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  • 8/11/2019 2014 07 23 France Preview


    FIM World Outdoor Trial Championship 201424/7/14. Previe ! "a Mon#ie$ Midi%P&renees 'Fran(e)$ 7th o* +

    Toni ,ou sets si#hts on Fran(e in -id *orei#hth orld title.

    The Fren(h Trial P s(heduled *or unda& loos set to -e Toni,ou and epsol onda Team3s ver& on Tourmalet5$ in this

    de(isive penultimate orld (hampionship date$ as ,ou #oes inpursuit o* his ei#ht (hampionship title.

    After the events in Belgium and Great Britain, this Sunday the FrenchTrial GP takes place; the third consecutive race in a busy month of uly forthe riders of !epsol "onda Team# $t %ill be the ski resort of &a 'ongie, in theheart of Tourmalet that is to host the event, %here today the eighteenthstage of the Tour de France passes through the very same venue# The t%oraces coinciding in the same place, presented a challenge for the team,forcing the team truck to anticipate its arrival in Pirineospara, before theauthorities close o( roads %hile the legendary cycle race passes#

    Toni Bou)s victory in Britain last Sunday takes his victory tally to *+and makes him the second most honoured rider in %orld championshiphistory surpassing fello%countryman ordi Tarr-s, %ith *. %ins# British rider/ougie &ampkines holds the alltime record %ith 00 triumphs#

    Bou %ill be looking to lengthen uly)s spell of victories, %hich havestretched his lead over nearest rival Adam !aga to ten points in the overallchampionship standings# The rider edges ever closer to the season)s mainob1ective; an eighth %orld championship title# 2et, in spite of %idening thedistance at the top of the leader board, little can be taken for granted and

    Toni remains %ell a%are that the title could go right to the line#

    Teammate Takahisa Fu1inami %ill like%ise be eyeing up the podiumafter a note%orthy display in the British GP, and shall be looking forma3imum performance as the 'ontesa 4ota 5!T takes to the mountains inFrance#

    Overall World Championship tandin#s 2014


    1 Toni ,ou Montesa 1:+

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    6 Ale3andre Ferrer Sherco *7

    0 Pol Tarr-s Sherco 88

    .9 'atteoGrattarola Gas Gas :0

    TO8I ,O9. ;1World Champion 201

  • 8/11/2019 2014 07 23 France Preview


    "ooin# -a( at the Fren(h Trial P

    France has one of the regular features in the orld Trial 4hampionshipcalendar ever since the competition came into e3istence# .00. %as the onlyyear %hen the race %as absent from the championship < 'assaislo held the

    Trial des =ations the same year# Besides, the French had hosted the>uropean GP, similar to %hat has occurred in 4orsica earlier this year#

    Toni Bou is si3 times %inner of the French GP ?including the %in in the>uropean GP held in $sola +999, in +9..@ and Takahisa Fu1inami has beenvictorious on three occasions?+99+, +99: and +995@# Fu1igas) holds therecord for participation in France, %ith :5, %hile Bou has taken part .0times#

    The &a 'ongie resort at the foot of the Pic du 'idi ?+,677 metres@ %illhost the event for the rst time, organiCed but the follo%ing clubsD A'4

    Grasse, '4 &a Gaude and S+Toulouse Trial 4lub# The race is consideredhigh altitude) as its eight km circuit is over +,999 metres above sea level,and could pose the participants additional problems# The route takes in .+sections to be completed on three laps, most of %hich are made up of dryrock %ith a lot of grip#

    Fren(h P 201

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