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Rasasi by Zahras Perfumes

Zahras Perfumes brings you the entire and exquisite range of Rasasi Perfumes. Famous for their exquisite line of perfumes, you can now enjoy the sensual scents of the Middle East in the comfort of your home where ever you are.To order, simply send an email to info@zahras.com with the name and quantity you require we will do the rest and send you these finest perfumes with minimal effort to you.

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Rasasi by Zahras Perfumes

NEW PRODUCT RELEASESInstincts WomanINSTINCTS WOMEN, Eau De Parfum, 50ml, by RASASI of Emirates. Exotic,Oriental,Arabian Perfumes. Feminine. A free spirit, the Instincts woman aspires to be swept away and acts on impulse. Authentic, openminded , captivating, a bit wild, shell try anything once and she knows how to take advantage of the surprises life can offer! A perfect balance among the lush natural ingredients that make a marvelously feminine perfume.

50ml Spray


Instincts ManINSTINCTS for MEN, Eau De Parfum, EDP, 90ml, by Rasasi Instincts for Men is the inherent disposition of a living being to a particular behavior. Trust your deepest instincts, to find what is really true. In art as in love Instinct suffices (by Anatole France) to know the value what we cherish the most. Rasasi has created Rasasi Instincts for Men to increase the intensity of this inherent disposition to search for that which is in each one of us.

The top notes are composed of Jamaican pepper and purple freesia accords. In the middle, white heliotrope and jasmine accords go beautifully with hibiscus blossom and Bulgarian rose and amber. At the base Himalayan cedar wood accords blends

90ml Spray


Rasasi Instincts Fragrance Notes Description : Top notes of Rasasi Instincts : Mint, Coriander Middle notes of Rasasi Instincts for Men : Neroli, Geranium Bottom notes of Rasasi Instincts : Cederwood, Oakmoss, Musk

Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com 2

Rasasi by Zahras Perfumes La Yuqawam

Modeled around the Tom Ford Oud Wood fragrance this is a stronger, more longer lasting version at an affordable price.Luxurious range offers mix of Oriental opulence, Arab heritage 1) La Yuqawam Pour Homme [men];

2) La Yuqawam Pour Femme [women]

La Yuqawam is a premium, specialedition perfume range showcasing opulence from Rasasi, the masters of perfumes, who have brought out the best of their secrets. The collection is available in beautifully tarnished and chic 75 ml bottles with elegantly rounded curves.

$85 for one Or set of 2 for $150

Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com 3

Rasasi by Zahras Perfumes Bent Al Ezz

The Bent Al Ezz collection range which stands for Gracious in English is available in a chic 75ml bottles in three different variants - caters to the sense and style of todays sophisticated women who enjoy finer things in life. 1) Bent Al Ezz Hana; 2) Bent Al Ezz Nadiyah 3) Bent Al Ezz Nabah The three variants of Bent Al Ezz offer a leading top note of Bergamot which cascades down to Jasmine touch and culminates with a Sandalwood and Musk tinge.

$40 Or set of 3 for $105

Everything from the elegant packaging, look and feel to the content of Bent Al Ezz epitomizes our core philosophy aimed at offering a premium product

KnowledgeKNOWLEDGE Eau De Parfum Pour Homme 100 ml Exotic,Oriental,Arabian Perfumes. Knowledge is power The more you acquire it, the more powerful you become. ALL MEN BY NATURE DESIRE KNOWLEDGE - Aristotle. When knowledge and peace are constructive, is it not the obligation of each of us to attain as much as we can of this knowledge? For the attainment of Knowledge in this life which leads to peace. With knowledge comes truth and it is this quest for truth which pushes us to want to know more about all things. Here we present you, the "Book" with "Knowledge"


Fragrance notes description:- Top notes : Fresh Citrus, Lemon, Bergamot, Mandarin, Spicy Cardamom, Ginger, Herbal leafy parsley and violet Middle notes : New Freshness, Watery Ozonic Muguet, Fougere Spike, Sage and Cedar Leaf. Bottom notes : Cedarwood, Patchouli, Sandal, Amber and Musky.

Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com 4

Rasasi by Zahras Perfumes Oudh Al Thameen

Al Oudh Al Thameen offers the same fragrance as Attar Al Thameen. Attractive packaging to the content of the new product caters to the sense and style of people who enjoy finer things in life.

$50While in Love Forever

While in Love Forever features the notes that will evoke your sweet memories of the loved ones. Floral fruity top notes are: Sicilian citron, fresh green apple and bluebell. Jasmine, bamboo and white rose are at the heart, while the base consists of cedar, amber and musk. Top notes: Sicilian citron, fresh green apple and bluebell Middle notes: Jasmine, bamboo and white rose Base notes: cedar, amber and musk.

80 ml e 3.3 fl. oz.


Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com 5

Rasasi by Zahras Perfumes Numero Uno The Rasasi ClassicA fresh manss perfume with mountain breeze and snowy aqua flow.

50 ml


Rasasi Deoderants

Assorted Rasasi Deoderants and Body Spray

Body Spray

$9.99 eachAttar Al Mohabba for HIM

Exotic,Oriental,Arabian Perfumes. Attar Al Mohabba is a tribute to the universal and eternal feeling of Love. A fresh masculine scent with a dazzling range of fragrance notes that dries down to a smooth manly base which lasts for hours.

75 ml EDP Spray

$45The Attar Mohabba Him and Her perfumes can be bought together for $80

Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com 6

Rasasi by Zahras Perfumes Attar Al Mohabba for HER

ATTAR AL MOHABBA, Exclusive Exotic Oriental Eau De Parfum Spray, 45ml, by RASASI of Emirates. Exotic,Oriental,Arabian Perfumes. Attar Al Mohabba is a tribute to the universal and eternal feeling of Love. It symbolizes innocence, portrays feminine romantism and evokes the magical moments of love. The beautiful and shimmering bottle resonates with deep red and Silver that provides a perfect picture of love and serenity.

The outer box reflects the tender warmth and deep feelings of love with its whiteness that is interspersed with beautiful and colourful hearts all over. The exclusive gift of heart shape necklace sums the true and mystical feelings that the product is bound to generate. The floral perfume opens joyfully with bergamot and neroli that are intended to provide pure moments of bliss and love. The heart sparkles with jasmine and ylang extract that will take you on a romantic and olfactory voyage of mystism and true allure. The base note wraps up with musk, sandalwood and styrax that leaves an irresistible and invigorating trial of passion and pleasure. Attar Al Mohabba is the foremost in fashion and the ultimate in luxury. It sparkles with emotion, glitters with classism and evolves the true feelings of love. Attar Al Mohabba The perfect gift for the one you love

45 ml EDP Spray

The Attar Mohabba Him and Her perfumes can be bought together for $80

$45Dhan Al Oudh Al Safwa Dhan Al Oudh Al Safwa is cured with the masters of perfume to bring out the best of its secrets,

A new sophisticated Oudh fragrance that represents the Arabic pride in all its splendour and magnificence. Sweet Cambodi Oud spray, unisex Oriental fragrance is inspired by age-old Oudh charm of Agarwood and reflects the unique mix of old and modern aromatic marvels of Arabia. Coming in 40ml exquisite packs, Dhan Al Oudh Al Safwa radiates a warm and woody fragrance that makes it truly unique.

40 ml EDP Spray


Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com 7

Rasasi by Zahras Perfumes

Dalaa Al Banat

Three variations of Dalaa Al Banaat:

targets todays youth and offers everything that teenagers expect from a perfume -- a stunning experience coupled with irresistible notes. To add to the excitement, every pack of Dalaa Al Banat comes with a free make-up kit absolutely free.

Dalaa Al Banat,. Amani, meaning wishes, inspiring the bygone childhood wishes, offering a perfect blend of passion fruit, fresh flowers and precious woods. The fragrance reflects the dreams and wishes of todays radiant girl, testifying that her wishes have indeed come true.

Shipping weight 0.56 kg


Dalaa Al Banat Bahja or joy, which is reinforced through a classic blend of pink passion fruit and tangerine garnished with caramel cream and vanilla. The perfume embodies the youthful enthusiasm and joyfulness thus emanating a charming poise.

Dalaa Al Banat Anaqa or chic, symbolizes the stylish lifestyle of the youth, through an exotic bouquet of freesia teased with jasmine and musk. The fragrance reflects the perfect feminine mix of magnetism, elegance and adventure accentuating the independent nature of todays youth.

Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com 8

Rasasi by Zahras Perfumes Sahar

An enchanting and wonderfully smooth, warm and soft fragrance in concentrated perfume oil form. Bottled in a solid metal bottle, decorated with feroza crystals and intricate decorations.

18ml CPO


Reminiscent of the older days, with a hint of pipe tobacco, musk and touch of sweet floral, Hand beaten bronze effect metal bottle with filigree work and encrusted in amber like stones.

12ml CPO


Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com 9

Rasasi by Zahras Perfumes Dhan Al Oudh Al Nokhba

Dhan Al Oudh Al Nokhba is aimed at