJohn Cabot

33What did John Cabot and Henry Hudson have in common?

They only explored for one country.They were both looking for the Northwest Passage.They both disliked Spanish Explorers.Robert LaSalle was their long-lost cousin.

34Christopher Columbus was actually looking for the Far East but he found which continent instead?

North AmericaAsiaEuropeAustralia

35In what year did Christopher Columbus find this continent?


36There were ___________, ___________, and _________ factors that led to the exploration of the new world by Spain, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, and England.

Political, economic, and technological 37List examples of these factors that led to the exploration of the New World.1. 2.3.The competition between nations, the expansion of international trade, and the technological advances in shipbuilding and navigation38Had Pow Powsgrooms father wove robes for bride and brides family wove baskets for groomhas ceremonieshas no written languagePlains Native Americans