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Our 2014 Fortune 500's Top 100 Employment Brands Report defines the elements that make up a well-rounded employer brand and rank companies based on their success in each category. The WilsonHCG Research Institute investigates these employment brands from a candidates perspective, including job descriptions, career sites, accolades, corporate social responsibility and social media presence, breaking down each criteria in detail and assigning a scoring system for ranking. Download it here: http://www.wilsonhcg.com/ebreport.aspx


  • 1. 2014s Fortune 500 TOP 100 EMPLOYMENT BRANDS
  • 2. 2014s Fortune 500 1 TOP 100 EMPLOYMENT BRANDS EMPLOYMENT BRANDING REPORT 2014s Top 100 Fortune 500 Brands The WilsonHCG Research Institute is proud to present the first Employment Branding Report that evaluates the employment brands of 2014s Fortune 500 companies. As experts in employment branding, WilsonHCG utilized our research resources and analysts to identify the best employment brands from this years Fortune 500 list and the industries leading the employment branding movement. Our detailed report breaks down the compiled objective data and provides examples to showcase the criteria examined during our analysis. Digital technology and media has shaped the way organizations present themselves to both consumers and prospective employees. With accessible information and research resources, candidates expect transparency from prospective employers. With the blending functions of marketing, human resources and talent acquisition, companies are now focusing on the development, maintenance and promotion of their employment brand. A strong and informative employment brand has been instrumental in the attraction and engagement of passive and active candidates. As this trend becomes more popular due to the positive effect it has on candidate experience, more companies are utilizing spend and resources to market themselves and their career opportunities in conjunction with traditional recruitment processes. Stronger partnerships with the marketing and creative departments have helped talent acquisition gain momentum and experience a virality of their brands, creating a competitive advantage in the war for talent. In the same sense, companies who neglect their brand may experience more adversity in attracting and engaging top talent compared to the companies that have embraced it. The purpose of this report is to analyze how Fortune 500 companies are building and maintaining their employment brand by scoring them on several relevant benchmarks. This report evaluates career branding methods, including career pages, job boards, candidate experience, accolades, recruitment marketing and social responsibility. Each section will be broken down, rated and assigned numerical points. FORTUNE is a registered trademark of Time Inc. WilsonHCG makes no claim to this mark. FORTUNE and Time Inc. are not affiliated with, and did not endorse this report or any of its contents. Data used in this report was collected from January 2014 through July 2014.
  • 3. 2014s Fortune 500 TOP 100 EMPLOYMENT BRANDS table of CONTENTS Please see the following page for an overview of the scorecard benchmarks and their corresponding pages. 2 3 04 08 12 current state and industry insights top 100 list career pages 16 20 24 job boards candidate experience accolades 28 32 36 recruitment marketing corporate social responsibility takeaways Trademarks) not owned by WilsonHCG that appear in this report are the property of their respective owners. Nothing contained in this document should be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any license or right to use any Trademark displayed in this document without written permission of the respective owner. Your misuse of the Trademarks displayed in this document is strictly prohibited. These materials have been prepared solely for informational purposes and all information cited in the report is publically available via the World Wide Web, from sources believed to be reliable. As such, the information is presented AS-IS without warranty of any kind. For a full listing of all sources used please visit WilsonHCG.com/source. All trademarks, logos, service marks and trade names (collectively the
  • 4. The top companies understand that employment branding isnt just about creating attractive recruitment marketing material, rather that the brand is apparent in all aspects of the recruitment process. In order to attract talent equally in different locales and across job functions, a company must gather insights into candidate values and understand how these candidates are going to look for their next career opportunities. To guarantee the right information is being optimized, companies must evaluate all of the areas that make up a full employment brand. To stay competitive, organizations will need to continue to push the envelope to guarantee their brands are getting in front of talent first and keeping talents interests focused on them exclusively. In this report, we investigate the key areas that support a well-rounded brand. This includes career pages, job boards, candidate experience, accolades, recruitment marketing and social responsibility. Within each category and for every element associated with each category, a point system has been assigned. In addition to naming the top companies, we also identified which industries were best-in-class. As you explore the report, the scoring breakdowns and company examples will provide educational content that helps other organizations benchmark their own branding efforts against the top Fortune 500 employment brands. Take a look at the following pages for a deeper insight into whats attracting candidates and gather ideas to help your organization build a stronger employment brand. Companies are realizing the importance of employment branding and discovering the major role it plays in attracting and engaging quality candidates to their organizations. Employment branding should be incorporated in all talent acquisition activities to create a 360-degree view of a company. An employment brand attracts external candidates and retains employees while improving the candidate experience and refining the talent acquisition process. Each companys brand has a unique style that best illustrates the personality of the organization and provides insider insights into the company culture, values and mission. Its a preview into what its like to work at a company and why employees like to work there. Essentially, the purpose of an employment brand is to bring the company to life and differentiate it from the hiring competition to increase loyal fans, and therefore, candidates. To support the continuation of branding in real-time, recruitment marketing campaigns are key to showcasing the companys employee value proposition (EVP). All content developed around this utilizes the EVP as a focus to ensure consistency no matter which platform the brand is leveraging to get the word out. To maintain engagement and loyal candidates, talent communities have emerged to provide a platform to share segmented content and career opportunities. This platform has also made it easier for candidates to share information with their own networks and potentially recruit new talent community members. of job seekers are wary of working for a company with a negative reputation. Glassdoor Survey current state of EMPLOYMENT BRANDING 4 5 83% 2014s Fortune 500 TOP 100 EMPLOYMENT BRANDS Aside from personal use and other than as expressly allowed herein, you may not download, post, display, publish, copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, modify, perform, broadcast, transfer, create derivative works from, sell or otherwise exploit this report or any content herein. WilsonHCG owns all rights, tile and interest in and to this report, including the layout, look and feel, visuals and illustrations. Any commercial or promotional distribution, publishing or exploitation of this report, or any content, data or materials herein, is strictly prohibited unless you have received the express prior written permission from our authorized personnel or the otherwise applicable rights holder.
  • 5. 2014s Fortune 500 TOP 100 EMPLOYMENT BRANDS RETAIL: While the retail industry is highly represented on the Fortune 500 list, strong career site content, including images and videos, was the only category that was highly rated. And, although the career site was strong, updated and engaging job descriptions wasnt. Retail suffers from poor ratings on Glassdoor, including for the CEO. Most do not provide details about corporate social responsibility, career-specific social media sites are lacking and many did not receive accolades. TECHNOLOGY: As one might expect, the technology industry often ranked within the top tier for most of the categories. The technology industry ranked in the career pages, candidate experience, corporate social responsibility and accolade categories. Contributing factors may be due to the typical company culture associated with tech companies, capital resources and the push to find top candidates from a limited talent pool. It seems as if technology-based companies optimize most aspects of a complete employment brand. HEALTHCARE: After concluding our research, the healthcare industry was top ranking in the recruitment marketing category, specifically healthcare focusing on pharmaceutical. Recruiting in the healthcare industry can pose a number of challenges, as many candidates for this industry are not easily swayed and/or found by traditional means. Even job boards can be difficult to yield quality results. Healthcare optimizes recruitment marketing as a way to get in front of and attract passive jobseekers who will be the right cultural fit. BANKING AND FINANCE: Banking and financial services were among the top industries represented on the Fortune 500 list, but the only category the industries had an influence on was job boards. Many of these companies were lacking in other areas of employment branding. Although they rank high on mainstream job boards, numbers are mediocre for niche job boards. Additionally, grading was low for corporate social responsibility and accolades. MEDIA/COMMUNICATIONS: With expertise in these channels, the media and communications industries have received high ratings for career site content, social media and videos. Unfortunately, they are lacking in other employment branding areas. The results show that employee reviews on Glassdoor rate the majority of these companies 2 or below out of 5. Additionally, these companies dont provide many details describing their corporate social responsibility. Very few have received awards or accolades as well. industry INSIGHTS While each industry studied is known for differentiators due to their strategic consumer branding, these efforts are bleeding into companies recruitment strategies. The way in which technology has increased interactivity coupled with the importance of employees work-life blend have contributed to a new segment of branding for an organization: the employment brand. Industries overall employment branding efforts have initially taken shape based on their established consumer brand recognition. Although some industries have stuck with tried-and-true practices, others are leveraging their expertise to boost their brand. We found bold approaches in uncharacteristic industries, while others were unexpectedly conservative in certain areas. 6 7 www.WilsonHCG.com 2014 WilsonHCG - Proprietary