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22 Must Read Books For RecruitersWeve put together a killer list of some must-reads for any recruiter who wants to quickly become an expert and get noticed. Some of these books address recruiting head-on. Others cover different topics such as science or interpersonal relationships, but have many obvious parallels to how we recruit and source clients.

Here are our top 22 recommended reads for recruiters:

Some recruiters have the drive to take their professional skills to the next level of serious success. Breakthrough! is a must-read for those who plan to be the cream of the crop. It is comprehensive and solid, and covers a range of key topics such as developing a client database, dealing effectively with candidates, and coping with burnout. Finkel presents his best advice for distinguishing yourself as a top-level recruiter, and it is well worth the read.Breakthrough!

Exploding the Production of Experienced Recruiters

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In what is one of the definitive guidebooks of the industry, Shally Steckerl delineates the essential steps to acquiring and managing employees. Steckerl is extremely highly regarded, and this book covers every aspect of recruiting and sourcing employees in a practical, thorough way. He covers how to search for clients most effectively, and is considered a true guru in client sourcing. This is an ultimate must-have.The Talent Sourcing & Recruitment Handbook

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In his best-selling book Hiring Smart! How to Predict Winners and Losers in the Incredibly Expensive People-Reading Game, Pierre Mornell outlines how an interviewer can get the best sense of job candidates. By teaching you how to really get a feel for what a potential employee will be like on the job, this book can make good recruiters great by having them match the ideal person to any given position, including the less-typical roles that have become increasingly common in todays job market.

Hiring Smart!: How to Predict Winners and Losers in the Incredibly Expensive People-Reading Game

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John Medina presents a definitive guide to how your brain works which is invaluable in its impact on productivity, self-regulation, and interpersonal relationships. Covering a range of topics such as multitasking, memory, and stress, this book helps us to understand our thoughts and decisions. Wed be remiss in our quest to find the best talent if we failed to understand the foundations of thought that are absolutely at the root of it all.Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School

555 Customer Reviews

Sue Knight wrote this thorough guide to the fascinating field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming as it pertains to the workplace. In a hands-on way, she describes the workings of both verbal and nonverbal communication, and how ineffective communication can lead to many of the typical snafus people experience in the workplace. We constantly send and receive messages to and from those around us at work. By tuning in to the science behind what we are saying and what is being said to us, we can learn how to interact most effectively with others.NLP at Work, Second Edition: Neuro Linguistic Programming, The Difference That Makes a Difference in Business (People Skills for Professionals)

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In this highly engaging book, Bandler and La Valle outline ways in which you can ensure that others will connect with you and be willing to be influenced by you. As recruiters, connecting and relating to others is of the utmost value. The suggestions the authors propose are unorthodox and often entertaining. Their positive and motivating approach to the art of sales and influencing people is absolutely worth learning about.Persuasion Engineering

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By thoroughly analyzing the brains intricate ability to recognize patterns, Ray Kurzweil proposes that we can create even more intelligent technology and artificial intelligence machines. This is a fascinating and sometimes controversial read that can certainly teach readers to understand their communicative tendencies and patterns in order to hone their intuitions to maximize productivity when sourcing and recruiting top talent.How to Create a Mind

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What can we as recruiters learn from an ancient book on Chinese military strategy? Plenty. Sun Tzus classic manual for warfare has significant practical implications in that it addresses the crux of business interactions: Know yourself and know your enemy. The key to successfully maneuvering all possible situations is understanding our competition, our colleagues, those we are sourcing, and ourselves.The Art Of War

2,773 Customer Reviews

In their excellent guide to recruiting top people for any organization, Smart and Street explain why hiring decisions based on voodoo or gut decisions can be disastrous for a company. Hiring in a thoughtful and rigorous manner is time-consuming to be sure, but that time spent laying the foundation will pave the way for success in the long run as it will save precious time and money stemming from dreaded mistakes and incorrect hires. This book will teach you the practical steps to source, score, and select top players who will be leaders and innovators in companies.Who by Geoff Smart and Randy Street

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In this book, Skip Freeman presents tactics and strategies hes culled from many years of experience running an executive recruiting firm. Because this book is so widely regarded among job-seekers, it is of great use to those of us on the recruiting side as well. Freemans advice is indispensable for those who want to learn how to source the best talent and understand the ins and outs of the hiring process from the perspective of someone who knows the current demands of todays job market.Headhunter Hiring Secrets: The Rules of the Hiring Game Have Changed . . . Forever! by Skip Freeman

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This book is a classic that everyone in recruiting should have in their back pocket. Robert Cialdini explains the science of influencing and persuading others, which is at the core of our industry. Its highly readable and outlines proven methods to achieve your goals with anyone you interact with. Cialdini explains the six universal principles of persuasion and how to utilize them to motivate others to change their behaviors.Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini

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George Anders presents a book that explains how to identify and attract top talent as a recruiter. He explains how to figure out which candidates will show leadership, persistence, and flexibility on the job. The top performers will be head and shoulders above the rest, so it is worth investing the effort to learn how to attract them and keep them. This is a useful and refreshing read for our industry.The Rare Find: How Great Talent Stands Out by George Anders

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Daniel Pink is the widely-regarded author of several books about the world of work and how it is changing. In this gem, he expounds on the growing body of free agents in the workforce. Many recruiters are free agents and enjoy the flexibility and authenticity this type of role provides. Pink asserts that more and more people will work for themselves in the future, weakening the stronghold of big corporations. How will this impact seeking and sourcing clients? This work will certainly give you food for thought about our industrys future.Free Agent Nation: The Future of Working for Yourself by Daniel H. Pink

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In this fascinating read, Malcolm Gladwell explains that the reason for major changes to occur is often very minor. He incorporates many statistics and studies, as well as very familiar scenarios, to illustrate this point. This book is hard to put down and really delves into what triggers an epidemic of change, be it the setting, historical details, and especially significantly, the type of person able to effect such a change. These phenomena relate strongly to the impact and influence we strive for as recruiters, or agents of change and growth.The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell

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Kevin Mitnick is perhaps the worlds most infamous hacker, having earned millions with successful attacks on private and public sector databases, and ultimately serving time in federal prison. In this book, Mitnick utilizes his vast knowledge to explain how to out-think the system. He built his career out of conning susceptible victims and that risk is real in interpersonal relationships. As recruiters, we can gain practical insight about building trust and establishing reliable connections with our source pool. A very worthwhile and fascinating read.The Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security by Kevin D. Mitnick

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The authors of this book propose that the culture of work is no longer what it once was. There are very few rules set in stone anymore and resources are accessible readily and cheaply to the masses. What this means is that just about anyone can start a business, and many, many people do. This book challenges readers to think outside the box and create work situations that are fulfilling, meaningful, and devoid of unnecessary hardship. As recruiters, we specialize in seeing what is potentially possible and how tweaking roles or situations at work can lead to revolutionary improvement. Rework echoes that sentiment well.Rework: Change the Way You Work Forever by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson