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  1. 1. 2014 Odyssey
  2. 2. Everything in its space. Control the chaos with the 2014 Odyssey. It delivers groundbreaking tech that keeps you connected and innovative conveniences to keep you comfortable. And its sleek, modern styling proves a minivan can be both practical and polished. Altogether, the Odyssey organizes your life so you can actually go live it. Honda reminds you to properly secure items stored in the cargo area.Odyssey Touring Elite shown in Obsidian Blue Pearl.
  3. 3. Odyssey Touring Elite shown in Crystal Black Pearl. Sign Up The Odyssey didnt get to where it is today by standing still. The best minivan on the market continually excels by delivering the most innovative offerings, the latest tech features and the freshest styling. Be among the first to know about the next wave of Odyssey enhancements by signing up to receive informative email updates. Follow the leader.
  4. 4. Full of tech that helps to keep you in touch. Odyssey Touring Elite shown with Beige Leather.
  5. 5. B F E H I K LJ GD A C C Rearview Camera Backing into a parking space is easy with a standard rearview camera. A multi-angle rearview camera offers added perspectives on models with navigation.2 A Push Button Start The Odysseys new Smart Entry system lets you start your engine with the push of a button. (EX and above) B HondaLinkTM featuring AhaTM1 compatibility Stay connected with cloud-based access to news and information, Facebook and Twitter updates, and more. (EX and above) D Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation SystemTM2 with Voice Recognition This system (available on EX-L, standard on Touring models) recognizes numbers, street names,* cities and more than 1500 voice commands, and it features FM Traffic. E Customized Wallpaper Personalize your ride with wallpaper images that will make every journey more fun. F SMS Text Message Function3 Got a text? The Odyssey will display it for you, or better yet, read the text aloud. G Trip Computer Get immediate performance statistics like current mpg and trip range. H New Instrument Panel Look to the intelligent Multi- Information Display (i-MID) atop the panel for information related to Pandora,4 Bluetooth5 HandsFreeLink and more. Down below, a new touch- screen (EX and above) gives you access to an array of audio options. I HD RadioTM6 Enjoy better access to more stations and more information about artists and music with HD Radio. (Touring Elite) J Rear Entertainment System2 New touch-screen functionality makes managing the rear entertainment system practically effortless. (Available on EX-L, standard on Touring models) K 16-GB Audio Memory Take your Odyssey on a long road trip and never hear the same song twice, thanks to an internal hard drive7 that stores 16 GB of music. (navigation models) L 650-Watt Premium Audio Raise the Odysseys roof by using the audio touch-screen to blast music through the 12-speaker 5.1 surround sound system. (Touring Elite) *Some roads unverified. Please see your Honda dealer for details. Drive responsibly. Some state laws prohibit the operation of handheld electronic devices while operating a vehicle. For safety reasons, always launch your audio application or perform any other operation on your phone or audio device only when the vehicle is safely parked. Stunning new technology. Cutting-edge conveniences. With so many trailblazing tools at your disposal, the 2014 Odyssey is more than just a minivan. Its your mobile command center.
  6. 6. M One-Touch Power Moonroof The moonroofs tilt setting and one-touch control give you a simple way to brighten your day. (EX-L and above) iPod classic is not included. iPod classic is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. M N O P Q R S T U V N Honda DVD Ultrawide Rear Entertainment System with HDMI Technology8 Keep passengers entertained and kids occupied with split-screen viewing on a 16.2-inch screen. (Touring Elite) R Tri-Zone Automatic Climate Control System with Humidity Control and Air Filtration Keep the moisture out and the comfort in by letting your passengers choose their own perfect temperature. (EX and above) S Steering Wheel-Mounted Controls Leave your hands on the wheel while changing the music, answering a call or listening to a text message.* T Bluetooth5 HandsFreeLink This standard feature lets you use a Bluetooth5 -enabled mobile phone to place or receive calls without taking your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel.* U USB Audio Interface9 Plug in your USB drive or compatible MP3 player and take your favorite tunes on the road. V Two-Position Memory for Drivers Seat Lock in your perfect seating position. And let another driver do the same. The Odyssey will remember both of you. (Touring models) O Heated Front Seats Built-in heaters add a touch of warmth to cool days. (EX-L and above) P 10-Way Power Drivers Seat EX models and above let you adjust the power drivers seat in 10 different positions and includes power lumbar support. Q Lower Storage with Cool Box When things heat up, the cool box keeps your beverages chilled. (EX-L and above) *Drive responsibly. Some state laws prohibit the operation of handheld electronic devices while operating a vehicle. For safety reasons, always launch your audio application or perform any other operation on your phone or audio device only when the vehicle is safely parked.
  7. 7. Versatile as the day is long. Odyssey Touring Elite shown with Gray Leather. 1:30pm Fore! The flexible second row is plenty sumptuous to transport your foursome to the course or driving range. In wide mode the two outboard seats can be moved 1.5 inches to each side, giving your friends more room to spread out. And the center seatback folds down to hold beverages and snacks (EX and above). If only they made golf carts this comfortable. 9:00am Soccer Playoffs With a full third row, you can easily seat three future soccer pros in back. Fold down the center armrest to fit two coaches comfortably (Touring models). Or take advantage of the One-Motion 60/40 Split 3rd-Row Magic Seat to tuck the third row away partially or completely, depending on your cargo needs. Stylish and sophisticated are not terms normally associated with minivans. But the Odyssey is anything but ordinary. Heated front seats with leather trim (EX-L and above), customizable temperature settings for both driver and passengers (EX and above), and touch-screen access to tons of music options (EX and above) make the Odyssey perfect for a night on the town. 6:45pm Dinner at Archer Bistro
  8. 8. *8-passenger seating standard on EX and above. Second-row center seat not available on LX. Honda reminds you to properly secure items in the cargo area. 7 passengers, 1 stylish ride.* With 6 people, you can fold the armrest down for extra comfort in the 3rd row.* (Touring models) Quite possibly the perfect combination of cargo and passenger space.* The versatile interior lets you move a ton of stuff. And bring two friends to help.* Whos got room for 8? You do.* 5 passengers and lots of cargo space left to fill.* Party of 4? Stow the 3rd row for more cargo space.* Build a tree house. Or a real house. Hauling lumber is a breeze. Even with 3 passengers, theres still plenty of room for a surfboard or ladder. More space for passengers, or more room for two child seats in the second row in wide mode.* Where theres a will, the Odyssey has a way. Configure the interior to transport 8 adults (EX and above), 4' x 8' sheets of plywood and everything in between. Any time.Any place.
  9. 9. Odyssey Touring Elite shown in Dark Cherry Pearl. Because dirt knows no boundaries, the Odysseys exclusive HondaVACTM goes where you need it. The vacuum is located in the drivers-side rear of the vehicle, but can reach all the way to the front passenger area. The HondaVAC also includes two handy attachments, as well as a removable waste bin for quick and easy cleaning. (Touring Elite) Let them eat cake. And crackers. And popcorn Family road trips create great memories. And big messes. Especially when the kids eat in the car. Thats why the 2014 Odyssey is the first minivan ever to come with a built-in vacuum cleaner (Touring Elite). Candy wrappers, cookie crumbs and the bane of all beach outingssandhave finally met their match.
  10. 10. + + + Odyssey Touring Elite shown in Modern Steel Metallic. Take the road more efficient.10 Go where you want to go and spend less money getting there, thanks to Variable Cylinder ManagementTM (VCM). Combining this innovation with a 6-speed automatic transmission now standard on every modelhelps Odyssey achieve a 28-mpg EPA highway rating.10 Aerodynamic by design. The Odysseys low-slung profile and wide, athletic stance help cut through the clutter of everyday driving. Style to match its speed. With a host of sleek enhancements up front, the 2014 Odyssey looks as quick as it drives. Why shouldnt a minivan be exciting to drive? The 2014 Odyssey puts 248 horses at your beck and call with a powerful 3.5-liter V-6 engine. And even when the kids get restless on longer road trips, an easy low-speed steering effort and a confident feel on the highway will provide for a smooth, quiet ride. Getting there is all the fun.
  11. 11. + + + Odyssey Touring shown in Dark Cherry Pearl. Even attentive drivers can get distracted. Thats why weve equipped the Odyssey with advanced technology like Forward Collision Warning11 (EX-L and above) and the Touring Elite-exclusive Blind Spot Information System (BSI).12 Meanwhile, the new Honda LaneWatchTM13 feature helps you avoid cars on your passenger side by showing you where they are. (EX, EX-L, Touring) Lane Departure Warning14 (EX-L and above) Forward Collision Warning11 (EX-L and above) Honda LaneWatch13 (EX, EX-L and Touring) The Odyssey puts everything in perspective.
  12. 12. Odyssey Touring shown with Beige Leather. Honda LaneWatch13 This innovative feature uses a small camera on the passenger-side