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Amouage Perfumes

Founded over a quarter of a century ago, Amouage is a niche luxury fragrance inspiration from its birthplace of the points from a rich and colorful heritage house that draws

Sultanate of Oman, infusing reference that fires the imagination of all who products.

come into contact with its wonderful

. Amouage is a lifestyle sought after by only the most sophisticated and discerning international consumer. Today, it has a stellar following around the world including Royals, global leaders and some of the most celebrated names in film, television, fashion, sport and music.

Zahras Perfumes brings you the entire and exquisite range of

Amouage PerfumesRenowned for creating some of the most finely crafted and exotic fragrances in the world, the House restores artistry to perfumery to create extraordinarily beautiful scents with a distinct point of view and sources the globe for unique and the highest quality of ingredients. where ever you are. To order, simply send an email to info@zahras.com with the name and quantity you require we will do the rest and send you these finest perfumes with minimal effort to you.

Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com


Amouage Perfumes

Latest Amouage Attar TAHANI

Davana, Taifi Rose, Jasmine, Bulgarian Rose, Cardamom, Cambodi Oud, Indian Amber

Just released Attar by Amouage Tahani 12ml concentrated perfume oil of:

Tahani Attar 12ml oil - $199 Email us to order: info@zahras.com Salamah

Taifi Rose, White Musk, Bergamot, Hey, Frankincense and Cambodian Oudh OilA sweet Oudh woody, floral fragrance, with Rose, bergamot in the top notes, Taifi rose and frankincense in the heart notes based on white musk hey and oudh oil.

A new and exciting Attar by Amouage Salamah 12ml concentrated perfume oil of:

Salamah Attar 12ml oil - $199 Email us to order: info@zahras.com

Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com


Amouage Perfumes

Amouage Opus IVOpus IV opens with luminous and invigorating notes of Lemon, Mandarin and Grapefruit with a warm spicy mantle of Coriander Oil that awakens the senses. The heart is characterized by the sharp and exotic Elemi Oil, Cardamon and Cumin that pervades to a sweet blend of Rose Berries, Rose and vibrant Violet Leaves. This inventive fragrance finishes with woody and smoky undertones of Labdanum, Frankincense and Musk. The perfumer is Jacques Fior (of Etro fame) who has closely collaborated with Christopher Chong.

Opus IV 100ml - $375

Top Notes: Coriander oil, Lemon, Mandarin, Grapefruit Middle Notes: Elemi oil, Cardamom, Cumin, Rose Berries, Rose, Violet Leaves Base Notes: Labdanum Absolute, Frankincense, Animalic Musk This fragrance opens up with an incensey minty florals. When the mint fades away, you get incensey, spicy, rose. Though it quickly turns into a spicy fragrance, it smells like pepper for a while, and it keeps getting sweeter - it's the mix of grapefruits and cumin that's gives this pink pepper impression. It's a complex fragrance, but the first few stages happen over 5 minutes, then you're just left with something that smells like sweet pepper, with a slight touch of amouage signature elements (civet, frankincense, some rose).

Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com


Amouage Perfumes

Amouage - MemoirMemoir Man ~ a leather woody fougere with notes of absinthe, wormwood, basil, mint, rose, frankincense, lavender, sandalwood, vetiver, guaiac wood, amber, vanilla, musk, oakmoss, leather and tobacco. Memoir Man was developed by perfumer Karine Vinchon

Memoir Man 50ml - $199 Memoir Man 100ml - $249

Memoir Woman ~ a leather animalic chypre with notes of mandarin, cardamom, absinthe, pink pepper, pepper, clove, white flowers, rose, jasmine, wood, frankincense, styrax, oakmoss, castoreum, leather, labdanum, fenugreek and musk. Memoir Woman by perfumers Daniel Maurel and Dorothe Piot

Memoir Woman 50ml - $240 Memoir Woman 100ml - $290

Memoir Man & Woman 50ml - $430 Memoir Man & Woman 100ml - $530

Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com


Amouage Perfumes

Latest Release from Amouage Opus I, II, IIIAmouage presents a new luxury collection The Library Collection, which includes three scents - Opus I, Opus II and Opus III. All three fragrances are created as timeless olfactory adventures that pay no attentions to current trends. The collection is not classified by gender - these designs are intended to highlight the quality of the essences and glorify the act of creativity, skill and art.

Opus I - $360 Opus II - $360 Opus III - $360Opus I The composition of Opus I fragrance is characterized as a chypre, created by the perfumer Daniel Maurel. It opens with Bigarade notes, plum and cardamom, while flowering heart wakes all our senses with rose, jasmine, tuberose, ylang-ylang and lily of the valley. The base adds elegant rich shades of papyrus, cedar, giauac wood, incense, tonka, sandalwood and vetiver. Top notes: bitter orange, plum, cardamom, Heart: rose, jasmine, ylang, tuberose, lily of the valley, Base: papyrus, Cedar, Guaiac, incense, tonka bean, sandalwood and vetiver. Opus II The composition of Opus II fragrance is a fougere one. This fragrance is created by the perfumer Michele Saramito. The olfactory journey begins with essential oils of lavender, wormwood, pink pepper and bay leaves. In the heart are the floral aromas of jasmine and rose spiced with cinnamon and cardamom, while the base features cedar, amber, musk, incense and patchouli. Top notes: lavender, wormwood, laurel, pink pepper. Heart: jasmine, rose, cinnamon, cardamom, Base: cedar, amber, musk, frankincense, patchouli. Opus III Opus III is the third fragrance of the luxurious Amouage Library Collection, created by the perfumer Karine Vinchon-Spehn. Floral notes of mimosa and broom introduce us into the world of this composition, together with cloves, nutmeg and thyme. Violet, jasmine, ylang-ylang and orange blossom essences are t the heart. The base is created with rich oriental notes of ambrette, papyrus, musk, notes of cedar wood, sandalwood and Guaiac, with the warm embrace of balsamic benzoin and soft vanilla. Top notes: mimosa, broom, clove, nutmeg, thyme. Heart: violet, jasmine, ylang, orange blossom, Base: ambrette, papyrus, musk, cedar, guaiac, sandalwood, benzoin, vanilla.

Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com


Amouage Perfumes

AMOUAGE ATTARS - CONCENTRATED PERFUME OILSAn attar is made by distilling petals, oudh and other precious essential perfumes - using a base of oil resulting in a very highly concentrated perfume that lasts for days.

Amouage Salamah AttarA new and exciting Attar by Amouage Salamah 12ml concentrated perfume oil of: Taifi Rose, White Musk, Bergamot, Hey, Frankincense and Cambodian Oudh Oil A sweet Oudh woody, floral fragrance, with Rose, bergamot in the top notes, Taifi rose and frankincense in the heart notes based on white musk hey and oud oil.

Email us to order: info@zahras.com

Concentrated Perfume Oil 12ml - $199

Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com


Amouage PerfumesAmouage Homage AttarHomage is a limited edition created to celebrate their 25th anniversary. This is a thick attar, so very little is necessary. It features notes of Rose Taifi, silver frankincense, Tayyiba (jasmine), sweet amber, white musk, silver oud and Al Andalus (blend of orange, lemon and sandalwood). This is a magnificent attar of the finest quality.

In keeping with the grand traditions of Arabian perfume making, and to mark its 25th Anniversary, Amouage presents its limited edition attar Homage. Homage was created by master attar-blenders under the guidance of Amouages Creative Director, Christopher Chong. The attar is a heady floral, dominated by Rose Taifi, the finest quality oil extracted from the petals of a rose, which is famed throughout the Gulf for its rich and romantic essence. The name derives from the ancient city of Taif where the precious rose was grown and guarded by the Saudi Kings who ruled the city, as a valuable and rare treasure. Complementing this, the finest Silver Frankincense, Tayyiba, a beautiful blend of Jasmine and Sweet Amber, Silver Oud and Al Andalus, a subtle blend of Citrus and Sandalwood. The ingredients in Homage are exceptionally concentrated, so much so that an entire field of rose petals is used to extract enough oil to fill just a tiny bottle, similar in size to the one in which Amouages attar is presented. A small drop is applied to the pulse points, and the extraordinary, multi-faceted fragrance will develop over many hours. Dominated by rose taifi an oil extracted from rose petals Amouage's Homage is a luxurious scent from a house that is renowned for their opulent fragrances. Additional notes of silver frankincense, jasmine and sweet oud combine to form this complex and sophisticated unisex scent. Style Musky and woody Notes Rose taifi, silver frankincense, tayyiba, jasmine and sweet amber, silver oud, al andalus, citrus, sandalwood

Concentrated Perfume Oil 6ml - $200 3ml - $135

12ml - $365 30ml $670

~ ~ ~Amouage Tribute AttarTribute is the new attar by Amouage. An attar is made by distilling petals and using a base of oil resulting in a very highly concentrated perfume. Tribute contains a blend of more than one hundred of the finest natural essences in the world, many of which are unique to Oman. The silver frankincense used is grown only in the Dhofar mountains in the south of Oman and Rose Taifi is the rarest and most precious oil extracted from rose petals. An entire field of roses is required to produce one smal


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