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Today, 72% of organizations have at least one application in the cloud or a portion of their computing infrastructure in the cloud, and they are not stopping there. As 56% of technology decision-makers are still investigating where cloud use can be leveraged, it is important to understand usage plans across various cloud service models, investments and business drivers. The 2015 IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing study deeply measures all of these areas and ultimately explains the impact cloud computing has on business strategy.


2015 IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing SurveyInsights into the Advancements of Enterprise Cloud AdoptionPurpose and Methodology1Survey SampleIDG Enterprise 962 respondentsAudience Base CIO, Computerworld, CSO, InfoWorld, ITworld and Network World audiences via site pop-ups and email invitationsSurvey MethodSurvey GoalTo measure cloud computing trends among technology decision-makers including usage and plans across various cloud service and deployment models, investments, business drivers and impact on business strategy and plans.Collection Online QuestionnaireNumber of Questions 29 (incl. demographics)Source: 2015 IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing SurveySteady Increase in Cloud Utilization2Q. What are your organization's plans with regard to utilizing computing infrastructure or applications via the cloud? 18%25%57%15%24%61%13%18%69%11%16%72%Plan to use cloud-based applicationsand/or computing infrastructurevia the cloud within 1 to 3 yearsPlan to use cloud-based applicationsand/or computing infrastructure via thecloud within the next 12 monthsHave at least one application or a portionof our computing infrastructure in the cloud(for example, CRM, application developmentand testing and disaster recovery)2015 2014 2013 2012Source: 2015 IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing SurveyInvestments Tied to Lowering Ongoing & New Costs3Q. What business goals or objectives are driving investments for cloud initiatives at your organization? Source: 2015 IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing Survey16%10%20%22%19%26%28%29%50%38%26%44%37%34%11%13%15%18%24%27%29%32%33%34%35%43%46%48%Expanding revenue opportunitiesFaster return on investmentNeed for real-time informationGaining a competitive edgeDevelopment of new products or servicesEnabling innovationGreater flexibility to react to changing market conditionsReducing resource wasteEnabling business continuityImproving customer support or servicesSavings on CAPEX (capital expenditures)Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)Speed of deploymentReplacing on-premise legacy technology1,000+ Wide Range in Cloud Investments4Q. Approximately how much will your organization invest in cloud-based services computing (including software, services, training and other related costs) in the next 12 months? Source: 2015 IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing Survey11%7%22%11%21%5% 6%1%6% 6%18%13%43%$10 million ormore$5 milllion to$9.9 million$1 million to$4.9 million$500,000 to$999,999$100,000 to$499,999$50,000 to$99,999Less than$50,0001,000+CIO Leads Collaborative Cloud Purchase Process5Q. How influential are the following groups/individuals during the cloud computing purchase process? Source: 2015 IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing Survey5%8%12%13%13%14%20%25%33%41%47%48%55%73%26%32%48%45%47%44%20%35%41%36%35%29%25%15%54%41%26%30%26%28%30%24%17%15%9%12%10%6%15%19%14%12%13%14%31%15%9%8%8%11%10%6%Human resourcesCMOIT/networking staffApplication/software developerLine of business managementSystem integratorChief digital officerCOOCFOCEOIT managementCSO/CISO or head of IT securityCTO/architect/engineerCIO or top IT executiveSignificant Influence Some Influence No Influence Don't KnowRelinquishing Control of Cloud Solutions Keeps Security a Top Challenge 6Q. What are the top three challenges or barriers to implementing a cloud computing strategy for your IT organization? Source: 2015 IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing SurveyCHALLENGES TO IMPLEMENTING A CLOUD STRATEGY 2015 ENTERPRISE SMBConcerns about the security of cloud computing solutions (risk of unauthorized access, data integrity and protection)67% 64% 69%Concerns surrounding integration (making information available to applications outside the cloud preserving a uniform set of access privileges)43% 41% 45%Concerns about the ability of cloud computing solutions to meet enterprise and/or industry standards35% 42% 30%Concerns about information governance (eDiscoveryand other information management requirements) 30% 38% 24%Difficulty measuring ROI/determining accurate economic value of cloud solutions27% 27% 27%Lack of clear strategy or help from key vendors in adapting their applications to cloud computing platforms16% 16% 15%Business leaders are not receptive to cloud computing solutions15% 14% 16%Employees are not receptive to cloud computing solutions10% 12% 9%1 12233UP FROM 61% IN 2014DOWN FROM 46% IN 2014UP FROM 27%IN 2014DOWN FROM 35% IN 2014DOWN FROM 30% IN 2014DOWN FROM 20% IN 2014UP FROM 11%IN 2014REMAINED THE SAME#3#4#2#5#1#1Evidence of Lower TCO Still Needed from Vendors 7Q. In which of the following areas would you most appreciate support of ammunition from vendors to help you sell the benefits of cloud to internal stakeholders at your company/organization? Source: 2015 IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing SurveyAreas Where Help is Needed Selling Public/Private Cloud to Internal StakeholdersPublic Cloud Private CloudLower total cost of ownership (TCO) 23% 21%Enabling business continuity 16% 18%Replacing on-premise legacy technology 15% 15%Improving customer support or services 14% 13%Enabling innovation 14% 12%Speed of deployment 13% 14%Savings on CAPEX (capital expenditures) 13% 15%Gaining a competitive edge 10% 9%Faster return on investment 10% 11%Reducing resource waste 10% 11%Greater flexibility to react to changing market conditions 10% 6%Expanding revenue opportunities 9% 7%Need for real-time information 9% 9%Development of new products or services 8% 7%INVESTMENT DRIVERSConclusion 8Source: 2015 IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing Survey Cloud investments continue to rise and enterprise organizations are investing significantly more than SMBs. Cloud computing investments continue to be driven by lower total cost of ownership, enablement of business continuity and speed of deployment. Traditional as-a-service models remain significant, and theres movement towards Storage-as-a-Service, Monitoring-as-a-Service and Disaster-Recovery as-a-Service. Sensitivity of data and importance to business determine which applications are migrating to the cloud. Security remains the top adoption challenge, with over half of organizations saying that vendors must ensure security measures can meet their compliance requirements. Organizations have strong relationships with cloud vendors, but vendor support is still needed to fully embrace cloud solutions. 9To receive a pdf of this study, or for more information, please contact: Sue Yanovitch, VP, Marketing at IDG Enterprise syanovitch@idgenterprise.com To get results from IDG Enterprise research when it happens, or any other news, follow us on Twitter: @IDGEnterpriseContinue the ConversationADDITIONAL WAYS TO STAY ON TOP OF INFORMATION FROM IDG ENTERPRISE:Sign up to receive our monthly marketing newsletter at www.idgenterprise.com/newsletterVisit us on LinkedIn:www.linkedin.com/company/idg-enterprise