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<ol><li> 1. Overview and Scrutiny Committee Chairman 22 July 2014 </li><li> 2. Were starting a series of Hotseats with our residents, online, to explain the role of Overview and Scrutiny at the Council </li><li> 3. A Hotseat is when an expert or key individual is invited online for a set period of time to answer questions and discuss a particular subject </li><li> 4. We want to explain the purpose, role and process for Overview and Scrutiny at Broadland District Council The Chairman will answer your questions. Questions about his role as Chairman of the Committee; the role of the Committee; or their work programme. </li><li> 5. What does the Committee do? How does the Committee link to others like Cabinet, audit, planning or finance? Can you reconsider recycling provision? Can you improve road and path conditions? What influence do you have over development? </li><li> 6. Town centres are looking drab and uncared for, can you convert old shops into housing? Who do I talk to about disability access? </li><li> 7. Im setting up a website hosting links to videos showing the accessibility of anything and everything. Its called showmetheaccess.co.uk Theres too many empty shops in market towns Im worried about the character of Broadland changing for the worse </li><li> 8. We are there to advise the cabinet Our views are reported to full Council Broadland does not have a finance committee Audit Committee are responsible for audit decisions and the Annual Governance Statement Planning Committee have separate legislation. We do not work with them directly </li><li> 9. The Committee is consulted in policy development, this occasionally includes planning policy. Our Recycling Scheme is changing later this year. The range of materials taken will be expanded Bottle Bank services are expected to be reviewed after the new recycling scheme is introduced. </li><li> 10. Footpath maintenance is the responsibility of Norfolk County Council Road conditions are reported to Norfolk County Council and monitored by the Highways department Committee has a say on future development plans through the Site Allocations consultations. </li><li> 11. Change of building use is considered by the Planning Committee and is not something Overview and Scrutiny can influence Our Economic Development team can help you develop your business and CNC Building Control based at South Norfolk Council ensure buildings are DDA Compliant. </li><li> 12. You can report damaged paths/roads directly to Norfolk County Council: http://www.norfolk.gov.uk/Travel_and_trans port/Roads/Road_maintenance/Pavements/i ndex.htm </li></ol>