33 ways you can be a better marketer

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  • 1. 97 ways
    To Be A Better Marketer

2. The marketing mindset
By Mr. Social http://www.mrsocial.me
3. 1. Know that your marketing will always be new to someone
4. 2. Learn that customers short attention spans mean you will need to do more repetitions
5. 3. Be OK with multiple failures
Follow the Silicon Valley mantra of Fail Early, Fast Often
6. 4. Use your good mood in your marketing
7. 5. Read a lot of good copy read everything by Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham Dan Kennedy, Eben Pagan
8. 6. Read the Boron Letters by Gary Halbert
9. 7. Read Ogilvy on advertising
10. 8. Brainstorm with other marketers
11. 9. Listen to your most satisfied customers describe your service.and use their words in your copy
12. 10. Be fearless

This is opposite of making spreadsheets. Making spreadsheets is many times a fear-based reaction go by your gut.
13. 11. Tell the truth
14. 12. Create content for your customer avatar
Watch this video by Eben Pagan : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08-_QTkcJx4
15. 13. Re-purpose content
Write a Blog Post
Create a video based on it
Break down all the points into tweets and tweet them
Post the entire blog post on Facebook and Google Plus and Quora.
Put out an info-graphic based on it
16. 14. Never assume anything
17. 15. Take storytelling classes
18. 16. Inspire action by learning the AIDA technique of writing
19. 17. Build relationships
20. 18. Move the free line AKA Give before you receive
21. 19. Focus on a niche
22. 20. Test, Test, Test like a scientist
23. 22. Whenever you are stuck on a decision, its an opportunity to test and let the data decide
24. 23. Produce more than you consume
25. 24. Start your day as a producer - Read this article on Lifehacker

26. 25. Leverage A/B testing
27. 26. Read A/B testing case studies
28. 27. Collect email addresses of your prospects from day one
29. 28. Set up email drip campaigns
30. 29. Dont pursue, attract.
31. 30. Study guerrilla marketing examples for inspiration


32. 31. Study direct response marketing
33. 32. Understand the key difference between features and benefits
34. 33. Understand your competition
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35. Thank You
By Mr. Social http://www.mrsocial.me