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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>1 WORKOUT 14.1Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7Round 8Round 9Round 10AMRAP 10 mins: 30x double unders, 15x 45-pound snatchesDarrenDanBenHoodieCheekyRich FAlex TAndyJulianMickNickRevellRobDouble undersSnatchesTotal RepetitionsSamMarekAmandaDinaJoKendraLauraMariaMelRochelleWomenMenTrainerClientPercentile(i.e. % of competitors that you beat)</p> <p>% of competitors who completed workout87%89% WORKOUT 14.2Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 6Round 50-3 mins: 10 o/s squats (95lb), 10 c2b p/u, 10 o/s squats (95lb), 10 c2b p/u3-6 mins: 12 o/s squats (95lb), 12 c2b p/u, 12 o/s squats (95lb), 12 c2b p/u6-9 mins: contdRich FOverhead squatsChest to bar pullupsDan2MarekAlex TNick CDarrenHoodieBenAndy CJulianMick GRobSamRevellTotal RepetitionsCheekyAdiAmandaDinaJoKendraLauraMariaMelRochelleSarahWomenMenTrainerClient</p> <p>% of competitors who completed workout79%79%Percentile(i.e. % of competitors that you beat) WORKOUT 14.3Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 6Round 5AMRAP 8 mins: 10 DL (135lb), 15 box jumps, 15 DL (185lb), 15 box jumps, 20 DL (225lb), 15 box jumps, 25 DL (275lb), 15 box jumps, 30 DL (315lb), 15 box jumps, 35 DL (365lb)DeadliftsBox jumps3Total RepetitionsRich FMarekAlex TNick CDarrenHoodieBenAndy CMick GRobSamRevellDanCheekyAdiAmandaDinaJoKendraLauraMariaMelRochelleSally-JaneSarahWomenMenTrainerClient</p> <p>% of competitors who completed workout80%82%Percentile(i.e. % of competitors that you beat) WORKOUT 14.4RowAMRAP 14 mins: 60 cal row, 50 toes to bar, 40 wallball (20lb), 30 cleans (135lb), 20 muscle ups4Toes to barWall ballCleansMuscleupsRowToes tobarRich FAlex TNick CDarrenBenAndy CMickRobSamRevellDanMarekTotal RepetitionsCheekyAmandaJoKendraLauraMariaMelRochelleSally-JaneSarahWomenMenTrainerClientHoodie</p> <p>% of competitors who completed workout74%75%Percentile(i.e. % of competitors that you beat) WORKOUT 14.5FOR TIME: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Thrusters (95lb), Burpees5Rich FHoodieNick CDarrenBenAndy CMickRobSamRevellDanMarekTime (minutes)CheekyAlex TAmandaDinaJoKendraLauraMariaMelRochelleWomenMenTrainerClient</p> <p>% of competitors who completed workout63%65%Percentile(i.e. % of competitors that you beat)6 OVERALL RESULTRich FTotal ScoreSum of rank in all 5 workoutsDarrenDanBenHoodieMarekAlex TAndy CMick GNick CRevellRobSamCheekyRochelleLauraJoMelAmandaKendraMariaWomenMenTrainerClientPercentile(i.e. % of competitors that you beat)7Ignite would benefit from a programming focus on deadlifts and toes-to-barCROSSFIT IGNITE PERCENTILE PERFORMANCEWorkout 14.1Workout 14.2Workout 14.3Workout 14.4Workout 14.5OverallMenWomenMenWomenMenWomenMenWomenMenWomenMenWomenTrainerClientIgnites trainers biggest weakspot was deadlifts Ignites male clients struggled the most with toes-to-bar Ignites women were more consistent, but had their weakest performance in the thruster-burpee workoutPercentile(i.e. % of competitors that you beat)8Robs biggest opportunity for improvement is deadliftsINDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE ROB198739016219:43Percent of competitors that you beatPercentile rankingsNumber of reps / time to complete workoutWorkout scores12 D/Us8 snatch3 O/H sqts5 pullup6 DLs7 cleans1:20Additional reps needed to improve percentile ranking by 10%</p>