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  • 1.20th Century China

2. Some Key Dates in 20th C China 1894-5 First Sino-Japanese War 1912, End of Qing Dynasty, Founding of Republic of China 1949 Peoples Republic of China 1966-76, Cultural Revolution 1976 Death of Mao Tsetung 3. Xu Beihong, Portrait of Lim Loh, 1927 4. Xu Beihong, Portrait of Ms Jenny (1939) 5. Grazing Horse, dated 1932 Xu Beihong 6. Xu Beihong, Sketch of Mr. Kinlo Cheng, 1937 7. Xu Beihong, Portrait of Madame Cheng, 1941 8. Lady of the Xiang River, dated 1947 Fu Baoshi (Chinese, 19041965) Album leaf; ink and color on paper; 10 1/2 x 12 7/8 in. 9. Landscape, 1946 Artist: Fu Baoshi 61.2 x 92.4 cm (24 1/8 x 36 3/8 x 4.0 in.) Ink and color on paper 10. Fu Baoshi, Playing Weiqi at the Water Pavillion, mid 20th C 11. Fu Baoshi, Landscape, 1964 12. Fu Baoshi at work painting Beautiful Landscape of the Motherland for Great Hall of the People (1959). 13. Luo Gongliu, Tunnel Warfare, Oil on Canvas, 1951 14. Luo Gongliu (b. 1916) Mao Zedong Reporting on the Rectification in Yan'an 1951 15. The happy life that Chairman Mao has given us. 1952, Chinese Communist Party propaganda poster 16. Sun Zixi (b. 1929) In Front of Tiananmen 1964 17. Old Labor Revolutionary Team of the Vehicle Repair Section, Changxindian District, In Revolution There is Justice, July 1968 18. Images of the Cultural Revolution 19. Rent Collection Courtyard, 1965 This courtyard, built especially for the collection of rent, is surrounded by a hundred-meter long corridor in which stands the clay figures. Hungry peasants had to use the back door to pay rent." 20. "Under the cold gaze of the landlords stooge, the poverty-stricken peasants trudge into the courtyard carrying the grains they have toiled so bitterly for 21. The trick winnower has reduced two full baskets of grain to one. With heavy hearts mother and daughter drag it to be measured. 22. Even a tottering, sick man has to drag in his rent on time 23. "Liu orders the village chief and a policeman to ransack the homes of peasants and pressgang them if they cannot pay their rent. Another family is broken up as the father is dragged away and the mother is knocked to the ground." 24. "With their carrying-poles they will smash the system of exploitation to bits Kuomintang soldier and a secret society henchman lay hands on the old peasants son as he rushed up to argue with the landlord Liu 25. 'This is good grain!' Cries the old peasant Only by thoroughly demolishing the man- eating system can the working people be emancipated 26. Follow forever the Chinese Communist Party and raise high the red flag of revolution