25 natural skin and hair care tips for holi

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25 Natural Skin and Hair Care Tips for Holi Nobody can escape the colours when it comes to Holi festival. But that doesnt mean you skip the skin and hair care regimen! Gujiya, balloons, bhaang, gulal, almost everyone gets lost in them. Smearing faces with colours, tasting delicious cuisines and reveling in holi hurdang is really memorable, we cant deny that. But not following pre and post holiskin care and hair careregimen might turn the beautiful festival of colours horrible. So, we are here with 25 natural skin and hair care tips for holi. Follow below given pointers to make most out of this joyous festival. Shed the fear of damaged skin and hair behind as these safety tips for holi will add to your revelry!Lets check out these holi safety tips for your skin and hair care.