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LA Fit Expo Recap ~ PART TWO ~

LA Fit Expo Recap~ PART TWO ~Caffeinated Workout SupplementsEnergy Drink / Exercise Supplement Cross-overs

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Weve already reviewed what happens When Energy Drinks Dress Up Like Workout Supplements


My MISSION: Find promising products amongst THOUSANDS of booths!


a safety note

PLEASEdo not lift a barbell or lat bar attachment off a rack like this


Supplement that makes assumptions about your fitness goals


Watch out for supplements that make assumptions about your fitness goals

Cardio Pre- and Post-Workout for Women

Strength & Conditioning Pre- and Post-Workout for MenBut Im a woman who lifts

http://www.powdercity.com/pages/pre-workout-supplementsWATCH OUT #3How to caffeinate your workout (safely)

How to caffeinate your workout (safely):Caffeine is best consumed BEFORE a workout

Ideal amount is ~ 3 milligrams caffeine per kilogram of body weight but this is with ATHLETES so use your ideal body weight or lean muscle mass

130 lb 177 mg caffeine! 200 mg max safe per sitting; 400 mg safe daily max

Product #1:

Cytosport Series Mobilized Amino 6:1:1


PROSGrape (not watermelon) has 100 mg caffeine perfect amount for a PRE-Workout

Branched Chain Amino Acids do help muscle growth

Because truth is power, power is performance, and performance changes lives.

I like that!

CONSOptimal amount of protein POST-workout for muscle growth is 20-30 grams protein, and this drink only has 5 grams

With caffeine AND protein, this functional energy drink is not designed for a specific occasion (Pre- vs Post-workout)http://www.cytosportmobilized.com/#mobile-amino

CONSStevia (YAY). But also Sucralose and Ace-K (why not JUST Stevia?)

Vitamin B12 is a popular energy drink ingredientBUT it doesnt give you energy , it just helps with cell repairhttp://www.cytosportmobilized.com/#mobile-amino

Product #2:

P.S.P. (Physique Stimulating Pre-Workout)

P.S.P. (Physique Stimulating Pre-Workout)PROS


P.S.P. (Physique Stimulating Pre-Workout)


Beta-Alanine is an effective PRE-workout ingredient because it helps delay exercise-induced muscle fatigue

CONSNot really sure why the rest of these ingredients are here

Artificial colors and sweeteners

(which are considered safe, but for those of you avoiding these, take note)

P.S.P. (Physique Stimulating Pre-Workout)


Look at this B12 content! WHY? (Its a common misconception that B12 gives you energy)


P.S.P. (Physique Stimulating Pre-Workout)

Product #3: VPX Bang Potent Brain and Body Fuel


Zero CaloriesZero grams SugarNo crazy vitamin contentsProduct #3: VPX Bang Potent Brain and Body Fuel


CoQ10 enzyme, creatine (minimal results according to Mayo Clinic) BCAAs for muscle growthProduct #3: VPX Bang Potent Brain and Body Fuel


300 mg caffeine/can400 mg/day is MAX considered safe for ADULTSAt least theres LOTS of warnings on labelAce-K, sucralose and artificial flavorsProduct #3: VPX Bang Potent Brain and Body Fuel

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