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  • A McGraw-Hill Publication

    How RCA puts lasers and holograms to work for low-cost tv playback page 108

    November 10,1969

    Electronics What makes microwave acoustics attractive for signal processing page 94

    Why Supernova e4

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    Winchester Electronics the long line that makes

    short work of today's problems If you have any idea that Winchester Electronics specializes in just a special few connectors, forget it.

    We make more than 31,000 different types of connectors—miniature, sub-miniature, hi-density, printed circuit. In the un- likely event you can't find just the one you need among these, say the word and we'll



    Circle 900 on Reader Service Card

    make the odd ball you want. Faster than you ever thought possible—and in any quantity required, from ten to the hundreds of thousands!

    Want to hear more about our capabilities in the connector field? Just write Winchester Electronics, Main Street and Hillside Ave., Oakville, Conn. 06779.


  • The Wizards of 01

    Like magic ... vector impedance instruments read out complex impedance in an instant. With the HP impedance meters, measurements involving impedance magnitude, z, and phase angle, 0, no longer require tedious test procedures. These measurements are now as easy to make as voltage readings. No nulling ... no balancing ... no calculations to make. The wizardry of these HP instruments provides direct readout of 2 (in ohms) and O (in degrees) over a continuous frequency range.

    HP 4800A Vector Impedance Meter covers the 5 Hz to 500 kHz range. You set the frequency, select


    the impedance range and read: Z from 1 ohm to 10 Megohms, and O from —90° to +90°. $1650.

    HP 4815A RF Vector Impedance Meter covers 500 kHz to 108 MHz. Measures, via a probe, active or passive circuits directly in their normal operating environment. Z from 1 ohm to 100 K ohms; O from 0° to 360°. $2650.

    Application Note 86 describes many applications of the 4800A and the 4815A Vector Impedance Meters including the measurement of Z, R, L, and C. For your copy and complete specifications, contact your local Hewlett-Packard field engineer or write: Hewlett-Packard, Green Pond Road, Rockaway, New Jersey 07866. In Europe: 1217 Meyrin-Geneva, Switzerland.



    Circle 1 on reader service card

  • When accuracy is important — and noise, harmonic distortion, or non- sinusoidal wave shapes are a prob- lem—a true rms responding voltmeter is the only answer. With the HP 3450A digital multi-

    function meter you get true rms readings! The AC Voltage and AC Ratio (Option 001) makes the 3450A the only five-digit DVM available to- day with this capability. And you not only get true rms readings, but you get them from 45 Hz to 1 MHz on any of four ranges (1 V to 1000 V). When you add the midband accuracy of

    -±-0.05% you know that what you are reading or recording is the true value of the ac voltage you are measuring. The same ac converter (Option 001)

    also provides true four-terminal ac ratio capability. Gives you the com-

    plete isolation you need between X and Y inputs to make accurate ratio measurements between two ac volt- ages. Four ranges (1:1 to 1000:1) of true four-terminal ac ratio are pro- vided. Option 001 gives the 3450A the capability to make fast, accurate ac readings for all the ac information you need. And, true rms ac voltage measure-

    ment is only one face of the in- credible dodecameter! The 3450A can also be used for dc and ohms— with ratio, limit tests and ratio limit tests. You get autoranging on all functions and there are options to provide remote control and rear in- put terminals. The basic dc unit is integrating and

    fully guarded for excellent noise immunity. You can make 15 readings

    True rms readings! Just one face of the Incredible Dodecameter

    I.1 56

    Ler, =1k:2171-FUNCTION METER

    I 3 ftc`


    dc limit test

    ac ratio

    dc ratio limit test

    ohms ratio limit test

    ac limit test



    per second with a sensitivity of 1 µV. You start with this basic meter and add the capability that best fits your requirements: If your requirements change, any of the options (except the rear input terminals) can be easily installed in the field. To get more information on how

    rms readings will improve the quality of your ac measurements or on any of the other options for the 3450 — just call your local HP Field Engi- neer. Or, write Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto, California 94304. Europe: 1217 Meyrin-Geneva, Switzerland.

    Price: Basic 3450A, $3150; AC Op- tion 001, $1250; Ohms Option 002, $400; Limit Test Option 003, $350; Digital Output Option 004, $175; Re- mote Control Option 005, $225; Rear Input Terminal Option 006, $50.

    true rms ac


    dc ratio ohms limit test



    ac ratio limit test



    Circle 2 on reader service card


  • Electronics Volume No. 42, Number 23 November 10, 1969 News Features

    Probing the News

    145 Subassemblies: Users' choice is name of keyboard game

    153 Navigation: Omega, a global system or backup?

    U.S. Reports

    51 Communications: Laird vs. Stans vs. frequency management; Tacsat 1 really works; the EIA talks broadband

    56 Integrated electronics: Schottky diode without a guard ring

    58 Space electronics: color tv for the sun; ERTS to fly with some electronics missing

    63 Military electronics: Raytheon awaits word on SAM-D funds

    66 For the record

    Electronics International

    235 West Germany: Silicon is the target in new tv pickup tube

    236 Japan: Towards compatible video colorcoders—Matsushita magazine vs. Sony cassette

    237 Japan: An inexpensive route to direct digital control

    238 France: Solar power from CdT

    New Products

    161 Computer conference preview 161 Processor-display is self-cycling 165 Modem on a card 169 Rugged Nova dons uniform 170 Kit provides acoustic terminal 172 Data station adds and records 177 Components review 177 Two-gap head verifies data 180 IC filter goes broadband 184 2-pound battery delivers 100 amps 186 Microwave review 186 Modules put out 250-watt pulses 190 Micrometer tunes coax attenuator 193 Data handling review 193 Small computer is expandable 194 Computer prints directly on film 198 Calculator is interruptible 201 Production equipment review 201 Optical IC printer loads manually 205 Industrial electronics review 205 Warehouse control system uses ICs

    Title R registered U.S. Patent Office; CD copyright 1969 by McGraw-Hill Inc. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce the contents of this publication In whole or in part.

    Advanced technology

    Technical Articles

    94 Tapping microwave acoustics for better signal processing Surface waves traveling along miniature substrates can meet the signal processing needs of radar, navigation and communication systems J.H. Collins and P.J. Hagon, Autonetics

    Circuit design 104 Designer's casebook • Optical isolation speeds digital data transmission • Two-stage peak-holding circuit stores sub- microsecond pulses • A simplified design approach for hysteresis circuits

    Consumer 108 'Pressing' pictures on holographic tape is fast, inexpensive Holograms, lasers and vinyl strips lend themselves to a rnechancal process for copying visual material Owen Doyle, Electronics staff

    Computers 116 Making a minicomputer superfast Supernova's 300-nsec cycle time stems from two big-machine features—instructions overlapping with execution and a read-only memory Lawrence Seligman, Data General Corp.

    Design aids 121 Universal graphs map direct route to mismatched pi and tee filters Charts and nomographs provide practical insight to low-pass filter design. Robert B. Cowdell, General Steam Corp.

    Instrumentation 129 Know your d-a converter's capability Differential amp with offset provides added gain and sensitivity to accurately measure d-a unit's settling time on an oscilloscope James J. Pastoriza, Pastoriza Electronics Inc., and David R. Weller, Bell Telephone Laboratories

    Departments 4 Readers Comment 8 Who's Who in this issue

    14 Who's Who in electronics 22 Meetings 31 Editorial Comment 33 Electronics Newsletter

    53 Index to Activity 75 Washington Newsletter

    208 New Books 212 Technical Abstracts 222 New Literature 233 International Newsletter

    Electronics j November 10, 1969 3

  • Electronics Readers Comment Editor-in-Chief: Donald Christiansen

    Senior staff editors Technical: Stephen E. Scrupski News: Robert Henkel International: Arthur Erikson

    Art director: Gerald Ferguson

    Senior associate editors: Joseph Mittleman, Harry R. Karp Assistant managing editors: H. Thomas Maguire, Howard Wolff, William Bucci, Richard Gundlach, Frederick Corey Special projects e


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