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1. 3 Best Blouse Designs to Go With Your Wedding Sarees 2. Indian weddings are an occasion that invites grandeur in the most fascinatingly jovial mood. Women love dressing their heart out on such auspicious events where the focus in not only on the attire but also the kind of fashion they are sporting for the particular affair. Love for colour, fabric and gorgeous coordination is hard to match, especially when you are running short of time. If you dont want to be left to the fate of time, one item that may fall apart in the nick of time is the blouse. No matter how illuminating your wedding sari is your blouse can reveal a lot about your personality. Get it right with the set of 3 amazingly exuberant blouses that go with the call of the occasion. 3. Backless Blouse with Lace: Laced blouses are relatively new concept in the Indian fashion sense. The origin of backless blouse supported by lace is linked to the Cholis. It is no wonder that the recent rage for wedding saris with a designer blouse has pushed them to all new height. The fabric is essentially of the same quality as that of the wedding sari. Opt for sparkling embroidery along the back lines and sleeve line. Backless blouse with lace looks more elegant when you have cut it to quarter sleeves or limit it to shoulder lace. The more you leave the upper part open, greater the chances of flaunting your wedding sari like a damsel. 4. Short Blouse with Sequins: Blouses need not be a complete fabric. Leaving it open at some place can bring an all new look to match up with the elegance of the wedding saris. Go short whenever you find that you are opting for a darker shade in wedding sarees. If you are wearing a green wedding sari, it is ideal to sport a short blouse with sparkling embellishments and sequins. Let the starry look take it forward for you on the wedding stage. They are perfect for a particularly hot afternoon. You can wear the short blouses with wedding dress designed for an evening affair. Jazz up the affair with shiny stones and pearls. 5. Designer full length blouse: Full-length blouses are considered as the safest route to the pinnacle of fashion trends. If you are wearing a conventional georgette wedding saree, opt for the full- length designer blouse to take the attention straight to your strong features and curves. The designer full length blouses worn with the wedding sarees allows you to flaunt your style with lot more confidence, even as you stay within the confines of traditional formal dressing. Adding a twist to the tale, you can replace the solid fabric with netted enhancements or laced sleeves to give it a more contemporary look. 6. The best way to bring out the eloquence of the blouse worn with wedding sarees is to keep the ornamentation full and polished. Dont make any crude attempt to fire the style quotient with chunky jewellery or out of place fabrics and stash. While you may be a little uncomfortable with few designer blouses, trust a tailor to nip the loose ends with perfection 7. Thanks & Regards Website: http://www.indianweddingsaree.com/