2012 hairmax lux9 cordless laser comb for hair loss and thinning hair

Download 2012 hairmax lux9 cordless laser comb for hair loss and thinning hair

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  • 2012 Hairmax Lux9 Cordless Laser Comb for Hair Loss andThinning Hair

    Product DescriptionThe HairMax works via the principle of photo-bio stimulation, a process by which nutrient rich laser energy is delivered to the hairfollicle. This process causes a revitalization of the individual follicle, and a general strengthening of the hair.The HairMaxLaserComb Premium uses 9 individual laser beams, with each beam emitting the maximum amount of energy necessary tostimulate the hair follicles and effectively cause re-growth.Results of the clinical study showed that virtually all patients...(readmore)

    Product FeatureRechargeable System - The new HairMax Premium utilizes a lithium ion rechargeable batteryoperating system for cordless operation with 9 Individual 650 nm Laser Diode.Cordless or Direct Powered - While the HairMax Premium, is now battery powered, the devices canalso be used with a power cord (supplied), plugged into a wall outletDevice Cradle - allows for convenience storage of the device when not in use and also serves as acharging station. Its CD screen depicting battery lifeOptimal Laser Delivery - All of the new models employ the HairMax patented hair parting teethmechanismThe newly designed hairmax incorporates advanced electronic circuitry to monitor the battery levelto ensure the optimum laser strength is being delivered(read more)

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