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<ul><li> 1. INTRODUCTION Commonlyused authentication scheme are textual passwords, graphical password and biometrics.Combine recognition , recall ,token and biometrics based system.User choice select a type of authentication technique.In this paper , we present and evaluate our contribution that is a 3D PASSWORD.</li></ul> <p> 2. Authentication Authentication is a process of validating who you are to whom you claimed to be. SCHEME KNOWLEDGE BASED 1. Recall based 2. Recognition basedTOKEN BASEDe.g: smart card 3. BIOMETRICS Automate the identification or verification of individual . 4. The 3D password presents a virtual environment containing various virtualobject. The user walk through the environment and interact with the objects. It is the combination and sequence of user interaction that occur in the3D environment. 5. 3D VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT o3-D virtual environment affects the usability ,effectiveness and acceptability of a 3d password system.o3-D environment reflects the administration needs and the security requirements. 6. The design of virtual environment should follow these guidelines: Real Life SimilarityObject Uniqueness &amp; Distinction 3D Virtual Environment Size Number of objects &amp; their types System Importance 7. A small virtual environment can be used in the following system likeAtmPersonaldigital assistanceDesktopcomputer &amp; laptopWebauthentication etc. 8. Attacks and Countermeasures BruteWellForce Attackstudied AttackShoulder-surfingAttack 9. Applications Critical ServersNuclear Reactors &amp; military FacilitiesAirplanes and missile Guiding 10. Advantages FlexibilityStrength Easeto MemorizeRespectof Privacy 11. Conclusion The authentication can be improved with 3D password , because the unauthorized person may not interact with same object at a particular location as the legitimate user. It is Difficult to crack ,because it has no fixed number ofsteps and particular procedure. Added with biometrics and token verification this schemebecause almost unbreakable. </p>