4 Easy Tips to boost your Social Media Marketing!

Download 4 Easy Tips to boost your Social Media Marketing!

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4 Easy Tips to Optimize your Social Media Marketing Strategy!

Other than filling out creative bios and adding high resolution pictures of your product on all your Social profiles, you can do a lot more to optimize your SMM strategy-

1. Constant Monitoring

Consumers nowadays have the freedom to vent out their grief or happiness about a product on their online personas. People may be talking about your product online right now. It could be in a positive way, a negative way, or they could just have a question. Regardless of how or why it happens, with social media you have an opportunity to listen, learn, and engage in those conversations and tap into potential customers.Social media monitoring (also known as social listening) is all about gaining unique insights into your customers, competitors, and industry influencers. By monitoring what they are saying on social media about your business and the issues that affect it, youll build a better relationship with your customers, get an edge on your competitors, and improve your ROI.(Monitoring Tool - Mention)


Should you post your blog on a Friday or on a Monday to reach more people? This question is the first to pop-up in your mind after you complete the blog.It certainly depends on the site you are sharing your blog to. Different social media sites offer different perks for your business. Obviously, each one is different and youll need to Understand and analyze each one of them.Whether you are posting on Facebook, pinning on Pinterest or tweeting on Twitter, its important to consider when you are doing it to reach your customers better than before.

( Follower Activity Tool for twitter - FollowerWonk)

Tap into Linkedins SlideShare

SlideShare is the quiet Content Marketing king. While all the buzz is around Facebook and Twitter, SlideShare is stepping up the ladder of social marketing. Here are a few convincing reasons why you must tap into SlideShare1. LinkedIn SlideShare reaches 70 million unique visitors a month. The site is now among the top 100 most-visited websites in the world.2. Users upload 400,000 new presentations each month.3. Google indexes every presentation on the platform. LinkedIn SlideShare gets more than 80 percent of its traffic through organic search, so yourpresentations can give your brand an SEO advantage.


In Social Media Marketing, you have to cater to a very diverse audience, with different time zones and many of your fans may not be able to see your post the first time. Posting it again may reach the missed out opportunities, sure it will. The optimal number of tweets or posts on facebook in a day is 4, each set with considerable gap in between so it doesnt look like you are spamming. And always remember that Social Media hates spammers.(Post Automation Tool- Hootsuite)

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