2nd vlerick innovation day - vlerick innovation day ... cadbury-schweppes (global), debeers ......

Download 2nd Vlerick Innovation Day -   Vlerick Innovation Day ... Cadbury-Schweppes (Global), Debeers ... Inspiring case examples from the Fronteer practice

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  • 2nd Vlerick Innovation DayOpen Business Models- Business Model Innovation and Technology-Based Open Business Models- Business Transformation through Corporate Venturing

    11 October 2011, Event Lounge Brusselswww.vlerick.com/innovation-day


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    Welcome coffee

    IntroductionProf Dr Philippe Haspeslagh - Dean, Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School

    Tilt your locus of innovationNo longer is innovation confined to the R&D lab or to the New Product Development function. Innovation requires a much broader definition, and must fulfil a much more strategic role. Are you up for the challenge?Prof Dr Niraj Dawar - Ivey Business School

    Keynote Speaker

    Prof Dr Niraj Dawar - Ivey Business School

    Professor Dawars research is in the areas of brand, innovation and marketing strategy. His publications in these areas have appeared in

    the Harvard Business Review, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, M.I.T. Sloan Management Review, and many other

    academic and managerial outlets.

    He has worked on three continents, and is currently the Barford Professor of Marketing at the Ivey Business School, Canada and Visiting

    Professor at Vlerick. Previously, he was on the INSEAD faculty, and was a visitor there in 2005 and again in 2010. Professor Dawar has

    worked extensively with the senior management and management teams of companies including Algorithmics, Asahi Glass, BMW (AG),

    Cadbury-Schweppes (Global), Debeers (South Africa), HSBC (Asia), Microsoft (C.E.E.), S. C. Johnson (Europe), KPMG (Asia), J. Walter

    Thompson (International), and the McCain group (Worldwide). He has served as programme director for Microsoft, McCain, and HSBC

    senior management programmes.

    Distinguishing between open innovation and open business models as a driver for successful growth strategiesPresentation of a simple framework to categorize different strategies that or based on open innovation, open business models or a combination of both. Prof Dr Wim Vanhaverbeke - Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School

    Business creation through corporate venturingStrategies and practices presentation of corporate venturing as organizational approach to create new businesses.Prof Dr Bart Leten - Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School

    Corporate venturing as open innovation strategy for KLMPresentation on how corporate venturing is helping KLM to innovate its business (and the aviation industry). Next to the organizational set-up, some venture cases will be highlighted. Ignaas Caryn - Director Innovation & Venturing Air France KLM

    Exploring strategic options for the future through corporate venturing Use of Corporate Venturing as a vehicle to explore and develop new products, services and business models in the changing healthcare environment.Tom Aelbrecht - Director Venture & Incubation Center at Janssen Pharmaceutica

    Evolutionary design of technology-based open business modelsFocussing on evolutionary business model design providing a description of our open business modelling typology for technology-based ventures.Prof Dr Walter Van Dyck - Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School

    Programme Concept of the Vlerick Innovation Day The goal of this one-day conference is to gather the innovation management community from the Benelux and around Europe to discuss state-of-the-art theories

    and best practices on a central theme in innovation management. This year, the focus is on Open Business Models.

    Through the keynote presentation by Prof Dr Niraj Dawar from Ivey Business School, participants will be able to grasp the changed definition of Innovation, and its

    strategic role in designing open business models. After the keynote session, participants will be able to customise their Innovation Day experience, by choosing from

    8 presentations, distributed over 2 parallel tracks alternating academic and practitioner insights.

    The Innovation Day also provides excellent networking opportunities for all attendees.

    Open Business ModelsDuring this conference you will learn the strategic rationale of innovative open business models and how to create and implement them for competitive success.

    Creating open business models we distinguish between technology-based and organisational approaches. Organisational challenges in established companies and

    corporate venturing-based methods implementing open business models are discussed by academic speakers and leading practitioners.

    Target GroupThe Vlerick Innovation Day is targeted to a general business audience looking for insights, methods and frameworks that will enable Open Business Modelling in

    their respective organisations.

    Launching new business models from established organisationsPresentation of a framework to understand the optimal organisational approach to leverage the resource advantages incumbents have.Prof Dr Marion Debruyne - Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School

    11.30 AM - 12.10 PM

    Parallel Session I

    Coffee break11.00 AM - 11.25 AM

    Applying co-creation and open business models fuels new brand growthInspiring case examples from the Fronteer practice - and beyond - will show that new and disruptive approaches to innovation delivers results, immediately.Martijn Pater Partner, Fronteer Strategies

    The journey from excessive complexity to necessary complexityOpen innovation to prioritize speed and flexibility in the supply chain to deliver growth, Presentation of a case using E2E capabilities & knowledge.Yves Croix - Works Director Unilever Lipton Tea

    12.15 pm - 12.55 pm

    Parallel Session II

    Networking lunch1.00 PM - 2.25 PM

    2.30 PM - 3.10 PM

    Parallel Session III

    3.15 PM - 3.55 PM

    Parallel Session IV

    Coffee break4.00 PM - 4.25 PM

    4.30 PM - 5.10 PM Creating and launching new open business modelsConference summary presentation putting into perspective open business models, organisational approaches and challenges to create and launch them for sustainable strategic advantage.Prof Dr Walter Van Dyck - Vlerick Leuven Gent Management SchoolProf Dr Marion Debruyne - Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School

    Networking reception5.15 PM - 6.15 PM

    9.30 AM 9.55 AM

    10.00 AM - 10.10 AM

    10.15 AM - 10.55 AM

  • Practical details

    Registration You can register online via: www.vlerick.com/innovation-dayUpon receipt of your registration,

    you will receive a confirmation and an invoice.

    Cancellation policyYou can consult our cancellation policy at:


    DateThe second Innovation Day takes place on 11 October 2011,

    from 9.30 AM until 6.15 PM

    LocationEvent Lounge, Generaal Wahislaan 16, 1030 Brussels

    LanguageAll sessions will be held in English.

    Fee 645 (excl 21% VAT)

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    Early Bird!The first 25 registrations will receive the book The Balancing Act of Innovation


    Further informationPlease contact:

    The Conference CoordinatorMr Stijn De Zutter

    tel + 32 9 210 98 88


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