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The Junior League of Greater Covington's Harvest Cup Polo Classic, celebrating 15 years in 2011.


  • October 30, 2011

  • 100 Holiday Square Blvd.(on the Service Road just past the theater)

    985.892.0001Sales Hours:

    Monday-Saturday 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

    Service Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Saturday 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

    Haute Dames. Hot Wheels. Polo at its finest.

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  • 4 JU N I O R LE A G U E O F GR E AT E R CO V I N G T O N

    4 Letter from the President

    6 Polo by the Numbers

    6 Event Sponsors

    7 Legacy of LeadershipJLGC mother-daughter duos.

    11 Artistic GenerosityThe talented artists whodonate their work to theClassic.

    18 Event MapSchedule of events andrestaurant listings.

    20 A Beginners Guide to Enjoying the Game of Polo

    23 Parade of Breeds

    24 Haute Dames

    28 FlourishesSelect items from the Silent Auction Tent.

    34 Harvest Cup Polo Classic2011 Committees

    Dear Friends,

    This year is the 15th anniversary of our Harvest Cup Polo Classic.

    Fifteen years have surely flown by since that very first Polo in 1996. It is

    exciting to think that we, the Junior League of Greater Covington, with

    the help of our partners, have been putting on this wonderful event for

    so long. Each year, it proves to be more elegant and more fun.

    The Polo match, with the beautiful horses and very skilled players,

    is enough to make you want to come out to John Meltons Leah Farm of

    Louisiana. Throw in the delicious food from our wonderful restaurant

    sponsors, the VIP Lounge with the televised Saints game, the Pretty

    Woman Hat contest, the live auctions and so much morehow could

    one not attend?

    The main reason we hold our Harvest Cup Polo Classic is to

    support our community. Since the beginning of Polo, we have worked on

    numerous projects such as Baby Think It Over, The Covington Family

    Service Center, Pride, Northshore Performing Arts Society, Head Start,

    Hope House, Habitat for Humanity, New Heights Therapeutic Riding

    Center and our newest and most exciting community projectThe

    Childrens Museum of St. Tammany. We truly are Women Building

    Better Communities.

    Our community includes not only the organizations that the Junior

    League helps support, but also our members, our wonderful women of

    the League. The Junior Leagues mission is to promote voluntarism, to

    develop the potential of women and to improve the community

    through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.

    Without our patrons, our sponsors and your support, our mission

    would not be possible.

    I would like to offer a special thank you to our Harvest Cup Polo

    Classic Community Partners: Dunavant Wealth Group, John Melton,

    Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry, Inside Northside, United Way and

    Champagne Beverage/Covington Brewhouse. Also, the Harvest Cup

    would not happen without the numerous hours put in by our Polo

    committee and co-chairs, as well as other Junior League members.

    Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to this very special

    event and to our League.

    We look forward to seeing you on October 30, 2011. We hope you

    have a wonderful day at the 15th Anniversary of the Harvest Cup Polo

    Classic watching the match and stomping the divots. Dont forget your

    Polo Hat and your friends!


    Karen A Capps

    President, 2011-2012

    Junior League of Greater Covington

    Harvest Cup Polo Classic 2011


  • 6 JU N I O R LE A G U E O F GR E AT E R CO V I N G T O N

    The Junior League of Greater Covington is an organization of women committedto promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the

    community through the effective action and leadership of trainedvolunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

    Mission Statement


    Ten Goal

    Dunavant Wealth Group


    La Maison Chef John Besh


    Latter & Blum Inc./Realtors Capital One Bank

    Innisfree Farm Summergrove Farms

    The Truitt Law Firm, LLC The Heart of the Forest.com

    The NORTH Institute Integrated Insurance Solutions

    Lisa Bossier, Realtor, Coldwell Banker TEC


    Bevolo Gas and Electric Lights


    Hancock Bank/Whitney Bank NOLA Lending

    Summers Neurosurgery Mercedes-Benz of New Orleans

    Bellina Foundation, LLC Fairway Medical Surgical Hospital


    Louisiana Lottery Superior Energy Services, Inc.


    Citizens Bank & Trust Co. Honda of Covington

    Lakeview Regional Medical Center

    Special thanks to John Melton and Leah Farm of Louisiana

    for the use of his exquisite polo fields.


    Event Sponsors

    Fine Jewelers & Distinctive Gifts

    As every avid sports fan

    knows, everything comes down to

    numbers. The Harvest Cup Polo

    Classic is no different. Here are

    just a few interesting numbers

    about polo, the JLGC and the 14

    past years of the Harvest Cup.

    116688 Chukkers played in the

    Harvest Cup

    11,,117766 Minutes played in

    Harvest Cup Polo matches

    2288 Divot stomps since the

    inception of the Harvest Cup

    11,,000000--11,,550000 Average attendees

    each Harvest Cup

    1100 Different bands have played

    at Harvest Cup$$55,,220000 Highest bid at Harvest Cup

    auction during the last 5 years$$884400,,000000 Total raised by Harvest

    Cup event

    88 JLGC programs funded by

    Harvest Cup

    44 Signature projects started by

    the JLGC

    3311 Number of organizations

    benefiting from JLGC funding

    1100,,000000 JLGC volunteer hours

    per year

    22,,550000 Years since the creation

    of polo

    1100 Acres for a polo match field

    88 Width in yards of goal posts

    22 Teams in each match

    44 Players and horses on

    each team

    44 Basic shots in the game

    of polo

    66 Chukkers in a match

    77 Minutes per chukker

    by the NumbersPOLO

  • THE WOMEN of the Junior League of Greater

    Covington promote community enrichment through

    hard work and dedication, shaping the lives of the

    people around them. Many of these women have

    influenced and inspired future generations,

    including their own daughters. We honor these

    mothers and daughters to thank them for their

    involvement in the JLGC and in our community.

    Blanche E. McCloskey,

    Katie Gibert and Dee McCloskey

    In 1977, when the JLGCs nine founders invited

    25 women to join, Blanche McCloskey accepted

    the privilege of being one of the charter members.

    The purpose of the League is exclusively

    educational and charitable, she says. Our goal

    was to provide educational and cultural

    opportunities that would enrich our community.

    Since then, Blanche served as president of the

    League in 1979 and is now a sustainer. She looks

    back on her years of involvement with a sense of

    accomplishment. A small group of us started with

    a lot of energy and high hopes, and to see the

    young ladies today who have continued to excel

    and push forward with their voluntarism and great

    vision is most rewarding.

    Blanche has seen the League grow over the

    years; she remembers when they had meetings in

    donated office spaces and church halls. Now, the

    League owns its own headquarters in downtown

    Covington. She says, Computers werent around

    in 1977, so snail mail and the land-line telephone

    were used for communicationnot the cell phone

    or e-mail or texting!

    Blanches example of leadership took root in

    her two daughters, Katie Gibert and Dee

    McCloskey. Nearing the 10-year mark in her service

    to the Junior League of New Orleans, Katie has a

    sincere appreciation for voluntarism. As a child, she

    remembers accompanying her mother while she

    volunteered at the Thrift Store. She opened my

    eyes to the good workand funof the League.

    Katie has served as treasurer to the board,

    assistant treasurer and committee treasurer. The

    most rewarding aspect of her involvement has

    been safeguarding the funds and making the

    most of them.

    Katie and her sister, Dee, work together in the

    Junior League of New Orleans. Since joining in 2004,

    Dee has served as director of the Planning and

    HA RV E S T CU P PO LO CL A S S I C 2011 7

    Legacy of Leadership

    Katie Gibert,

    Blanche E.

    McCloskey and

    Dee McCloskey.>>

    by Jenny Bravo



    : TH







  • Development Council, chair of the Thrift Shop and

    committee member for several service projects. Now,

    as president, Dee clears the path for the Leagues

    annual goals and is involved in virtually every event.

    We are so proud of our mother and are happy

    to be serving our communities, having been inspired

    by her, Dee says.

    Virginia Ginny Crow and Niki Mann Trzaska

    Ginny Crow joined the JLGC in the infamous

    year of 2005. When it came time to plan the Spring

    Market event, Ginny quickly signed up. I had some

    experience with fundraisers and thought this would

    be a good placement for me, she says. I didnt

    know that my enthusiasm would propel me to

    become co-chair of the event. When Katrina-

    related circumstances created a vacancy for a