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4 Creative Wedding IdeasYour wedding is your big day and the day you will always look back on and remember. To make it even more memorable here are 4 ideas for the themes you could choose.www.spicevillage.co.ukIf youre into horror and your partner is too then dont disregard this wedding theme.Becoming more common by the day this will definitely make your day a day to remember.www.spicevillage.co.ukHave a Horror ThemeQuite a jump from the first idea although this is also based on fantasy, the fairy tale wedding.Every girl grows up watching and maybe even dreaming off www.spicevillage.co.ukHave The Dream WeddingIf youre not much of a fantasy enthusiast then a beach wedding might suit you. Relaxed and romantic, realistic and peaceful this is abeautiful theme for any wedding.www.spicevillage.co.ukTake it to the BeachHis is a unique and creative theme and will work great if history is your thing.With a well-researched plan this theme could be the most exciting and fun weddings your guest will attend.www.spicevillage.co.ukBE HISTORICAL4 Creative Wedding Ideaswww.spicevillage.co.uk