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  • Wabash County Soil & Water Conservation District

    Annual Meeting and Election of Directors Annual Meeting Annual Meeting and Election of Directors and Election of Directors 68 th 68 th 68 th

    January 29, 2015 Mabel Courter Annex Building

    Mt. Carmel, IL


    Call to Order and Welcome. . . . . . . . Stanley Kelsey, Chairman



    Introduction of Guests . . . . . . . . . . . . Lee Berberich, Vice President

    Minutes of Last Annual Meeting . . . . . . . Liz Hoffman, Secretary/Treasurer

    Treasurers and Audit Reports. . . . . . . . . Liz Hoffman, Secretary/Treasurer

    Nominating Committee Report & Election of Directors . . . . . Nominating Committee: Jared Smith, Bernard Wallace and John Haase


    Chairmans Comments . . . . . . . . . . . . Stanley Kelsey

    The Year in Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gary Zwilling and Colleen R. Kensler

    ADJOURNMENT & DOOR PRIZES Friday, January 23, 2015

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    Congratulations on 68 Years of Service to Wabash County! Congratulations on 68 Years Congratulations on 68 Years

    of Service to Wabash County! of Service to Wabash County!

    Proud of their treesMr. Kissens class at the North Intermediate Center of Education and many other class received trees from the Wabash County Soil and Conservation District.

    Larry Tedford, Mark Brines, Gary Hargett, Josh Farley, Janice Alka and Sandra Ward with the Mount Carmel Rotary Club volunteered to wrap 175 pine trees so Colleen Kensler could visit every Classroom of third graders in the county. She gave each student a eastern white pine tree and each class a 20-minute lesson on the importance of trees to us and our environment.

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    Wabash County On A Fine Soil And Water Conservation Year!


    CONGRATULATIONS! Wabash County

    Soil & Water Conservation District!

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    Resource conservationists reportColleen KenSleR

    Resource conservationist

    This is going to be a short report as the resource conservationist of Wabash County Soil and Water Conservation Dis-trict due to only one project being com-pleted in the Partners for Conservation cost share program.

    The project completed was for Stanley Kelsey and was 970 feet of tile and a ter-race 875 feet long.

    Since this used up the cost share money we received for 2013, that was all the proj-ects we could do.

    But I have learned a little something every year, and this time it was that if you do sign up for a conservation project and we get the design and specifications (specs) done for you, then you decide to go ahead and do it but without it being at the top of our list or cost shared.

    There is a chance that you might still get cost share when your project is done if everyone above you bows out of their projects and I come asking if you still want to do your project.

    But it did not work out that way for one of you who will not be named, as you did not do your project according to NRCS (Natural Resource Conservation Service) specs and so we could not go ahead and cost share on it.

    So we went with the next project on the list with a ready and willing participant, and we got it completed even though we had a close deadline and weather that did not want to cooperate. Only with the

    great effort of the wonderful contractors we work with and the teamwork of the NRCS, landowner and SWCD staff did this project get completed on time.

    Another thing that was mentioned is, if

    you do your conservation project accord-ing to NRCS specs, that you will be able to deduct more of this project on your expenses at the end of the year on your taxes.

    So if these two items are not enough to convince you, then another thing you might think about is the specifications are for tried and true recommendations and should work. Sometimes no matter what there is a problem and adjustments need to be made for the slope and soil, but if they happen right after the project is finished or in the near future ( within 10 years), you can have a repair or try another something to fix it and get it cost shared also.

    To me it seems the smart thing to do would to do it right the first time and not have to redo and also get all the perks you can while you are doing it.

    Just saying, I do not like do overs, If everyone tried to do things right in the first place with everything they do, then the rest of us would not have to work so hard fixing someone elses mistakes.

    Work smarter, not harder! Good atti-tude at any time but most of all when you are older.

    So if you sign up for cost share, try to hang in there.

    I know it takes a while for us to work our way down the list but we do get there eventually and if you get impatient and we have your designs and paperwork done.

    Then at least use them for your benefit and possibly it could work out to be cost shared, like it could have worked out this year.

    I hope to see you all at the annual meet-ing on Jan. 29, 2015 at 5:30 p.m. and try to be safe and have a healthy year.

    Wabash County Soil and Water Conservation District Board and Staff- liz Hoffman, Sec./Treas., Stanley Kelsey, Chairman, Colleen Kensler, Resource Conservation-ist, lee Berberich, Vice-Chairman, and Matthew Marriott, Director. Director Jordan Baumgart was not available for the photo.

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    Election Nominating Committee reportsJohn Haase, Bernard Wallace, and

    Jared A. Smith were the nominating committee for the Wabash County Soil and Water Conservation District election and as such have contacted the directors whose terms were up this year and all have agreed to run for reelection. There

    are two directors to be elected to the board for the 2015 year for a two-year term, Liz Hoffman and Jordan Baumgart. So they have been placed on the ballot and their bios are in this annual report. John Haase representing the nominating com-mittee will ask three times as required

    by law if there are any other nominations from the floor at our annual meeting and hearing none will congratulate them on their reelection to the board. If a nomi-nation is raised, then a paper ballot will be handed out to every landowner or occupier of Wabash County. After they

    have all placed their ballots back in the ballotbox, a vote will be counted and the winners will be announced. The two with the most votes will be declared the directors of the Wabash County Soil and Water Conservation District and serve a two year term.

    Liz HoffmanMy name is Liz Hoffman and I am

    asking for your support to be elected as a Director on the Wabash County Soil and Water Conservation District Board. I have been involved with the board for the past 20 years.

    The first 3 years I was an associate director. The last 17 years I have been the secretary-treasurer.

    It is becoming harder each year to keep our office going with the cut backs and the delays in receiving our money.

    My husband, Tom and I are both native to Wabash County and come from farm

    families. We have two children, Mike Hoffman and the late Michelle Frerking and nine grandchildren.

    I am a member of St. Marys Catholic Church and the Daughters of Isabella. In 2014 I was elected to serve on the Wabash County Committee for the Farm Service Agency.

    I hope to be able to have your contin-ued support to continue to serve on the Wabash County Soil and Water Conserva-tion District Board.

    Jordan Baumgart


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