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Rasasi by Zahras Perfumes

Zahras Perfumes brings you the entire and exquisite range of Rasasi Perfumes. Perfumes Famous for their exquisite line of perfumes, you can now enjoy the sensual scents of the Middle East in the comfort of your home where ever you are.To order, simply send an email to info@zahras.com with the name and quantity you require we will do the rest and send you these finest perfumes with minimal effort to you.

Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com 1

Rasasi by Zahras Perfumes

NEW PRODUCT RELEASESOudh Shomoukh Gold Oud chips infused with a magical oriental woody fragrance. 30g

$45Oudh Shomoukh Silver Oud chips infused with a magical oriental floral musky fragrance. 30g


Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com 2

Rasasi by Zahras Perfumes Bakhoor Al Majlis 30 Incense Tablets consisting of: Oudh Powder Musk Amber Attar



Subah Al Kher (Oudh Mabakhar)

Exquisite Smoked Oudh fragrance 50g


Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com 3

Rasasi by Zahras Perfumes Um Khulthum

Uique blend of agaroudh and exquisite perfume. The fragrant smoke will take you on a voyage through the rich ancient culture & the glorious tradition of Arabia. 100g

$25Arba Wardat Spray The same fragrance as the famous oil based perfume now in spray. 70ml

$18(Oil version also available - see below)A creative mix of floral and fruity ingredients, which is a soft confluence of contrasting notes. The top notes carry a citrusy (bergamot), fruity floral (jasmine, rose), specially created to introduce softness and beauty. The middle notes of floral-woody (sandal & woody mix), ambery, mossy awakens the senses with spicy scents. The base note wraps up the wearer with woody-ambery-mossy and musky tones.

Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com 4

Rasasi by Zahras Perfumes Esraa Spray The same fragrance as the famous oil based perfume now in spray. 65ml

$15(Oil version also available see below)A captivating perfume, which has been blended to perfection by using the best quality of essential oils. It unleashes a flowery top note, which is composed of bergamot, ylang and saffron. The Ambery middle note flows a orris, cedare and gurjum odour. The base note takes on woody & musky line with the best quality of Sandalwood and ambrette seed.

Maliha 100ml EDPspray baby powder scent


Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com 5

Rasasi by Zahras Perfumes Badia 100ml EDP spray green floral fragrance


Al Wisam 100ml spray A superb perfume with the scent of the famous Creed light & suitable for day wear

$32.50An Arabic namesake meaning Medal, Al Wissam comes to represent the persona of the real man whose acute attention to details enables him to standout from the crowd. "Al Wissam is not just another fragrance to add to your perfume collection,It is in fact an epitome that encapsulates the image of real men who dare to be unique."

Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com 6

Rasasi by Zahras Perfumes Al Wisam Evening Night 100ml spray A superb perfume with the scent of the famous Creed more dense & suitable for evening wear

$32.50The strong sensual, oriental woody fragrance is contemporary underlined by the masculine signature notes of Woods & Musk. The aroma is an eulogy to the language of sheer self indulgence. Presented in flint glass bottle surrounded by a Chrome & Black Sheath is definitely Urban, Sober and Timeless

Oudh Al Abiyad 50ml spray Soft and velvety Oudh in a white tone fragrance


Essence of Arabia

Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com 7

Rasasi by Zahras Perfumes Mashareq

$35Specify which fragrance is required Wide range of fragrances perfect for decanting and blending

New range of 9 wonderful Concentrated Perfume Oils. Each metal flask contains 250 g (around 200ml) of pure concentrated perfume oil in a resealable and air-tight metal flask. The perfume can be used as a perfume and also to mix and create blends (mukhallats) according to an individuals preferences. This is one of the best deals avaialble ! The following fragrances are available:

1) Sultan - Fruity, Sweet, Vanilla, Musk, Cedar 2) Wisal - Floral 3) Atyaf - Fruity, Tangy 4) Lisa - Soapy Floral, Light 5) Mukhallat Emirate - Oud 6) Almas - sweet and delicious 7) Aziza - Arabic Tone, Sweet 8) Haifa - Woody with Oud 9) Make Love - Musk

Zinobia 12ml Concentrated Perfume Oil Flowery, Woody, Musky, OudZINOBIA, Exclusive Exotic Concentrated Perfume, 12ml, by RASASI Flowery, Woody & Musky Trendy, Glamour & Prestige An exuberant aroma with a blissful feeling captured within a crystal bottle evokes a sheer sense of being Majestic & Unique .. this defines the new product Zinobia . The mysterious bold dark rigid box holds the simple, yet luxurious bottle all set to compliment with any special occasion. The fragrance bursts open on sparkling crispy floral notes, rich on pure Rose. The opulent woody notes of Dhanel Oudh blends well with the floral notes at the heart. The MuskyAmber dry down notes completes the fragrance to endow incredible silage. Zinobia, the perfect blend of quality ingredients that relates to a Luxurious class, is all set to sizzle in the days rolling ahead.


Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com 8

Rasasi by Zahras Perfumes

DANAH MURAKKAZ 30ml Concentrated Perfume Oil Rose, Light Oud, Amber


DANAH MURAKKAZ, Exlusive Perfume Oil, Attar, 30ml, by RASASI This exotic oriental perfume captures the romance and the magic of the Arabian sands. The splendor and the floral beginning from exclusive notes based on rose is meant to captivate and energize the wearer. The fashionable crystal bottle with its fine cuts creates an image of luxury & style and radiates the color of topaz. The exquisite outer packaging appeals to a person with sophisticated tastes.

Oud Al Majoon 90g Oud Wood Chips Oud, Musk and Floral Tones

Arabic tradition fusing with contemporary dynamics to create an unforgettable ambience. A high quality Oudh, carefully chosen from among the best sources in the world, blends with floral and musk oils to evoke the essence of pure luxury and controlled exuberance. Contained in a beautiful jar of exquisite quality, encompassed in rich packaging that matches the appeal of the fragrance.


Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com 9

Rasasi by Zahras Perfumes Dhan Al Oud Mubakhar Concentrated Perfume Oil pure Agarwood Oud Oil with a smoked flavor 3ml Dhan Al Oud Mubakhar smoked concentrated perfume Oil from Agarwood.

$55Dhan Al Oud Seoufi Concentrated Perfume Oil pure Agarwood Oud Oil top grade Indian 3ml Dhan Al Oud Seoufi top grade from India


Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com 10

Rasasi by Zahras Perfumes Al Fakhama Concentrated Perfume Oil pure Agarwood Oud Oil blended with Taifi Roses 8mlAL FAKHAMA, signifies affordable splendor and creates an aura of majesty with luxury. The beautifully shaped and elegantly cut crystal bottle is a cynosure for all eyes. It radiates the magnificence theme of the product. The perfume is a unique mlange of high quality of Indian Agar oudh & attars that exhibit rich and sensuous aroma, which is destined to captivate and grab the attention, of one and all. The exquisite quality and design of the outer packaging complements the product and offers a wholesome delight. Al Fakhama brings to you the magnificence and exquisiteness of oudh and attar. It is bound to create a feeling of delight and desire in the wearer. It will make heads turn, hearts yearn and noses wish for more & more. It is true from the first whiff and sensuous till the last drop.


Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com 11

Rasasi by Zahras Perfumes


Al Taif


Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com 12

Rasasi by Zahras Perfumes Al Maqam


AL MAQAM, Exclusive Exotic Oriental Perfume Oil, 8ml, by RASASI Al Maqam captures the energy, lifts the spirits and provides feeling of well being and pride.The bottle exhibits perfect and exquisite cuts which display the charm of high quality cryst glass. The gold plated shoulder portrays a picture of uniqueness. The perfume is a mixture of carefully selected and blende Oudh that provide the senses, excites emotion, fulfills desire and offers absolute but affordable luxury.The packaging presents vibrant contrast of colors that are rich, traditional and original. Al Maqam has been specifically created to offer the best an most exclusive fragrance till date



Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com 13

Rasasi by Zahras Perfumes Mezyuna




Zahras Perfumes http://perfume.zahras.com info@zahras.com 14

Rasasi by Zahras Perfumes Oudh Al Mithali


Oudh Al Raghda

The V shape bottle is garbed in an incandescent silver hue, with a luxurious allure and solar effect that contrasts with the fragrances incisive freshness. Embedded pink crystal on top of silver cap radiates the energy and charm of fragrance.

$2515ml Perfume Oil

Rising above the shimmering sands of the desert, inspired by ages of Arabian civilization, Oudh Al Raghda illustrates all the characteristic of the legendary image of a Desert Princess. Tangerine and black-currant bud


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