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3-D Secure Password

Jaiprakash (113013000010)

Institute of Engineering and TechnologyBhagwant UniversityAjmer 11/23/201413-D Secure Password

1PRESENTATION OUTLINE Introduction Three Factors of Authentication Existing Authentication Techniques Drawbacks of Existing Authentication Schemes 3D Password Scheme 3D Password Selection Advantages of 3D Passwords Applications of 3D Passwords Attacks and Countermeasures Conclusion

11/23/201423-D Secure PasswordINTRODUCTIONAuthentication is any protocol or process that permits one entity to establish the identity of another entity.

In other words, authentication is the process of determining whether someone or something is, in fact, who or what it is declared to be.11/23/201433-D Secure PasswordTHREE FACTORS OF AUTHENTICATIONKnowledge Based: Something you know like PASSWORD, PIN

Token Based: Something you possess like KEYS, PASSPORT, SMART CARD

Biometrics: Something you are likeFINGERPRINT, FACE, IRIS11/23/201443-D Secure PasswordEXISTING AUTHENTICATION TECHNIQUESTextual Password: Recall Based

Graphical Password:Recall Based + Recognition Based (Biometrics)11/23/201453-D Secure PasswordDRAWBACKS OF EXISTING AUTHENTICATION SCHEMES

Drawbacks of Textual Passwords Textual Passwords should be easy to remember, but at the same time, difficult to guess.

Full password space for 8 characters, consisting of both numbers and characters, is 2*(10^14).

A research showed that 25% of the passwords out of 15,000 users could be guessed correctly using brute force dictionary.Continue..11/23/201463-D Secure PasswordDRAWBACKS OF GRAPHICAL PASSWORDS Graphical Passwords can be easily recorded as these schemes take a long time.

The main drawback of using biometric is its intrusiveness upon a user's personal characteristics which are liable to change under certain situations. For example, a bruised finger will lead to an inconsistency in fingerprint pattern.

They require special scanning device to authenticate the user which is not acceptable for remote and internet users.11/23/201473-D Secure Password3D PASSWORD SCHEMEThe 3D password can combine the existing authentication schemes such as textual passwords, graphical passwords, and various types of biometrics into a 3D virtual environment. The design of the 3D virtual environment and the type of objects selected determine the 3D password key space.

11/23/201483-D Secure Password3D PASSWORD SELECTIONA fingerprint reader that requires the users fingerprint.

A biometrical recognition device.

A paper or white board that a user can write, sign, or draw on.

An automated teller machine (ATM) that requires a token.11/23/201493-D Secure PasswordADVANTAGES OF 3D PASSWORDS Flexibility: 3D Passwords allow Multifactor Authentication.

Strength: This scenario provides almost unlimited possibilities of Passwords.

Easy to memorize: Can be remembered in the form of a short story.

Respect of Privacy: Organizers can select authentication schemes that respect the privacy of the users.11/23/2014103-D Secure PasswordAPPLICATIONS OF 3D PASSWORDSServers: Many large organizations have critical servers that require very high security but are usually protected by a textual password. A 3D password authentication proposes a sound replacement for a textual password. so, it can be used to protect the entrance to such locations as well as protect the usage of such servers.Nuclear and military facilities: Such facilities should be protected by the most powerful authentication 3D password systems.

ATMs, Desktop and Laptop Logins, Web Authentication etc.

11/23/2014113-D Secure PasswordATTACKS AND COUNTERMEASURESBrute Force Attack: This attack is very difficult because: It is very time consuming. Attack is highly expensive

Well Studied Attack: This attack is difficult because the attacker has to perform customized attack for different virtual environments.

Shoulder Surfing Attack: This attack is comparatively more successful because the attacker uses camera to record the 3D Passwords of the users.11/23/2014123-D Secure PasswordCONCLUSION3D Password improves authentication.

It is difficult to crack as there are no fixed number of steps or particular procedure.

Added with biometrics and token verification, this schema becomes almost unbreakable.11/23/2014133-D Secure PasswordThank YouPlease ask Queries11/23/2014143-D Secure Password


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