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A basic introduction to 3D Printing/ Additive Manufacturing, using examples of 3D Printed Fashion items to illustrate different 3D Printing Methods.


3D Printing 101

3D Printing 101With a Fashion Twistwww.AdditiveFashion.com

What is 3D Printing?Additive ManufacturingDesktop ManufacturingRapid Prototyping3D Printingwww.additivefashion.comEssentially around for 20 + years

2Additive vs. Subtractive ProcessSubtractive: cutting away to create item

www.additivefashion.comAdditive vs. Subtractive ProcessAdditive: adding material to create item

www.additivefashion.comAdditive vs. Subtractive ProcessIn Fashion: Sewing vs. Knitting

www.additivefashion.comAdditive vs. Subtractive ProcessIn Fashion: Sewing vs. Knitting

www.additivefashion.comDigitizationComputer Aided Design

www.additivefashion.comWhat is 3D Printing?Creating a three dimensional item from a digital model using an additive process.

www.additivefashion.comWhat can be made with 3D printing?prototypesmodelsready to use itemsfood, fashion, architecture, medicine, aerospace, (almost) anything!

www.additivefashion.com3D Printing MethodsSelective Laser SinteringStereo LithographyFused Deposition Modelingwww.additivefashion.com3D Printing MethodsSelective Laser Sintering (SLS)

www.additivefashion.comDaisy hat by Mark Bloomfield11

3D Printing MethodsStereo Lithography (SLA)

www.additivefashion.com3D Printing MethodsFused Deposition Modeling

www.additivefashion.com3D Printing Methods

www.additivefashion.comWhat next?MakeGet a 3D model (buy or make)PrintEnjoy

www.additivefashion.comMake 3D PrintsGet a 3D model (Thingiverse, 123D Gallery)Make your own:

www.additivefashion.com17Make 3D PrintsPrint:3D HubsBuy your own printerwww.additivefashion.comBuy 3D Printed Jewelry

www.additivefashion.comLearn more about 3D Printingwww.additivefashion.com3D printed Fashion Show Boston3D Printed Fashion Student Competition

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