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    OHC Newsle er

    Happy Christmas to everyone

    involved in Oxford Hockey Club, at

    the end of a wonderful year of sport

    for the UK. My highlight was ge#ng

    $ckets to the men’s final at the

    Olympics; my lowlight was scoring the

    first own goal scored by (or is it for?)

    the Bulls…

    For the club our highlight has to be

    our lovely new pitch although you do

    feel that straight lines remove a li le

    of our home advantage! The

    compliments we’ve had from

    members show it was the right thing

    to ask for as our first birthday present

    as a club.

    And, add to that socks that fit and an

    increasing range of kit (page 3)

    available for club members of all

    ages, and we’re con$nuing to make


    Our social side (page 2) con$nues to

    be ac$ve thanks to Ann and Laura

    and their friends. There is more we

    can improve of course, but then there

    always is.

    What about the hockey? Well we’ve

    got off to a great start to the season –

    most weeks when I look I see more

    wins than losses and goals by the

    bucket load. So, well done to all our

    teams however you’ve fared. (sec$on

    updates on pages 4 and 5)

    And amongst our juniors (update on

    page 3) we have just held a very

    successful tournament last week and

    we’ve been delighted that a mass of

    girls and boys have been recognised

    in county squads and a good number

    further up into regional and na$onal

    groups, a tribute to their hard work

    but also to their coaches.

    So, have a good rest for a few weeks,

    enjoy the fes$vi$es and see you for

    more in January.

    Mike Corran

    OHC Chairman

    Issue 4: Christmas 2012

    Men’s Chair— Chris Orme


    07595 015500

    Men’s Vice Chair— Niall Carter


    07809 438100

    Men’s Club Captain—Steve



    07921 662236

    Men’s Club Vice-Captain—

    Mark Hooper


    07826 848794

    Ladies’ Chair— Lucy Eddowes



    07747 484571

    Ladies’ Club Captain—Helen



    07941 052609

    Ladies’ Club Vice-Captain—

    Emma Forrester


    07951 909888

    Communica�ons Sec—Claire



    07855 546879 < The OHC Christmas Tree at the 2012 Cowley

    Fes$val of Christmas Trees in St James’ Church.

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    Quick Fire News

    Training: Senior training

    restarts on Monday 7 th

    January – all sessions are on

    as normal that week. Junior

    sessions starts again on

    Sunday 6th January.

    Pitches: As we enter the new

    year, there’s always more

    chance of pitches becoming

    unplayable due to snow /

    ice / flooding – if in doubt,

    please check the club website

    (www.oxfordhc.org), OHC

    Facebook page or the Twi er

    feed (@oxfordhc) for the

    latest updates.

    Back to Hockey: We’ve run

    two more successful ‘Back to

    Hockey’ programmes (for

    women returning to hockey

    aNer a long break or trying

    the sport for the first $me)

    this season. Numbers have

    been very good with plenty of

    post-Olympic interest. Many

    par$cipants con$nue to train

    and play matches with us.

    The next 6-week course starts

    on Tuesday 5 th


    Please spread the word to

    anyone you know who might

    like to give it a try!

    Rush Hockey: Come along

    and work off your turkey

    dinner with a free taster

    session of Rush Hockey, open

    to all, at Brookes from 2pm

    on Saturday 29th December!

    Rush Hockey is a simplified,

    5-a-side, fast, fun version of

    the game.

    Thanks to our social reps, Ann and

    Laura (top right), for pu#ng on a great

    Christmas party at the Cape, which

    a racted over 110 people and some

    quality fes$ve jumpers… Over £300

    was raised for the club by the efforts of

    the ladies’ 1s and 2s and their Santa’s

    Sack (below).

    In the new year we've got a Karma

    karma karma karma kar-ma cu-rry

    night (sing it to the tune of the Cul-

    ture Club classic and you'll know

    where I'm coming from) which is

    open to all, at the Karma restaurant

    in Cowley. There will be a set menu

    at a very decent price and the food

    is guaranteed to please. Dates to

    follow on the website shortly.

    For those who like a flu er, there's a

    casino night on the cards.

    And, if that's not enough fun to blow

    away the January and February

    blues, there's the annual OHC pub

    quiz on Saturday 9th February. Best

    start doing some pub trivia swo#ng

    now, eh?

    The end of season dinner dance is Saturday 20th April. Keep it free. There will

    be embarrassing dancing.

    Social News

    Thanks to everyone who’s been volunteering to umpire games this season

    (either for Oxford teams or in the appointed league pools on our behalf). Lots

    more people have got involved this season. Don’t forget that you’ll earn your-

    self a free $cket to the end of season dinner if you umpire 7 games over the

    course of the season.

    We’re running a single session in January (date to be confirmed) to help new

    umpires pick up the basics, allowing them to cover matches in the lower divi-

    sions of the men’s and ladies' leagues and juniors with a more experienced

    umpire buddy. Open to all, and run by OHC Umpire Development Officer Chi

    Ho, it’ll take place in the seminar room, Brookes Bar.


  • Juniors Update

    We’re pleased to report that over 250 children have a ended

    training at least once so far this season! The recent Oxford HC

    Haribo Fes�val in November was once again a very successful,

    enjoyable event and we raised over £1,000 (including around

    £400 from the raffle and cake stall alone) towards a new shed to

    store our hockey equipment.

    So far this season:

    • U14 Boys are holding their own in the Mercian Premier

    league & the development team are enjoying playing in the feeder league, gaining vital experience.

    • U16 Boys are top of their Mercian league and on target to qualify for the England Cup Regional finals.

    • U18 Boys are unbeaten in their Mercian league with a compe$$ve 5 -5 draw against Wycombe and a

    comprehensive win over Southgate.

    • We have JAC representa$ons at all levels from Oxford HC players.

    • All the men’s sides from 1s to Hamsters have juniors playing in them.

    • Congratula$ons to Sam Fisher, selected for U16 England squad.

    • U14 Girls are undefeated in the England Cup and are in 2nd posi$on in the league with 2 to play.

    • U14 Girls B have won both their games so far in the county league.

    • U16 Girls have played one, won one, so far!

    • U18 Girls got to the second round of the England Cup, but lost to an excellent Surbiton team.

    • Martha Foster and Caitlin Bailey-Williams played in the Futures Cup for Mercia Lynx, and Miriam

    Pritchard a ended HIPAC for U15 Girls.

    OHC is now running a schools link programme with St

    Andrew’s and St Michael’s primary schools, delivering hockey

    with Lorna McCulloch and our Oxford Brookes student

    coaches. Exci$ngly, we are looking at establishing a similar

    development programme with Oxford Academy to start in

    2013. We are proud that we are a true city hockey club

    working with our local community.

    As a club we’re also commi ed to suppor$ng and developing

    our specialist coaches both in the junior and senior sec$ons.

    Ladies’ 1s coach, Duncan Buckmaster, ran our first CPD

    course for club coaches last month en$tled “Athle$c

    Development for young athletes”.

    You can catch up on all the junior news at www.oxfordhockeyjuniors.org


    OHC U8-U10 Christmas Training

    First coaching session with St Andrew’s Primary School

    Kit Thanks to our dynamic new kit manager, Chris Mi y, we have an increasingly

    good range of club kit available via Elmer Co on’s online shop. You can now get

    yourself and your loved ones ki ed out with tracksuits, hoodies, goalie shirts,

    skorts, shorts, away shirts and socks. Other new items include a smart royal blue

    baselayer (pictured right) with OXHC down one sleeve (available in both senior

    and junior sizes) and a rain jacket with your name on it. Go to

    www.oxfordhc.org/kit for full details on how to buy and prices.

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    Introducing our Club Presidents

    Oxford Hockey Club is headed by two presidents (one from the men’s and one from the ladies’ sec$ons), and