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This is the e-brochure released by Chevrolet for the 2012 Chevrolet Equinox. To see our Chevrolet Volt inventory visit www.jackburford.com


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2. NOthINg Is bEttEr thaNgoing wherever you want to go. With 32 MPG highway 1 and a range of up to 600 highway milesper tank, you can travel farther down the road while getting closerto the things you love.Family. Freedom. EQUINOX.1EPA-estimated. 3. Equinox LTZ shown inMocha Steel Metallic withavailable features. 4. A curtain of rain opens. A layerof mist lifts. A new kind ofquiet takes over as you settleinto every bend in the road. at a gLaNCE 2010 and 2011 IIHS Top Safety Pick ECOTEC 2.4L Direct Injection 4-cylinder engine 6-speed automatic transmission with overdrive StabiliTrak Electronic Stability Control System with Traction Control and rollover mitigation Available all-wheel driveEquinox LTZ shown in Mocha Steel Metallic. 5. Self-professed car nut, sports nut, coach and father of three boys,Global Chief Engineer Mike Anderson has spent the past 20 yearsworking on practically every nameplate. The last ten have beendevoted entirely to powertrain.The ECOtEC 2.4L DOhC engine in Equinox uses DIrECt fUEL INjECtION to increase fuel economy.1 It allows the compression ratio to be raised, which improves efficiency, but also helps get more engine performance. When the air inside the cylinder is cooled down by evaporating fuel, the engine produces more torque, especially at low speeds. This can allow the engine to be downsized a bit. The ratios in the transmission can then be selected to help keep engine speed down, raising MPG. Everything makes a difference and it was very important for us to aim for the best possible fuel economy we could get. We also use varIabLE vaLvE tIMINg, which continually adjusts the opening and closing of the valves in the engine by changing the phasing between the camshaft and the crankshaft. All that sounds like a lot of technical jargon, but what it allows us to do is optimize engine operation to get more low-end torque and excellent gas mileage.Anderson says that pushing the innovative ECO bUttON can further optimize engine operation by adjusting transmission shift patterns, which maximizes fuel efficiency. Onboard computers in Equinox are constantly selecting the transmission gears based on various driver inputs. When the driver selects Eco mode, the computer tries to get you to higher gears sooner, which helps fuel economy. MIKE aNDErsON GLObAL CHIEf EnGInEEr 6. The other thing Eco mode does is lock the torque converterclutch as often as possible. The more often the clutch is locked,drivetrain efficiency is increased, optimizing fuel economy.Eco mode also lets us run more aggressive decel fuel cutoff.Again, more automotive technical terminology, but what thatmeans is, when the driver decelerates, were able to turn the fueloff more frequently. The driver doesnt need it, so thats anothertechnique we use that really helps. A lot of these technologies Goingarent new, but in the past theyve created what we call body thE DIstaNCEboom, an unpleasant low-frequency rumble. Thats why weveWIth ECO EffICIENCYintroduced aCtIvE NOIsE CaNCELLatION on 4-cylinder models. aND 32 MPG on the highway.By using the subwoofers to broadcast pressure waves with the 1opposite phase of unwanted sounds, were able to cancel out noiseslike boom. Its really an enabler to allow many of these fuel-savingtechnologies to be used without unpleasant side effects. Anderson notes that, for the more performance-mindedcustomer, a 3.0L V6 is also available. The V6 has two morecylinders and, by virtue of that extra displacement, it delivers morepower and acceleration, more refinement, and increased towingcapabilities. The increased performance comes in the form ofbetter launch and better passing, and the refinement comes in theform of tonal quality. It also has a lot of the same technologies asthe 4-cylinder, like variable valve timing and direct injection, tooptimize fuel efficiency.2 The 4-cylinder really gets you movingefficiently, but the V6 is more performance-focused, for someonewho really wants more acceleration sooner.12.4L 4-cylinder: EPA-estimated 22 MPG city/32 highway (FWD); 20 city/29 highway (AWD).23.0L V6: EPA-estimated 17 MPG city/24 highway (FWD); 16 city/23 highway (AWD). 7. TheunforgettableMaNhattaN,MYstIC, bOstON,bar harbOrroad trip.Youll soon feel at home on the road with Equinox. Whether youredriving from NewYork through New England; from Cleveland toCharlotte; or from Wilmington, Delaware, to Wilmington, NorthCarolina, Equinox really knows how to make the most of every mile. Part of the secret lies in the Eco button on the center console.One touch and the powertrain reconfigures to maximize efficiency.The transmissions shift points change and idle speeds lowerso power is used more efficiently, optimizing fuel economy. Other technologies also help create an unforgettable experience.Direct fuel injection uses fuel more efficiently. A 6-speedautomatic transmission allows lower shift speed, saving fueland propelling your getaway further. An aerodynamic designslices through the air, reducing drag and boosting efficiency.While low-rolling resistance tires produce less friction, leavingmore money in your pocket to spend on lobster dinners, ice creamcones and breezy beachwear. After all, you dont get 32 MPG on the highway 1 withoutsophisticated engineering. And long-range thinking.1EPA-estimated. 8. Director of Design Crystal Windham has a big job.She also has a big vision. In her mind, interiors are abouta lot more than color and trim; theyre about creatinga new experience for the customer.At Chevy, we like to design interiors that are warm and inviting, where our customers feel comfortable, almost like they were in their second home. We also want to include what I call surprise and delight features, the unexpected touches that still feel natural and help draw people to the vehicle. The choice of material can be one of those touches, harmonizing the overall design without being overstated. And since its unexpected, the customer feels as though they have something special. What I really like about the Equinox interior is the balance of functionality with design. The nice flow from the instrument panel through the dual cockpit into the center stack. The wonderful accents in the center stack where the controls for the radio are clearly outlined so as to be distinct from the temperature controls. For the customer, its very easy to use. I also think the functionality of the vehicle is great. Im going to tell you a little story, she says. I drove the Equinox for about a year, and I wanted to drive it everywhere. Its the perfect size, its nice and nimble, the kids fit in it great. My husband would comment that I would always want to drive the Equinox no matter where we went. Of course, I would say. One day, we had to go to a home improvement store. We had to pick up a few boxes and they wouldnt quite fit. I was a little nervous, afraid I was going to hear,I told you so. Then, I remembered it had a sliding rear seat feature. So I was able to slide the rear seat forward, and the boxes fit in perfectly. He didnt say anything. I just smiled.CrYstaL WINDhaM DIrECTOr Of DESIGn Equinox LTZleather-appointed seatshown in brownstone withcolor-contrasted stitching. 9. at a gLaNCE Comfort for five passengers reclining 60/40 split-folding rear seat Tilt and telescopic steering wheel The most rear leg room in its class Acoustic laminated glass and triple door seals INtErIOr LaNDsCaPE Outside, there may be coastlines and rocky headlands, but inside, Equinox offers dual coves and soft surrounds. Eyes follow along available leather-appointed seats with two-toned panels and color-contrasted stitching. With ample seating for five, Equinox is a sanctuary of sorts. Cool, ice-blue LED LIghtINg creates ambiance throughout, while special acoustic laminated glass, triple door seals and aCtIvE NOIsE CaNCELLatION help keep the cabin quiet so you can relax and unwind. Even details like a curved gas pedal enhance driving comfort, no matter how high or low the heel. Its touches like these that make Equinox feel like homeaway from home.Equinox LTZ interiorshown in brownstonewith available features. 10. 234 154statE Of thE artsAvailable Chevrolet MyLink1 brings your apps like Pandora and Stitcher3 along for the ride.Where would modern life be without technology? For those 2. EXPECt PErfOrMaNCE. On Equinox 2LT and LTZ, your radio doesof you who just cant get enough, Chevrolet MyLink1 is available more than play. It transforms. Eight strategically placed Pioneerto keep you entertained, informed and in the loop. speakers pump out incredible sound, transforming your vehicle into a mobile music studio. Its all part of a 250-watt Pioneer premium1. CONNECt tO thE fUtUrE. Equinox presents Chevrolet MyLink, sound system that was designed specifically for Equinox.a new technology available on 1LT2 and standard on 2LT and 3. COLOr COMMUNICatEs. The Color Touch Radio fully integratesLTZ, available Spring 2012. It aggregates content from a with your MP3 player or music-loaded flash drive. And with acompatible smartphone onto an available seven-inch diagonalseven-inch diagonal color touch-screen radio, you can match yourcolor touch-screen. Through voice commands or touch controls,music to the moment. Standard on 1LT, and standard on 2LT andyou can instantly access music and content from online sources LTZ until Spring 2012.like Pandora and Stitcher SmartRadio. 3 Listen to self-created 4. sUPPOrt MUsIC. Plug your iPhone, iPod,5 MP3 player or a f lashradio stations and playlists. Hear personalized news and talkdrive loaded with music into the available USB port6 and rock out.programs. Enjoy seamless integration with Gracenote, which5. CONtrOL at YOUr fINgErtIPs. Steering wheel-mounted audioorganizes your music library by populating song informationcontrols give you command over phone calls made with Bluetooth4and album art. Chevrolet MyLink also integrates select phoneswireless for selec